What about...

Clinging to the altar of the god called vague.


All scriptures are underlined.


The Bible is the word of God and therefore it cannot contradict itself.  However, the economically profitable pre-tribulation cash cow is riddled with logic errors and contradictions to the word of God.   Tragically all in the name of; "This will make a great movie or sell lots of membership tithing tickets."   No one wants to hear that they will have to endure anything, especially in our newly enlightened, spoiled rotten society.  Nor will they listen or pay for it.  


Nevertheless, I have noticed a deep hunger within these people when the subject is mentioned.   When talking with these people I am shocked and horrified at the complete and utter confusion there is out there.   Once shown various non-popular passages, I have seen people's eyes widen in disbelief.  Most say, "I never read or heard about that verse before or I never heard any minister mention those passages."   When shown scriptures from both sides, they are amazed and comment on how perfectly all the old and new testament end-time scriptures fit together.   "Now they finally make sense", is the echoed sentiment.


This mass confusion is amplified when a few vague and "personally interpreted" scriptures, are clung to and worshiped to preserve laziness.   Regardless if they violate direct quotes from Christ or not.   98% of the Bible clearly states, Jesus comes after the Tribulation, yet 2% could be imaginatively interpreted as coming before; herein lies the problem.  If you look down a fence row and see one post misaligned, you would not say the other 99 posts are incorrect.  The only misalignment then, is the interpretation not the scripture.


It is worth mentioning that the popular held belief from Jesus' ministry until about 1850 (150 years ago), was that we are here till after the tribulation.    There was one documented case of such a false papal teaching around 370 AD.  However, this pre-trib fever did not fully start to become popular till John Nelson Darby was quoted in the Scofield Bible.  In the footnotes it suggested that 'we might be taken out prior' to the Tribulation.    Unfortunately the real unwinding of scripture happened much later, circa 1970.   It was then that the demonic idea flourished.   It told millions that we will not see any tribulation and God would NEVER make his Children endure anything like plagues.  Of course the Bible never promises this and makes many points to declare we will go through much tribulation before entering Heaven.   Jesus even prayed to the Father that 'we not be taken out of the world, but protected from the evil' and that 'in this world we would have tribulation' and 'these are they which came out of great tribulation'.   One only has to look at the plagues of: Egypt, Noah's global water plague, and Lot's exodus from the city plague, to mention only a few.   In and through it all, the People of God were never removed from the tribulation, but protected in their houses or lead by God into the wilderness for safety.


We will now look at the primary vague misinterpretations, which contradict 98% of prophecy in the Bible.


Topics Addressed:

Appointed to wrath
He that letteth will Let
Unless those days be shortened
Hour of temptation
I saw a door / Come up hither
Worthy to escape




Appointed to Wrath

The lie weavers twist and shout to half a verse that states, 'God has not appointed us to wrath.'  as well as 'Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.'  They say this proves we are gone.  However these scriptures are not talking about tribulation wrath, but rather a post death eternal wrath and separation from God; this can be seen by simply reading the second half of the verse.  We can clearly see that they are referencing to 'obtain salvation through Jesus, whether we are asleep or awake we will be with Him'.  It is simply referencing dead and alive folk, about their following eternal home. Especially since only two chapters away, Paul says that we would suffer tribulation.  Ah, how the nonsense gathers flies. Nevertheless for teaching sake, let us entertain the wild idea that it is somehow talking about tribulation wrath; since this is all they have to cling to as their holy grail.

Beloved, there is a common misunderstanding, there are two wraths; God's wrath towards the tares vs. satan's wrath towards the wheat.

We endure none of God's wrath; but see all His glorious Godmade plagues on the tares.   However Jesus was crystal clear, some of us will endure the enemy's wrath.  There is tragically a common misunderstanding that satan has fabricated; which has lead most into thinking the saints will see no wrath.  Beloved, for the Holy Spirit teaches to bride, knowledge.  There are two wraths; God's wrath towards the tares vs. satan wrath towards the wheat.  I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them.  So, therefore we empirically know that the saints do see wrath.  Be not deceived.


