God Is Not A Prostitute.


All scriptures are underlined.


After firing the catholic church from being my spiritual advisor, I then

became protestant.  It was quite a change for me.   Of which were all the new definitions and new vain traditions I was told to embrace.   One of the most notable was this new word 'tithing'.   Being an altar boy and raised in a catholic school, I found it odd never hearing this term.   It was not until much later, did I start to understand why.  I learned that the catholic church got in some big trouble around the time of Martin Luther (circa 1500's), over an issue called 'Indulgences'. 



This cute little clergy doctrine said, you could get Auntie Em out of purgatory if you paid the church money.  Then the Great Oz, 'Pope Du Jour', would give you a piece of paper saying he had pardoned Auntie Em, thus freeing her from purgatory.  The money was then used to build more lavish cathedrals.   In short, Martin Luther told them they were all full of satan and took half of their members with him.   Ah, freedom in Christ - for a while at least.  



That was until the protestants took on their own version of indulgences, 'tithing' an old law with a new twist.   They decided not to go the route of the purgatory guilt carrot, but to use the Old Testament practice of Jewish Levitical food offerings, for their new building fund program.   Thus the tithe guilt carrot was born.



It was amazing to see the catholics had actually learned their lesson out of the dark ages.  They had stopped pushing the 'money for God's favor' shtick, back in the 1500's when they lost memberships.   I have to hand it to the catholics, they used it as a learning experience.  



So welcome to the new indulgence, pay 'us' money and you will earn God's favor and gifts.   







The Doctrine


We have all been quoted the scripture from Malachi far too frequently, that says the whole 'nation of Israel' was robbing God in tithes and offerings.  Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there is meat in the house of God.  If not, we are not allowing Him to give us gifts like opening the windows of Heaven or the gift of rebuking the devourer for our sake.  



The new cute little clergy, has decided that the word 'meat' will function much better for their needs, if they change it's definition to 'money'.  So they did.  Fortunately for us, this error becomes  conceptually illogical to reconcile.   How could paying New Testament clergy 'money', possibly satisfy an Old Testament Levitical law, about robbing God Almighty of 'meat'?



If we take this scripture to be a current valid law, like burnt offerings and the other 612 laws, we must follow it to the letter.   Therefore I want a tangible, physical address of where God's House is currently located.   I will then and only then, proceed to deliver tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of frozen meat to that address.   I hope the holy Levitical priests are home and have a large enough meat storehouse in that Temple that does not exist.   The only way to get meat into the house of God today, is a 'pot roast' in the bellies of His temples.



I find it amusing that I never have heard a satisfactory answer to the question; how can a man rob God, if He owns all the cattle, silver, gold and the hills?   The lack of a sound answer is because, Malachi is only talking about the old covenant 'law' made with the house of 'Levi' the priests.   Since there is no example or scriptural account of the priests ever stopping the food tithe, how were they robbing God?  They key is found in chapter one, it says because they offered polluted bread, the lame, blind and sick flock to God and kept the best for themselves.  Thus it is true, if living under the law you can rob God, by sacrificing or offering Him the second best food.  This now becomes a satisfactory and logical answer, to how a man can rob God who owns everything.  Do not bother holding your breath, chapter one will never be read in public by pastor.
But what about the other robbing half, the 'Offering' portion?  The 'man of God' proclaims "That's anything out of your wallet, above 10.1% of the 'necessity offering'.  Forget all those manifold scriptures that Paul writes at length about."  You know, like this one;
Hebrews 10:5-18 Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me: In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God. Above when he said, Sacrifice and offering and burnt offerings and offering for sin thou wouldest not, neither hadst pleasure therein; which are offered by the law; Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second. By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. And every priest standeth daily ministering and offering oftentimes the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins: But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God; From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool. For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified. Whereof the Holy Ghost also is a witness to us: for after that he had said before, This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them; And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.  Now where remission of these is, there is no more offering for sin.

Cursed is the 'man of God' that speaks contrary to the word of God.  These are satan's ministers transformed into ministers of righteousness.



I desire mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than offerings.



The only sacrifice the new testament Christian is asked to give; are "spiritual sacrifices" of praise, time with God and love towards others; certainly not any tangible sacrifices.
The law is only used as standard to measure the ungodly on Judgment Day, not the saved. Christ made a wonderful reference to the new laborers, that would get paid the same as the complaining old laborers.   The Old Testament Jews agreed to the covenant offered them, for the same payment of eternal life that the new covenant offers us.   The law was done away with at the fulfillment of the cross; when the LORD pruned off certain Jewish olive branches and grafted in the Gentiles.




