God gives visions to all his children.


All scriptures are underlined.


I feel visions are defined best as humanities worst interacting with God's best.

Visions never contradict the word of God.  They historically bring rebuke, instruction or edification to the Church.  Joel describes that 'visions and dreams' will be on the increase in the latter days.  He describes the two separate types, those that are while a person is awake and those during sleep, referred to as 'Night Visions'.




Night Vision:

8/24/2007 - The Gift

Last night I dreamt I was driving in a car with friends.  We all saw what looked like two angels flying in the distance about 1/2 mile away at a 45 degree elevation.   We were all amazed, both with curiosity and fear.  The driver had trouble staying on the road.  I discerned one of them was the Lord.   Sitting at the window, I started to wave to Jesus and call out to him.  From that far a distance, he turned and we locked eyes.  He proceeded to fly over to the moving car and hovered along side us, driving about 50 mph.   He gestured to me with his hand to join him.
I wanted so much to be with him.   I thought to myself silently in my dream, Peter walked on water without the Holy Spirit.   So, with great desire, I started to climb out the window as far as I could to reach Jesus' hand, but he was too far away about 6 feet.   I decided to venture out. 
I kept staring at his face and outstretched hand, with trees flying in the background, I stepped up on the car door window and with one last breath stepped into the air.  I reached him within one to two steps and I grabbed his hand and he pulled me close.   I hugged him like a lost child hugs his father.   I squeezed him with both arms and locked both my feet behind his.  Overjoyed, I uncontrollably started laughing, crying and yelling, Jesus I always wanted to fly,  I always wanted to fly !  He nodded and smiled at me as if he knew my desire.  I was like a child on Christmas morning, bubbling over with unspeakable bliss.  He started to fly up higher with me, as I cried aloud, Jesus, I want to live with you in Heaven for ever,  I want to be with you for eternity in Heaven!  
I instantly awoke, face down into my pillow, with a childlike smile and a feeling of joy that I have never experienced to date.   I wondered if it was real, but quickly realized it was a dream.  I tried to make sense of it and analyze the meaning to no avail. 
I immediately began to praise and worship God.   I then felt impressed of the verse, God rewards them that diligently seek him.  I concluded it was simply an unmerited gift, not to be endless dissected into endless parallels.  The dream has been on my mind all day and night.   I feel the gift was a split second glimpse, into what eternal ecstasy in the presence of a Holy God might feel like.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.

My beloved is mine, and I am his.




Night Vision:

7/11/2008 - Trinity and Preparation

Last night I dreamt I was in a place that was preparing for a large event to happen.  Many workers were moving things with great speed with an intent to meet a impending date line.  Jesus was leading me through this preparation and allowing me to see it.  I wanted to help, so I assisted the workers moving some things.  I turned to Jesus who was standing there among the flurry of workers and asked him, are you in my bedroom when I pray?  He replied without moving his lips, "No, I hear your prayers in my head."   I turned to the worker next to me and said, amazing.  


I somehow instantly knew that Jesus was telling me that His living inside me, was through the Holy Spirit.  Showing me that the Holy Trinity is one.  Deepening my understanding of that mystery.   Even as Jesus is one and the same with the Father, Jesus lives in us through the Holy Spirit.  That is to say, there are not two entities living inside us (Jesus and the Holy Spirit), but one composed of all three, Father, Son, Spirit.  This is how Jesus' prayer to the Father that we all be one became possible.   Also when 2 or 3 are gathered in my name there he is, in the middle since the light of God via the Holy Spirit, shines from one believer to another, joins two to one.   In the same way, when two dust creatures copulate, the two lumps of clay become one. Jesus has ascended to the Father at His right hand, preparing a place and rewards for us, until his return on that last day.   It is God that is Omnipresent, via His Spirit.  Us in Them and Them in us.  This is how Jesus comes to live inside us.  Jesus said, If you open the door I will come inside.  It is only through His atonement blood covering, that the purity of God's Holy Spirit could reside inside us.  The Trinity could never live in that which is corrupt, for the vessel would burst, lest it be washed in the blood.   All of that, was in His one sentence reply.