This "Appointed" verse also states that we should rather obtain salvation, via Christ's death on the cross.   This verse in context is talking about the return of Christ and being born again.  Because, if you are not born again, you will be appointed to wrath.   It says nothing about being removed from the earth.  Not only does it NOT mention we are removed, but goes on to say that we are of the day and not of the night like the drunkards that sleep, therefore WATCH.  This clearly establishes us here with the drunks at the same time, looking skywards awaiting our Master.


This scripture is very accurate, we are not appointed to God's wrath, but protected from it, as in the days of Noah.  He and his family had years to prepare for the wrath.  They still went through it, however were protected from it.   Lot and his family were protected from the civilians breaking into his house and raping his family and guests.  Then God gave him divine information and used angels to walk them away from the wrath, to a place in the wilderness prepared for them.  The Jews in Egypt were not appointed to wrath either.  Nevertheless they saw it and were miraculously protected from each and every plague; of which are an exact match for each plague in Revelation.  Jesus, will deliver us from the wrath to come; that is to say, protect us through it as He did in the old testament.  Thus spake the Lord our Christ; 'I do not pray that they should be taken out of the world, but protected in it.'


In Luke, John quotes Isaiah in describing the last day.  All the mountains and valleys will melt and ALL FLESH will see it together.  Luke also says, 'Who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come?'  Or who said you could flee from the wrath?  Again, there are no escape pods written about in the Holy scriptures.


Paul makes this issue of God's appointed wrath very clear.  It says, God wants to show his wrath to both, the bad and the good.   He is very patient with the sinners, yet they are appointed to destruction.   On the other hand, the righteous will see the wrath, be protected from it and appointed to everlasting glory.  This he does to show his awe and majesty.  Both see it, but have different destinies.

For those who seek to place Father in a categorical box, I do not, but I say this only for your contemporary understanding; the only logical category would be, that Christ's return can only be a 'Post-Wrath Post-Tribulation' model.  Everything else is lukewarm, ear tickling, and an illogical lie.  You cannot have Post-tribulation and Pre-Wrath in the same breath, since the very statement contradicts itself.  There cannot be any wrath remaining, if the tribulation period is complete. For Jesus Himself said, "Behold, I come as a Thief", but not yet; He said this AFTER the 6th vial plague.  He has not arrived yet.


The Bible and Jesus are clear, the enemy will seek to destroy God's saints.  Therefore showing two separate 'wraths', God's towards the sinners and satan's towards the saints.   It all becomes clear in the teaching light from the Holy Spirit.




He that letteth will Let

This verse is often used to 'prove' we are taken out before the tribulation period starts.  There are screaming logic errors with this claim.    I hope to clarify these so you are not one of the many Christians caught in the great Falling Away.


The verse says that "He" will allow things to continue as normal, until he is removed.  


The lie weavers have decided that "He" can only be the Holy Spirit.  Why?  Because it helps their leaning tower of cards stand one day longer.  They say it has to be the Holy Spirit, because "We must not see any of the Tribulation"; therefore if we make "He" the holy Spirit, then 'We' have to be taken out with him.  "Thus raptured at the beginning - Hooray!!!  No need to prepare as in the days of Noah, after all - Yippee!!!"


This convenient, personally interpreted, logic path has several errors.   The most basic concept they hail as paramount in understanding scriptures properly, is called "Context".  They felt it best to avoid that principal this time.    The largest error is the total removal of verse three that precedes it; which dogmatically proclaims, 'The Lord's return will not happen until a Falling Away happens AND the antichrist is revealed.'   Therefore it is impossible for "He" to be the Holy Spirit or the Church; since we are still here, to see antichrist miracles, performed in front of the 'very elect' and saints will be overcome by him.   


Seek wisdom while she can still be found; awaken before the Father sends His strong delusion.


Another tragically humorous error is found in verse eight, that says the antichrist is DESTROYED at Christ's return.  Hmmm, I suspect satan is going to have a little trouble conducting the years of the Tribulation period effectively, without the antichrist around.   The logic error is, how can Christ return at the beginning to take his bride, if he destroys the antichrist at the brightness of his coming?  Answer, Christ only returns to earth once, not three or four times.  By sheer basic toddler logic, Jesus can only come for his bride at the end of the Tribulation, since it is clear Christ kills the antichrist upon his return, at the end of antichrist's tribulation rule.   Please see the direct crystal clear quote from Christ, "After the tribulation of those days...will I gather my elect."