Prove Me


Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be FOOD in my house.  TEST me in this, "says the LORD Almighty", and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.  (See;  NIV, ASB, ESV, CEV, NCV)


This is the only place in the Bible that God says to Prove or Test Him (Prove = Test in Strong's H974).  With only one occurrence of God telling the whole nation of Israel to test Him, is not enough for the clergy to build an entire doctrine and empire on.   Especially with many contradictory occurrences in the Bible telling us not to test or tempt Him (Tempt = Test, in both the Old H5254 and New Testament G1598).   

For the Holy Spirit now says to the hard of heart, "Hear His voice this day.  Those who tempt and prove the Father will not enter into His rest."   This proving God, grieves the Father as clearly seen in both Psalms and Hebrews.  Write this in your Bible as a cross reference; use Hebrews 3:8-11 to rebuke Malachi 3:8-11 claims, same 'chapter and verse' beloved, Glory to God!  Do you think this amazing parallel is by chance; or did God foresee this doctrinal error arising in the future, and used Paul to guide us back to truth?  Malachi and Hebrews are saying the exact opposite about proving God.  Malachi says to prove God and Hebrews says, anyone who does prove God will not enter into His rest.  Why do they say the opposite, is this an error in the Bible?  No, because in Malachi God was telling those bound 'under the law', to not rob Him with the lame and the sick of the flock, as seen in chapter one. This was a ONE time course correction from God; to give Me the good blood sacrifice, and have your curse 'under the law' removed, and do not stray from it again, nor prove me again. However in Hebrews God is saying, that during the forty years of you proving (testing) Me in the desert, grieved Me. This is because those that REPEATEDLY prove or test Him weekly, monthly or yearly, will not enter into His rest. This is unbelief and faithlessness in His eyes.  pastors, you will be held in great peril on that last day, if you read Malachi before the plate is passed around; and tell your flock, "You heard what Malachi said, it's time to prove God. Ushers pass out the buckets."   pastors, the LORD rebukes you; do not repeatedly grieve God, casting a stumbling block before His children of forty repetitive years, in jeopardy of their and your eternal rest !

Again, we see in both Deuteronomy and Matthew, the Bible proclaims the exact opposite, do not test me.   Immediately after being filled with the Holy Spirit.  Jesus went out to the desert and told the devil; 

"For it is written, thou shalt not test the Lord thy God."

This is a mandate both from the Old Testament and your Lord and your God, Jesus.   Asking God to prove His word, is not for the Holy Spirit filled Christian who walks in faith.   God doing unusual one time events in the old testament, is not to be extrapolated into a never ending, weekly, faithless, laboratory experiment.   Then why do you continually test Him weekly?  It is either out of doubting His character, His word, greed for money or the seductive lure from the 'man of God's' weekly tithe lottery temptation.   Get thee behind me O 'man of God', for it is written! Most look at "prove me", as a divine slot machine or perverted holy 'stock market' for a mandated quick investment return.  The reason God said "prove me" was because Israel's heart had grown cold and they were offering God their second best meat.   He was trying to encourage them to give God their best meat sin offering.   Know this, that asking God to prove His word weekly with you still living in disobedience or not seeking Him fervently (in and out of your Country Club Cathedral), will not open the windows for you.

  Will a 'man of God' rob man? But you say, Wherein have we robbed man?  In tithes and offerings.

'man of God', you do not bring good tidings from the mountains ! You bring temptation, excise through extortion, guilt, and as the second most subtil beast of the field; you subversively insert a seed of doubt with your middle finger, deep into innocent love between a virgin bride and her Groom.  Woe unto your faithlessness, perversion and greed !  Therefore your feet are not beautiful, but rather a festering stench to Father.

Unbelief can be seen in putting a 'fleece out to the Lord', or asking God for miracles to test or ascertain His will.   For the record, God's will, will always be fulfilled with or without you.   In Judges, Gideon asks the Lord for a series of miracles to help his unbelief.  God already promised Gideon he would have the victory.  Yet Gideon continued to ask for signs of moisture on the sheep and the ground.   This testing or proving God was only out of Gideon's unbelief and faithlessness to believe God the first time at His promise.   Prior to Christ, they did not have the Holy Spirit poured out on all.  This proving or testing the Lord God is highly denounced in the New Testament.   Again, this to is one of many examples of God doing a unique or unusual event, not to be made into doctrine.  The Holy Spirit will lead, teach, comfort us and God will provide you with everything needed, ye of little faith.   None of us, has yet to see a sparrow die of starvation.