As the workers continued, Jesus and a few apparent dignitaries and myself, sat down to watch the workers on a moving circular couch like affair.  Jesus talked with us silently in our minds about things at hand.  We watched various curious items pass by.  I wondered at the unusual construction and workmanship.  I was under the impression that these items were gifts.  One item I was allowed to examine was the circular couch we were in; or what also 'looked' like (for our understanding), a large hot tub without any water, that could hold 6-8 people with various hold on extrusions on the inside seating area.  It also had a rotating outer ring that was 3' wide, that seamlessly joined to the tub area.  I gathered it was a vehicle for the end-time use as in Ezekiel.   I touched and marvelled at the non-human construction with great curiosity.  Jesus began to tell me how it was joined with a detailed parts list.  He continued to answer every technical question I had, without me having to ask.  It all made perfect sense and I began to laugh out loud in amazement.   Uncontrollably laughing, I fell off my seat telling the dignitaries, "I am in love with this man !!!"  Jesus smiled, and I continued to laugh so hard, that I heard myself filling my bedroom room with laughter, as I awoke myself in doing so.


Night Vision:

7/20/2016 - Wedding Supper 

I had a dream last night; I was at the wedding supper in Heaven. I was standing there crying with tears of joy, from the majestic beauty and my unworthiness.  Then Jesus came and wiped my eyes.  I then awoke.


Day Vision:

1986 - Destruction

I was arriving at the shopping mall to pick up my girlfriend Ann, at her job at a well known department store.  While I was in the car, I was listening to praise music and singing along worshipping God.  At this point, I was very in tune to the Holy Spirit and feeling the presence of God strongly.   I walked into the store and said hello to Ann, who was in the process of finishing her work.  I told her I would browse the store while I waited for her.

I proceeded out to the clothing area.  I suddenly started to get, what would be best described as a visual transformation.  Things that were 3D, almost became 2D and then colors faded away, I saw only black, white and grays.  I also felt a divine peace and calmness.

I turned my head and looked around the store in utter amazement.   I then looked down at the clothing racks; the highly polished chrome display racks were horribly rusted and burnt.  I picked up a sleeve of a shirt and marveled that it was full of holes, charred and moth eaten.  Everything in the store was destroyed by rust, fire or insects. 

I was truly in a state of overwhelming awe and wonder.  I started to pick up some other material to investigate it, then suddenly Ann grabbed my arm, I numbly felt her shaking it.  I looked over at her in a daze and said, "Do you see this?"  See what? She asked.  "Look at everything, it is destroyed, rusted and burnt, it is all trash, all trash..."  She began to pull me away and said stop it, you are scaring me.   The vision started to fade as we walked, colors returned, as did normal perception.  Needless to say, Ann and I are no longer together.

I have pondered this vision for decades.  I have come to the conclusion, that it was both a glimpse into the future coming storm, as well as the perceived value of man's best in God's eyes.

I praise you Father for the vision...




Day Vision:

1981 - Death

At the age of 14, we got word of an accidental death in the family.  Dad quickly packed his bags and ordered his airline ticket.  Mom and I would join him later after the details about the services were discovered.   Mom did not like to drive to the airport alone, so Grandma and I went with her and Dad.   Grandma stayed in the car, as Mom and I went inside the airport to say goodbye.  Mom hugged and kissed him.  I was in a bit of a daze, when Mom told me to say goodbye to your Dad.   As I began to hug him, I felt this feeling of electricity envelope my body, from my head towards my toes in about a second.  Stunned and overwhelmed, I let go and Mom and I walked back to the car.  After we got in I told them both that something was not right.  They asked what do you mean?  I told them there was something wrong about daddy.  They told me everything was fine.  I then said, I am never going to see my daddy again.  They both scolded me and said, stop talking like that everything will be fine.   I remember having such a feeling of helplessness as we drove away.