Thirdly, verse seven says "until HE be taken" away.  HE is not SHE the Bride.  This HE is a singularity, no group or plurality is implied at all.    This verse would be a far better supporting verse if it said, 'the Holy Spirit and the Church were taken out of the way of the antichrist; by ushering them into the wilderness, to a place prepared for her by God for 3.5 years of protection.'  Why extrapolate it out to mean something other than what the rest of scripture will support 'in print'?  Answer: you must, to nourish and ferment the pre-tribulation lie.


The obvious question is then who is "He"?  Thank our God in Heaven; instead of having to personally making up stories about potentials, let us look at what God tells us in scripture.   The only logical "He" that is 'holding back evil in this world' is found in the book of Daniel.    This verse clearly states that Michael the Archangel, when 'He' stands up a time of trouble will come on the earth; this event has never happened to date as of yet.  Also that he 'stands for the people of God, holding back evil'.  Please realize the function of the Holy Spirit has never been to protect us from evil.   No, the Holy Spirit shows us things to come, teaches all things, comforts and bestows gifts.   It continues to say; God's people would be delivered.   Notice the saved first must be in peril, before being delivered to the wilderness for protection.

The Lukewarm Paradox

The pre-trib Christians illogically believe, that the Holy Spirit is taken out at the beginning of the tribulation period.  However, this causes an unresolvable paradox for them.  

"He who now letteth" cannot be the Holy Spirit.  This is proven in that Jesus despises lukewarm Christians.  If the pre-tribulation lie was true, lukewarm Christians would not be 'taken'.  They may be backslidden, yet it is impossible for the Holy Spirit to ever leave them.  This point alone destroys the hallucinogenic hypothesis, that the Holy Spirit is gone during the tribulation.

The paradox is that we are promised in the Bible by Jesus in John 14:16, that the Holy Spirit would never be taken from Christians, nor was it conditional.  The only way the Holy Spirit might leave someone is if they committed a blasphemy of the Holy Spirit; and this is speculation not backed by scripture.  It simply does not say the Holy Spirit will leave them.

We must keep in mind that if a Christian sins, even repeatedly, God will not forsake us.  Jesus told us to forgive others seventy times seven, how much more will He forgive us by that standard?  Therefore just because a Christian is not where they need to be in their spiritual walk, is not grounds for the Holy Spirit to leave them.  Moreover, many come back to God after a prodigal son experience; with even more passion than they ever had before.  We can see with the prodigal son, a lukewarm Christian can return to God.  So it is very possible and probable that the lukewarm Christian, who is here during the tribulation can return to God.  Many will be helped by all the 'on fire' Christians, awaiting Jesus' return "Immediately after the tribulation".

Herein is the paradox for the pre-trib believers.  It is impossible for the Holy Spirit to leave a Christian as promised by Jesus. Therefore it cannot be the Holy Spirit that is taken out; since lukewarm Christians are still present and filled with the Holy Spirit.  

Rest assured, at that first seal these lukewarm Christians will repent, and join up with all the 'hot' Christians to do great exploits during the many days of tribulation.

Beloved, do not fall for the fable and be stunned like the priests and prophets (minister of the day) will be.  Nor those that say, "all will be peaceful, no worries, you will be out'ta here!!!"    This is at the heart of the tragic Falling Away.  Once the sheep see they are in the tribulation, they will know all the preacher promised about being taken out at the beginning was a fable.  Many will think 'I was too evil to make the rapture' and decide to take the mark and feed their baby; others will boil and eat their babies.  Thinking they are doomed already for 'missing it', as the messages will repeat on television and at the implanting center's loudspeakers.


God's 'very elect' have always seen the plagues, but have been protected through them.




Unless those days be shortened

Far too often so called 'men of God' will use the verse that quotes Jesus; Unless those days be shortened no flesh shall be saved, but for the elect's sake they will be shortened.


They say this somehow proves we are going to be removed before the entire tribulation period.  I suppose if you did not read the Bible very well and believe any surface level explanation, this would seem correct.  However, you must look at all prophecy about his return, then derive an explanation.