Are we supposed to be weekly testing God in the New Testament?  No.   If so, where is the evidence?  As you know, none is available.   If we are to test and prove God's words; then we must ask Him for the most important proof of all, if we are saved.   God make the doorbell ring if I am really saved.  No beloved, to please God His word must be taken on faith.  Then why was Gideon allowed to prove or test God's already spoken promise?   Because he was not indwelled with the Spirit of the living God and His Christ.   Faith is the substance of things hoped for and not seen.   Without faith it is impossible to please Him.   We do not need miracles to take God at His already spoken and written word; that he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.  Thus it has already been written; we must show a tender heart towards others and we also have a promise that the Father rewards only the hungry seekers.   Therefore, there is no need to prove or test God any longer; for it is written.   Yet habitually so-called learned, faith filled 'men of God' encourage us to set aside faith in the written word and test God with the tangible.   Beloved, we are no longer to prove or test God to gain His favor or to grow our mustard seeds.  This would be the same as doubting our earthly father's word each week.   Never fully believing what he said or did the week before.   God forbid if tithing did bring you money !    If you perceive it did, you should stop it immediately !   Because it teaches us subconsciously to put our faith in a methodology and formula, instead of the Invisible Father.  You think you tested it, but God overlooked your confusion of money for a meat offering due to; toxic teachings, His endless long-suffering, to help your mountain of unbelief, nor was it for your mechanical tithing, but your rare joy filled giving heart.  It is during these times of ignorance God winked at; but now commands all men everywhere to repent.  Shame and woe on that individual who must see the same miracle again EACH WEEK! - Hypocrites!!!  You are far worse than the lukewarm Jews during the Exodus in the desert who demanded repetitive miracles!   Yet you sit there reading the account or watching the movie, mocking their faith and how you would never act that way after seeing a miracle !   No misled and brainwashed, habitual unbelief or a trusting loved based relationship this doth not make.  Heirs of God, simply live like His child in obedience and do that which the new testament commands: love God with all that is within you and help the least of those.

The Holy Spirit says - Thou shalt not test the Lord thy God !






The Unmentionable



Child of God, there is not a single occurrence in either the Old or New Testament, that shows God's people using 'money' for a tithe.   It is also astonishing to learn that in the entire New Testament, there is not one occasion of a Christian tithing food or money.  



Moreover, it was mentioned only twice by Jesus in the New Testament.   On both those occasions, Jesus used it in a rebuke towards the clergy of the day. 

  • Once to the Pharisees (law required tithers), who were bringing food to the temple.  Jesus said you tithe, mint, anise and cumin but forget the weightier issues of the heart.  
  • The second time, again towards a tithing Pharisee.  He was being compared to the non-saved, non-Jew, publican who did not tithe.  The Publican had a broken heart, showed that he knew his first love very well, ONLY he went home justified.   


Ever wonder why these New Testament scriptures about tithing are never talked about during the tithing rants?  Me too. Especially the one about the only person in good standing with God at the end of the day, was the non-tither.  Truth be told beloved, tithing is 'Big Business', the most golden of all calves.



Child of God, if for some obscure reason you feel the need to give according to the Old Testament Levitical tithing law (# 613) 'the way Jews actually did it' in the New Testament and approved by Jesus, do the following.    Shamelessly and authoritatively, deposit three spice bottles containing mint, anise and cumin into the offering bucket next service, with this verse attached; "For it is written, thou shalt not test the Lord thy God".   Then sit back and watch pastor pluck his hair out and rent his Armani suit in twain.







Tithe For Thought


The only example of organized 'Church' money gathering in the New Testament is found in Acts.   They were all gathered together and sold their possessions and LAND.   They then gathered the funds together and distributed them as needed in a communal lifestyle.   Unfortunately we are all too selfish, greedy, lazy and suspicious to live so trusting nowadays.  So, until we all pool our funds together as the 'early Christians did', close your lips tight, sit down and speak no more of the Old Testament food law.  

Nevertheless in regard to gathering money for the group; we can see that even the disciples and early church were in error on more than one occasion.   Yes they gathered their money together and distributed to the believers as needed.   However, just as Peter was in error on keeping Jewish laws when the Jews were visiting, of which Paul had to rebuke him for that behavior; we also saw them baptizing for the dead in this first generation Church. As was gathering everyone’s money together living in a commune in error; they missed Jesus' message.   Jesus said to sell your things and give the money to the poor, not share the profits altogether.  Jesus shared many ideas that the early and current Church cannot bare to breathe: be ye perfect as God, chop an appendage off, pluck out your eye, snip off your testicles and become a eunuch for the glory of the Kingdom. Give your money away to the poor?  Certainly Jesus meant, give it to the 'man of God' right?  No!   It was another measure of discipline, perfection and a bar set high by the voice of God that only a handful attain.  That is why the commune idea fell away, it was not what Jesus taught us to do.