A few days later we were waiting for him to call with details.  The phone rang and it was our relative, who told me to put Mom on the phone.   As I gave Mom the phone, I immediately knew this was the fulfillment of my prediction.  Mom hung up the phone and told me the news, Dad died of a heart attack.


I began to destroy the furniture in a rage of fury.  I turned over the kitchen table and kicked and screamed and broke anything I could get a hold of.   I pulled over a dresser and it broke my front tooth and exposed the nerve.   My Mom was trying very hard to restrain and calm me.  In shock physically and mentally, I finally shut down.   It was at this point of rage, that the enemy told me, that it was my fault that Dad died and you could have prevented it.   You are a failure and the murderer of your own Dad.


For the next six years, I began my ‘unholy years’ and warred against God and despised him with a passion for killing my Dad.   I hated my life and took it out on my poor Mom.   Not too long after that, other stresses weighed on me and I determined in my mind, I was going to kill myself.  In one of my new normal fits of rage, I was speeding across the bridge one night.   I thought to end it all and drive into a concrete overpass wall.   Something prevented me from turning the wheel at the very last moment.


I have reflected on my Dad’s death prediction for decades.   I know this was a pre-warning from God, since the enemy cannot predict the future.   This was a gifted word from God Almighty.   It is not the mission of a Holy Father to create the ‘fatherless and the widow’.  God wanted to prepare my mind and my family, for the news with the prediction.   As foretold in the Bible, the enemy will always attempt to steal the seed word.  If I had known him better or been a knowledgeable Christian at that time, I could have prayed against the attack or the accusations of the enemy.  That prediction has now come to show me the majesty of his Fatherly love, his care and intervention into the life of a boy.




Day Vision:

1973 - Potential's Door

I remember when I was around 7 years old, playing on my Grandma’s front porch with my toys.  She and I were talking about general things and out of the blue, I told her that I was going to die when I was 30 and kept on playing.  She immediately scolded me and told me never to say anything like that again.  I stopped playing and cheerfully told her that it was ok, because Jesus died young too.  She stopped talking and sat back in her chair, visibly taken aback by my words.  I then continued to play.


Grandma latter reminded me that I had repeated those words to her, several times throughout my early years.  As I grew up into my teens, I remember her asking me about it from time to time.


As the cares of life do, I forgot about my words when I turned 30.  I suspect due to my busy lifestyle and worsening physical condition.   I started having problems with my equilibrium and combative moodiness.   I self diagnosed myself with hypoglycemia and kept emergency ‘candy kits’ at my work and car, just incase.  My condition worsened.   Finally, I would get up in the morning feeling fine and after my shower I would have to lay down for hours due to the dizziness and fatigue.  This went on for months and I was getting beat up physically and mentally.   Everyday became slightly worse.  One morning as I lay there, unable to get up, I honestly felt as if I was heading towards death. 


I felt a solace about it and knew there were only two directions, life or death.  It was at this point I reluctantly went to the doctor.  I was then passed on to another doctor and then another.   I had many tests and in total, saw five doctors.   None of which could determine the cause.  After six months of this sickness, a friend and I ate a spicy hot dog at a service station.  The next day I felt better and each consecutive day thereafter.  In a week or so, I was back to my normal self.   I remember being so happy and praised God daily for the ability to accomplish the most simple and trivial tasks.

It was not till 2008, did I tie the sickness with my childhood prediction.   I believe it was God warning me back then of demonic attack headed my way.   At the age of 21, I became a born again Christian, with a very dramatic deliverance session.   That knowledge given at my youth was from God to prepare against it.  I also believe that my destiny was altered by my salvation.  God intervened and saved me from that attack on my life, since I was now his child.  The attack happened as foretold, but he pulled me through it and it now stands for me a landmark testament of his promises. I firmly believe, if I had not became a Christian, I would have died.




To this day, the visions are as fresh as they were at that very moment.