Last I checked the bible says when Jesus returns all flesh would see it together (tares & wheat).   It also says, that all that offend (tares) would be gathered FIRST, burned with fire, wailing and gnashing their teeth.  It also states, that the wheat would walk over the remaining ashes of the wicked.  Oh yeah, and that little insignificant verse from Joel and Jesus that says, IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE TRIBULATION of those days will the sun and moon be darkened and then shall I GATHER mine ELECT from the four winds.  Far be it from me to call Jesus a liar.


So, it is unarguable that the Tares are removed and destroyed in the Tribulation and then the sun and moon fade, before he gathers the Wheat.  Therefore His statement, 'unless those days be shortened and no flesh saved', cannot logically be talking about saving the flesh of the Tares.  Moreover, since they are taken out first, He must by basic logic be talking about saving the Wheat from the final meltdown of the earth AFTER the Tribulation proper.


Contrary to the pre-tribulation lie weavers, it is also worth remembering that no flesh can enter Heaven to begin with.  So, this begs the question what flesh will be saved?  Jesus is referring to our final breath, the first death.   Jesus is simply saying, that those living Elect will not feel the pain from death.  We will painlessly slip into the sky to meet Him.   Our corruptible bodies will stay on the planet to melt.   Our spiritual celestial bodies (version 2.0) will meet Him in the air.  Technically all flesh must die, those living will be saved of death's sting.  Notice Jesus never said the elect's flesh would be saved, only their days on earth would be cut short.  Many forget, "To every man is appointed death and after that the judgment".  Jesus must return and grant us a painless death, just in the nick of time to avoid the meltdown.  This is why we must meet Him in the air; because once His feet touch the mountains, they and all the elements melt.  Thus Jesus gets it right again, 'no flesh would survive'.    For you see, there would be no reason to save anyone's flesh; it cannot enter Heaven anyway.


You cannot forget all other scripture about his return and presume this allusion to be an escape with your first class ticket outta here, at the beginning.  This would require violating volumes of other unmovable prophecies.   'man of God', please do not propagate the message, we will never see anything.  This will only program His Church to fold under the least amount of pressure, and take the mark and worship the beast.  Thus causing a great falling away.





Hour of Temptation

Another verse they fearfully cling to, to augment their push button escapism fable is; 'keeping us from the hour of temptation'.   Curiously, most point to this verse as absolute empirical proof, that we will not be here and taken out before.   They wish it read 'keep us from the hour(s) of tribulation'.   Unfortunately, the tribulation lasts longer than one hour.  So, what exactly is this nebulous hour of temptation?  What particular hour is this referring to?   This cannot be talking about the rapture, since that does not happen until the seventh trumpet, and the rapture is in a blink of an eye (4/10ths of a second) not a hour.  Nor is it a source of temptation.


We know God will not allow us to be tempted above our ability and scripture says, he will always make a way for an escape, so we may bear though it.   So, of course this does not mean at the presence of a problem, God pushes a button and pops us out of the situation.  That has never been his mode of operation.   As the Prayer states "Deliver Us From Evil".   He will open up an avenue for us to turn or endure through it.  There is no implication or promise found in scripture, that we are magically removed from any temptation.  


If it were true, that the 'hour of temptation' was total absence from the tribulation period, then by sheer definition, it is NOT a temptation at all, but simply a roadblock on the horizon that we could never reach.  No, to be defined as a 'temptation' we must face it or endure it.   The escapism doctrine has no logic, and would fail any first year debate class with resounding giggles.


Often you can define what something is not, by what it is.   It is the culmination and fulfillment of millennia of prayer offered up by billions of his sheep.  "lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil".  It is literally Psalm 91 being manifested in the generation that sees these things happen.   He will not only lead the elect away from temptation, but also keep us from it and the resultant evil thereof, plagues and loss of salvation.