More proof that living in a commune was in error, was that it showed others what you were giving.  This would lead to questions about the amount, it would force folks to give grudgingly and out of necessity.  Ananias and Sapphira would not have been killed, if giving was kept secret like Jesus commanded it to be.  Yes, they were pushed by Peter to accidentally lean against the Ark of the Covenant.  Peter in his 'well doing' or arrogance; unleashed the wrath of the divine by breaking Jesus' sanctum between Him and His Bride through entrapment.  Ananias and Sapphira felt compelled not to give 100% to the commune; perhaps they remembered Jesus' lack of teaching on commune living and presumed it would fail, which it did.  This was not wrong, but lying to the Holy Spirit was. Thankfully the 'open giving' commune was abandoned, since membership would be on a steady decline due to premature death.  The slothful, you will always have with you; therefore hard workers will justly have animosity towards the lazy.  This is why communes never work. Due to breaking Jesus' commandment about secrecy, they died because folks found out; and necessity, as always was given a foothold to public shaming and in this case death.   Peter's three lies were far worse, to both men and God; yet God did not kill Peter.  To whom much is forgiven, much is required.  Ananias may had a heart attack in the natural, not killed by God. Yet Peter willingly entrapped Sapphira, hoping she would die also; calling fire down for a show.  Peter then prophesied, "behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out."   What was Jesus' response to such shows of power? "Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? But He turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them."   This action by Peter was not Christ like, certainly not love covering a multitude of sins. This was not a sin unto death.  Yet Peter knowingly destroyed a believer's life for money and a lie.  Jesus said this action was the spirit of the enemy.  It yielded nothing but fear upon the entire church, not of God, but fear towards the godless necessity offering.


The tithe has always been 10% of 'food' from a harvest or things from the spoil of war.  Brought as a sacrifice to the Levitical priests, for them to eat and share the excess with the widow, fatherless and the stranger.  On every 3rd year, not weekly, nor every three days as the NKJV and others blaspheme!  No, it was a three day festival, every third year.   Since neither freezers nor canning were invented yet, this 3rd year offering was only of that year's harvest.  Not a tithe on all the past three years worth of food.   

Not every 'man of God' was able to receive tithes, only the son of Aaron and Levitical priests were able to accept the food tithe. Another dirty little untold fact about these Levitical priests, is they were not allowed to own any: property, cattle or things of the world.   In addition, even when money was brought to the temple, the workers received it for rebuilding God's temporary dwelling, not the priests.  These Priests, and the Porters and the Singers were to be as pure as possible without worldly temptation and taken care of and fed with tithes (food). However those asking for tithes today, have all these things and much more.   Far more mites than the retired fixed income widows they condemn, with heavy burdens of Old Testament food taxation law.   pastor, if you are going to pretend you are a Levi priest, do so 100% of the time, with 100% of the law, not just when the electric bill is due. 



Today we have no such men among us, save the Lord Jesus our high priest.  The logical question must be asked; how can we give to Jesus?   As you have done it to the least of these my brethren, you have done it to Him.





Running from the New Testament


The only other time tithing is mentioned in the New Testament was by Paul in Hebrews 7.  Paul does an earth shaking thing here.  He mentions the word Tithe 5 times in 4 verses.   Loved of God, do you not find it odd that every time the 'dead horse' teaching on tithing is taught at your church, they never reference such a monumental New Testament passage as this?   Yet they will spend 4-5 hours condemning you about one single verse in the Old Testament.   'Odd' would certainly be a gross understatement.   The reason this passage is avoided like the plague, is that verses 1-10 talk about the Old Covenant tithing practice of the priesthood and the entire remaining chapter, is dedicated to explaining why that old system is no longer valid.    Coincidence, or is pastor just very excited about the new choir robes, organ and brand new video gear scheduled for this Monday's delivery?   Is this the same milk excreting hypocritical bovine, who condemns the 'home churched' for following Christ's commandment?  Yet gleefully spends millions of their mail-in donations, on pumping his burdensome sermons right back into their living room 'home church'?  Hmmm…  If the milk is free, why buy the cow?  







Whom among us has the moral authority to change the word "meat" in the scriptures to "money"?


Where are all the incorrigible 'men of God' with their authoritative and stentorian Hebrew translations now?


In Malachi 3:10, meat is defined as; Prey and Food.

(see Strong's H2964 meat)







Even in our world's system of making Laws and Codes, those educated among us understand the paramount importance of unmovable definitions.  So much so, laws and codes have an entire chapter and rules section dedicated to definitions.   Why? Because they know if they are not firmly established at the onset, the entire law has no substantive meaning.   Changing the meaning of a single word in legislation, can affect the entire law.  No, you cannot change definitions at will.   This will ensue the ravages of special interest groups.   Namely the clergy in their cute little wolf costumes, which will huff and puff and blow your joy away.




Jesus of course did not make this greedy blasphemous error, nor did anyone in the Old or New Testament.   No they knew what money was, way back in Genesis.   So do not let any 'man of God' attempt to tell you, they were too primitive to understand the term money, or they did not use money that far back.   If you change the meaning of 'meat to money' here, you must do it everywhere.  Thus our newly printed ' Greedy International Version, GIV ' reads in 2nd Opinions 4:86 "For my flesh is money indeed, and my blood is drink indeed."