Nevertheless keeping with tradition, these so called 'men of God', only quote partial verses.  This time, not even half; only a third of a verse.  The same verse says since you have been patient.  This patience is not talking about 2000 years, but a period of waiting within this particular group's own lifetime.   Not unlike being sorry or angry about slavery.   You can feel empathy or anger, but not repentance or healing for something you never had part in.   You are not being patient for all previous generations.   One cannot be patient, if you personally have not been inconvenienced.   Therefore, 1/3 of these people are being tested and tried like gold in the patience category, till Jesus appears.     In fact, they are told to remain faithful until death.    Patience in scripture always seems to be linked with tribulation and death.  Again, no escape pod.

They seem to ignore the chapter right before Paul's description of the second (and only) coming, in 1 Thessalonians 3:4 that says; "we told you before that we should suffer tribulation; even as it came to pass, and ye know."  Then in the very next chapter he details Jesus' return.  Therefore we either have a contradiction in the Bible, or in some man-made 'hypothesis'.  The 'hour of temptation' is clearly not a ticket out of tribulation for His saints.

That 'hour of temptation' verse also says, that it shall come on ALL that live on the earth.  Whenever the Bible says 'all' it is referring to all of humanity not just the goats.  If it were just the goats it would have used the word 'they or them'.

Then it proclaims 'I come quickly (or not yet), hold fast and if you overcome'.   Clearly that generation is to continue being patient and let no one steal their salvation via the mark and ultimately their reward.


These spiders will conjure up all manner of opinion to sell more books and DVD's to tickle the ears and lobules of the fearfully indoctrinated, hand fed, climate controlled bobble-headed sheep.   They continue this web weaving to calm their faithless fears; built on a fear of martyrdom and or lack of trust in their Father's promises of miraculous provision.


Let us further investigate this 'hour of temptation'.  Should we take their word, that the 'hour' is the entire Tribulation period or allow the Bible to once again define itself?   Thank our God, he clearly decoded what this 'hour' is.  It even does so towards the end of the very same book (Revelation).   It states that "in one hour" ten kings are given power by the beast and then all the merchants and the city of Babylon (sinful earth), has fallen and lost all of it's financial power.   In case there is any doubt, it repeats "in one hour" FOUR times in 1.5 chapters.   God knew most would miss it, thus the repetition.   I am so thankful to God, that he already gave us the data 2000 years ago.  Therefore we need not put our trust in the imaginative, prophetic interpretations of fearful men.


This hour certainly will be a very unsettling and a scary period for many.   Major world powers get supernatural powers from the beast; and then economic collapse.   One can see why many would be tempted to join up and take the mark.    Child of God, do not come out of hiding, but rather cheerfully accept death over the seductive mark.


Saving us from the 'hour of temptation' is not talking about the tribulation period, but his divine protection from the coming storm.  Until then, stop personally interpreting prophetic scriptures.




I Saw A Door

In the last few years, the lie weavers have grown exceedingly desperate.  I heard several 'men of God' in the last year or so, (especially a very popular, proud, screaming fat man from Texas) using the verse from relevelator John that says, 'I saw a door and heard a voice that said "come up hither" and I was immediately in the Spirit'.   I stood there in utter disbelief as he went on to explain how this was the ultimate authority and 'proof for him' that we are taken out at the beginning of the Tribulation.   I nearly fell on the floor in hysterical laughter, but the anger of the Lord kept me vertical.


These bovinian 'men of God' have gleefully jumped over the moon of sanity.   I feel silly even having to explain this one, but apparently I must, since the Holy Spirit is prompting me to do so.  Besides the fact, this grievous error will only serve to engorge the 'falling away' numbers of the people of God.  

John was on the island, having a vision.   God wanted to show John things that could only be seen in the spirit with the elements of time and space removed.   This verse simply states, John was personally invited to Heaven to witness the things that must be hereafter or 'in the future'.   Notice it does not say, to show you things that 'are currently happening'.  Beloved, if this was the rapture, all would be up in Heaven watching from a safe distance things in real time, not in the future.  This verse is dogmatically speaking only to future events.   