God is not a prostitute !


Why would redefining meat to money, be a blasphemous error?  Because you become guilty of defamation of character to the Most High, slandering His nature from provider to extortionist.  Peter rebuked Simon the Samarian Sorcerer, for attempting to purchase the gift of God with money.   Opening the windows of Heaven, rebuking the enemy, and increasing our fields, are all wonderful GIFTS from God.  Nonetheless, humans will never be able to purchase the favor of God beloved.  That is why, it is an abomination to redefine 'meat' to 'money'.   




These gifts and God's rebuking of satan, had to be done by God pre-pentecost.   They did not have the Holy Spirit poured out on all flesh back then.   They did not have any authority over the enemy.  Today we are commanded by Jesus to take authority over satan and his works.   You rebuke the devourer, You speak to the mountain and You tread over all the works of the enemy.   Jesus made of show of the devourer openly.  In the New Testament, Christ told us to take authority over the devourer, thank our Lord and Savior.  I will choose Christ's authority over the enemy, instead of tithing's Ichabod authority.



Neither you, nor any preacher can move the hand of God with a 10% bribe or tip.   If you believe,  paying God 10% of your money will give you gifts such as; the Holy Spirit, Opening the windows of Heaven or Rebuking satan, you are putting Him in a position of a common prostitute.   'God I paid you, now you perform the tasks I love and desire.'  If you want to move the heart of God, simply show Him your undivided attention and love. 



No beloved, God is not mocked nor a prostitute.   I wish the same could be spoken for the 'man of God'.   They play the old 'tease and taunt' seduction with the word of God.   They lead you up to the climax of their message then break in with a commercial to tell you; "If you want to know the secret and full power behind this message, call today and buy my new book or DVD set."    This smells of vomit in God's nostrils.  Instead of publishing these so-called secrets on their websites for free, they have become a Holy Whore !   Charging for the Holy revelations of God !   Holding back that which is precious in the eyes of the Most High for thirty pieces of silver.  'man of God', both Ananias and his wife Sapphira, were far more honorable than you to the blessed Holy Spirit !  Jesus never said "charge my sheep".  If the 'man of God' had a shepherd's heart, he would not bill them for Father's manna.   What has happened to; "As you go preach, freely give as you have freely received." Or as Peter said, "Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee."  "Feed the flock of God which is among you, but not for filthy lucre."  The 'man of God' has forgotten these concepts and gone a whoring his wares.  It is an abomination before the LORD, for the 'five fold' to peddle the message of God through the money changers! Starve first O faithless 'man of God', for the LORD GOD rebukes you!  Did Moses, Isaiah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John or Paul charge for Father's words; or are your blatherings of higher value?   Why should we see your shame, greed and degeneration?   he has brought this depravity upon himself.   he has used the tithing guilt carrot so long, that it has forced the sheep away.   Thus the joy of giving to the ministry has departed.   Instead of joyful giving out of the heart, forced giving out of the mind has been taught.   Thus the mustard seed holding 'man of God' has turned to prostitution to fulfill his wants.  All whilst dancing behind the seductive veil of 'copyright law'.  Tempting Christian bookstores into peddling more dishonest lust, than the forthright lust of adult bookstores. Despite your raging pride tower, these ideas are not of your creation O 'man of the veil'.  They were freely given for the edification of the Church by Father.   

Bribery Then?


According to certain clergy, God may not only be a prostitute, but he can apparently be bribed as well.   I was watching a Raise-a-Thon on television; a normal time to raise money for the network. The 'man of God' asked everyone in the studio audience to pray in the spirit; then he got a word from the Lord and said, "There is a little girl in the hospital with a pulmonary heart condition and the doctors said it did not look good."   Then he looked into the camera and said, "I'm never wrong about these things.   Mother, if you want your daughter to live, get to the phone now and show God that you mean it!  You will feel the presence of the Almighty in that room.   I promise you, God will then heal your daughter."  So, in this woman's deepest darkest hour, this demonic denominationalist; would not only reach into her purse, but cast a neverending shackle of pain and guilt upon her, if her daughter did die, as well as a non-provable miracle by a false apostle, if she lived !   Father, retain this sin upon these subversive ministers arrayed in light.  Ah, the things they say about my beloved Abba.





Sing In Exultation


These same hypocrites feel more than justified for compensation of their creative work, but are first in line to ask the choir and musicians to play for free "unto the Lord" without paying them their required portion of this O so worshiped dead tithe law.  The choir was also to live a consecrated and paid for lifestyle; just like the lusted after old testament priests, porters and singers lifestyles of old, like pastor does now.  Nevertheless they are not paid with required tithes, but robbed by pastor.  All whilst condemning them with judgmental eyes and sharpened tongues from accepting any outside secular paying jobs; which their profession forces them to take, to provide for their own households first, BEFORE any outside charity begins.  So it is revealed that the reverenced dead tithe law, is only partially kept by those who enforce it with a scourge.  


Will a pastor rob God? Yet ye have robbed Me. But ye say, Wherein have I robbed Thee?  In paying tithes and offerings to your choir !!!   


Yet carpenters, plumbers and contractors are permitted to work any outside secular paying jobs without question; for fear of a small tithe collection or a swift declining fantasy called 'membership'.   pastor, either live by the entirety of the dead tithe law or die in shame reconciled by it.  Judgment is now upon you this day; all you law worshiping, sanctified legions of pythons ! 


pastor, both you and your accountants know, that your inflamed expenditures and tightly squeezed 'members', prevent you from complying with the fullness that the tithe law requires (paying the choir).  So stop the lie and admit error and allow your country club cathedral 'members' to give as God tells them.  Not out of necessity, nor led by your poor example of a half assed compliance to a dead law.  Of which none living under the atonement of Christ, could possibly be cursed to begin with.





True Blessing


Beloved of God, I tell you with great certainty, there are no magic prayer formulas or incantations found on a shelf of books or in a $300 DVD teaching series.   The blessings of God are not achieved through an approved list of words or a creative faith vocabulary.   The blessings are given only to the children of obedience.  You cannot fool God into looking past your habitual disobedience, by speaking Christianesse in a popular cadence or a festering donation.   Yes, it is that simple, love Him with your body, soul, spirit and most of all, time. 



O Sheep Rejoice!  Laugh at those who preach the Theology of Divine Prostitution.   There is freedom from the law and liberty in Christ, not condemnation. 



Are we therefore to take this freedom from the tithe and seal up our wallets?  God forbid.   We are to use this freedom to heal our hearts from the yoke of guilt; as taught by the money exchanging law mongers.  To what end?  For to yield much fruit with ripe works acceptable to Father; with sublime joy and gladness of heart.   Feed my sheep.







Cursing in the name of Love


What these same 'men of God' fail to tell you, there is no penalty for not following forced religious indulgence taxing.  For you are either living under the blessing or the curse.  Jesus became both, the cursed and our blessing.   You have either accepted the final atoning work of Jesus or you have not.  We are not cursed under the 613 laws, because; every man that hangs on a tree is cursed.  Therefore beloved you are not cursed with the curse of Malachi.  



It is multidimensional hypocrisy, to hear the 'man of God' tell us how unmovable an Old Testament secondary law such as tithing is; but tells us to 'forget' the only primary law that uses the word "remember", in regard to keeping the Sabbath the seventh day (Saturday).   pastor, surely in keeping with your logic; if we are allowed to ignore the Fourth Commandment of a mandated Saturday worship written by the finger of God and still escape the ravages of the devourer, certainly we can ignore the Levitical food tithing law #613, no?   I am really looking forward to judgment day and your bloody back.  



Therefore beloved, if we have liberty in the "Law of Faith" through Christ Jesus to circumnavigate the Fourth Commandment; we therefore most certainly have liberty to forgo the remaining 613 laws.   If you live under the law you will be judged therewith.   However, if you live under the "Law of Faith" you shall be judged under the blood of the Lamb.   He who keeps one law, must keep the whole law.  The simplification of the complex to the base; 613 laws, to 10 laws, to 1 law 'love'.   Love the LORD thy God with all that is within you and thy neighbor as thy greedy self.



In addition, Paul also goes out of his way to say very clearly; Let every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.  Remember 'man of God' let them give ACCORDING to what the Holy Spirit is telling them to give; NEVER out of necessity or of a prescribed system of guilt by numbers (e.g. 10.27%).   You might as well be casting your weekly forced gift into the dung bowl.  You 'O man of God' are purposely and directly, violating remedial scripture.  Once you add the guilt carrot, you are unwittingly cheating yourself out of a 33%, 66% or 100% harvest.  Your greed and teaching has played you as a poorly tuned fool.



The point made is; forced giving or punishment for not giving, is never implied nor supported in the New Testament.



Peter said, your money perishes with you.   Therefore there is no magical Heavenly cash account with your name on it in Glory.   Let me repeat that, there is not a Heavenly account based on your forced, prideful, self-righteous, indulgent money giving down here.  Since our flesh and blood cannot enter Heaven, neither will the works of mammon.  The treasure we are to build up in Heaven, is that of love toward God and one another.   In the book of Malachi it states that, those who talked about God frequently, were given place in the book of remembrance for a reward at His coming.







Whose image is on the back of your money?


Render to the taxman, what is the taxman's.  Render to God what is God's.  In other words, the elements of man's mammon are not of God, but greedy man's.  What is of God?  Unmerited love.  What does God want?  Our love, attention and helping His sheep.  Do you find it as stunning as I, that this scripture is never mentioned during the tithing rants?