These pastors pound their bloody fists all the time about context, but only when it is 'really' important.   Here we catch them playing with only a 1/4 of a verse!!!  "Come up hither". They then stop and weave a 3 hour lecture on 3 words, with ravenous applause from the bleachers.   These so-called learned 'men of God', subversively leave out something called a conjunction.  It is not "Come up hither." but "Come up hither AND I will show you things to come."  Two completely different stories. This is the true spirit and intent of the entire verse; moreover, you foul the word of God by your selective editing.  The Lord God commands you, do not add or remove one word from this book; lest the 'man of God' gain all the plagues therein and lose his place in the book of life.

In addition, these desperate wolves err in their own doctrine.   They are the first to proclaim the 'hypothesis', that multitudes will bodily vanish off the planet; yet this passage correctly states the exact opposite.  It says, 'And immediately I was in the spirit - in Heaven'.  Notice his body was left on the planet.  This not only makes a mockery of their own belief on the body; but also points out their error cascade, in that Paul states that 'Thou fool - flesh and blood cannot enter Heaven'.  The Bible proves them wrong with two accounts; this 'come hither' scripture says only the spirit goes to Heaven and shows that they have not read 1st Corinthians 15 very well.  Sadly however, I believe they have simply chosen to ignore it.

But wait, the infinite error dance continues, their 'come hither' choreography is flawed. When Jesus comes, we are not taken into Heaven alone.  First the tares or goats, are killed and taken from the just.   Next the dead in Christ are raised, then finally the living at the same event, with the goats.   All the recently killed goats during the tribulation's 'Lamb slaughter', come with us in one net.   Jesus said, both the good and the bad arrive at the marriage supper.  The only group that does not get taken up, ares the dead buried goats.  These remaining trillions are resurrected back to life, only after 1000 years, to be killed a 2nd time.   Therefore it is impossible, to have the saints up in Heaven peering down upon the goats.  

To equate John's personal invitation and 'future' vision of a global rapture of billions, is parochial and still making me giggle.




Worthy To Escape

The lie weavers continually quote verses like the parrot speaks; in kind, these birds do not understand the meaning.   They have become rote songs to them; only an arranged sequence of sounds that flow off the tongue without wisdom for pride's sake.

The following is a primary verse that is clung on to, to prove a pre-trib rapture and show that Jesus was wrong.


Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


The key to this verse, is the prior verse.  Jesus states that all these things, would happen to ALL.  Again, when the Bible says all it means all.  Just like He makes the rain to fall on the just and unjust.


Moreover, to escape these things, does not prove we have been raptured.   We only have to look at the Jews in Egypt; who went through ALL the plagues but were 'worthy' to escape them.  Primarily because God wanted to show His Glory to all back then as well; the Jews and the Egyptians.


By the very fact Jesus says "escape all" also helps disprove my old belief in a mid-trib rapture.  If we were taken out somewhere in the middle, Jesus would not have said "all" but "some".


How many of us make it a part of our daily prayer to the Father, that 'we be counted worthy to escape the tribulation'?  Did Jesus instruct His disciples to include this statement in the 'Lord's Prayer'?  No, He did not.  The implication is rather 'We better hope we are living in obedience in that day, so we would be protected through it'.  Many of the elect (once a week Christians, pre-trib teachers & students) will first of all be devastated to learn the pre-trib 'hypothesis' is a satanic lie; and now with faith doubting, can easily be fooled by anti-christ's miracles and go into the falling away.  However the very elect or well studied, will stay in hiding.  These very elect will not be taking the mark; because of an unprepared, foolish virgin's nonexistent stockpiled ark of supplies, nor thinking they missed the rapture and fall away, nor feverishly searching the streets for free fiery chariot shuttles to Glory.  Remember, Noah and his family 'walked' into a multi-yeared, prepared place of hiding.   The door was stayed shut, until all their begging and screaming friends and relatives outside were silenced.


The Bible is full of examples of the prophets saying some shall escape the sword, and be protected to live on.   In fact, throughout the Bible there are only examples of God letting His people go through it all: the Flood, the Exodus, the Fiery Furnace, Lot's family led out into the wilderness, on and on.  Paul echoes this with; God will with the temptation, also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.  In other words, go through it.


No, the reason Jesus said pray that you are accounted worthy to escape, was so you could see His most beautiful handiwork on the tares.  As well as, to rejoice and be alive to "See" His unspeakable return with all our recently resurrected, dearly departed loved ones with Him.