Historically the Church body lived a communal style of life.   They all gathered their resources and helped each other, which failed.   Decades ago, families took care of their sick and elderly.  Today we choose not to follow this model, and thus we have a 'Church State' model.  We have given the taxman authority over the works that the Church was mandated to maintain.   The taxman now holds the keys to the Church of: Unemployment, Health Care, Medicare and Social Security.   What happened?   The main reason we have these programs, is due to the "Tithe" guilt card.    As soon as the Church got yelled at, to give our money to a building or a 'man of God', it bankrupted our personal ability to give to our fellow man.  Thus the taxman had to step into the role that the church stepped out of; Alms to the poor.  In fact, the bible says clearly that we should work with our hands so we can give to the needy.  Jesus never said give money to build buildings, or give money to feed the 'man of God'.   Jesus also never said, give your responsibility of giving, to any 'man of God'.   Jesus told Peter (the 1st Shepherd), feed my sheep. 


We have the entire system backwards, the shepherd should be giving us money.   Also speaks the Lord thy GOD; Woe unto that shepherd that feeds and clothes himself and not the flock !  


Beloved angels of the Most High, you firmly believe without any scripture, that you will get the reward if pastor gives your money appropriately, yet you illogically believe you are shielded from him giving or buying inappropriately.  


Here is a prime example of laziness and apathy; "Here is some money pastor, you listen to God and figure it out, I am too busy and prejudicial.  I have complete faith in you to decide where to put it on my behalf".  Unfortunately this is what we have also told the taxman.  You may temporarily escape the responsibility of reaching out to the unlovable, but there is a day of questioning ahead.   God wants to see your heart in action.  God wants to see where you will draw the line on unmerited love; not the pastor.   Is it God's will to buy choir robes, organs and build buildings with your money?  No worries; relax, pay no attention to that 'man of God' behind the curtain, he knows all.







Cafeteria Style


The greedy fear led clergy will often drop a seed of guilt that has a seemingly logical or Godlike sound to it.


"Ok folks, it's time to tithe, remember we are to tithe at the place we are getting fed spiritually." 


Where do I begin with this twisted ball of yarn.


Firstly, to what scripture is he referencing to make such an assertion?   What, to bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in mine house?   How vain and preposterous to call his building the house of God.   God does not live there and does not abide in any house of stone.   Nor are there any 'meat' sacrifices being performed there (we hope).  Nor does this man have the job of a Levi Priest.  Nor is he 'entitled' to any of the Levi's perks or requirements.   Nor does this scripture imply anything about be fed spiritually.


Secondly, with no scripture to stand on, he is now laying a stumbling block at the feet of God's children to sacrifice to idols of stone (buildings).   The dirty little secret is, pastor must preach whether he has a building or not.   If pastor backslides due to not having a building, is none of our concern.  If he fails to preach he will spend some reflecting time in the belly of a whale.   Nowhere does it say in scripture, a pastor needeth a buildingeth to preacheth.   Why does the pastor by assumption get the building and not the; Evangelist, Apostle, Prophet or Teacher?  Silliness!   We were never told to go into all the world and build buildings and day cares.


Thirdly, his abhorrent overpowering seed droppings, have just overshadowed the still small voice of the Holy Spirit telling you to give your "Alms" to the neighbor next door who just had surgery. Listen carefully to God's voice children, perhaps He is telling you to follow scripture and Feed, Water, Clothe, Shelter or Visit the sick or imprisoned instead?   Surely, God would never tell you to do ANYTHING other than what the 'man of God' tells you to do, right?


pastor, it would be far less a burden on you at judgment day, not to tell God's children where they 'should' be putting their alms.  pastor's man made fear suggestions are the same as telling everyone;


"Ok everyone listen up, ignore the voice of the Father, Holy Spirit, Jesus and all of scripture and obey me !" 


Dear 'man of God', instead of using your cafeteria taxation card at your next 'High Holy' collection ceremony, do God's children a favor and simply shut up.






Lets play 'Wheel of Fortune'


I'd like to buy a vow of indulgence for a $1000 please.   Far too often the 'man of God' will tell millions to step out on faith and make a pledge vow to his ministry.  


"Everyone that can hear my voice, the Lord is telling you to pledge a $1000 and pay it off over a year.  Will you obey the voice of God today?"  


It is very interesting how all these 'men of God' (even those who do not believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit) suddenly acquire the gift of knowledge or prophecy, but only on tithing day.   So, the 'man of God' would lie upon the fatherless and the single mite holding widows, an unbreakable, burdensome vow before God Almighty?   I trust the 'man of God' understands he will have to give an account of each house he devoured on Judgment Day.  The word of God says, to owe no man anything, but to love him.   Therefore, do not take on a vow before God Almighty unless you have prayed fervently on it over time (up to 21 days), or God tells you with bell like clarity.  Observe how long pastor prays before spending money on a large financial commitment. he does not write a check the moment someone tells 'him' they heard from God and neither should you.   A vow to God is not something to take lightly or do in a moment of impulse buying.   Much to many ministry's chagrin, they cannot legally enforce your oath, so they write it off as a banner of their magnanimous forgiveness if you default. Notwithstanding, vows before God are not unlike wedding vows, all are required to be fulfilled to the letter.  Wherefore of what merit or authority has an oath, other than a show of hands in a game of want and pride?   Jesus directly speaks to oaths; "But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne: Nor by the earth; for it is His footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King."  Thus spake the Mighty God.   'man of God', cursed be your antichrist oaths of greed.   Beloved, unless you get a positive confirmation from God and your spirit leaps within you for joy about this so-called salutation from God; be not in the least guilt laden from these silver tongued, chubby fingered scale tippers.







Is tithing a Judgment Day issue?



Are the other 612 Old Testament laws an issue for the saved?  Last I checked, Paul said the Law was given to the Jews and NOT the gentiles.  No, the ONLY thing we are judged on, in the 'last day', standing among the sheep and the goats are;


6 Items

  • Have you Fed
  • Watered
  • Clothed
  • Sheltered
  • Visited the Sick
  • Visited the Imprisoned (including those that are shut ins).


Is it just my imagination or did Jesus omit tithing?



Amazingly enough these six items are the same items that the 'U.S. Army Survival Manual' says, are required for sustaining life and hope for this mortal shell.  Interestingly, the biblical number of man is six as well.   This is divinely paralleled with commandment six "Thou shalt not kill".   Scientifically speaking, carbon just happens to be the sixth element on the periodic table of elements containing: 6 protons, 6 neutrons & 6 electrons (666); of which humans are known to be, carbon based lifeforms.  Note, 99% of the human body is made up of 6 elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.  God created man on the sixth day.  Then in Genesis chapter six verse six, God repented that He made man.  So it goes with all things, including those that sustain man.



It is also amazing that these six items we are judged on before the throne, are also all sins of omission not commission.   In other words, we are not judged on what we did or committed, but what we did not do or omitted.   God is not using for His convicting evidence the number of times you used His name in vain, coveted or shunned the Saturday mandated Sabbath.  Why?  Because if we are guilty of one sin, we are worthy of eternal death.  Also God says, if we confess our sin, He casts it into the sea and forgets them.  Therefore they are literally forgotten by Him and simply not brought up at the judgment, if you confessed them.   So in God's infinite wisdom, He knows the sheep are as guilty as the goats.   Thus He judges on what we have not done, stunning courtroom brilliance!  It also disarms everyone's defenses, cutting through all the pre-rehearsed excuses.  This will ultimately show, who had a heart in the likeness of Jesus.  Despite the Saved and their flood of failures, we then become justified with a heart of flesh, towards Jesus in the least of these, our fellow man.   A tree yielding much fruit, that need not be hewn down and cast into the fire.  Herein lies the heart of the matter.



Keeping each other alive spiritually, physically and emotionally, are of paramount importance to God on Judgment Day.



Alms Worthy Ideas



After a conversation on tithing with a certain pastor; he finally agreed that it was an old testament law that was no longer valid. However, he went on to say that he thought it was still a good idea to teach it, because it was a good baseline for them to follow.   I told him that continued incorrect teaching, still implants a false sense of guilt. There should be no room given to this admittedly false teaching nor any baseline set.

Thank God we are not faced with the ultimate tax audit on Judgment day.   Child of God, you are not asked how much you gave in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.   God is not a miserly old accountant sitting on the throne with a calculator saying,  "Lets see, you only gave a cumulative average of 9.27% over your lifetime.  Please proceed down the hall and apply for our red hot, everlasting teeth gnashing special... NEXT !"  



Loved of God, unlike the lie weaving 'men of God', it is not a numbers game with God, but a heart game.  There is no 10% baseline minimum giving any longer.   Nor are the: burnt, grain, meat, sin, guilt, love, wave, heave, salt, trespass, pashcal, slaughter, wood, votive, thanksgiving,  freewill, peace, willing, first-fruits, voluntary, donative, half-shekel, tithe, fire or gift offerings valid any more.   These were all shadows of what was to come.  Amazingly, today's Rabbinic Jews believe that when Messiah comes, all sacrifices and offerings will cease !!!   The Rabbis need to tell the Christians and their so-called clergy this most glorious Holy news.   However that would expose a subversive conflict of interest between the 'men of God' and their glossy-eyed, head-bobbing, indoctrinated denominationalists.    My suspicion is they will be told, "Rabbis need not apply please, thank you just the same."   All of the above offerings are summed up in one commandment by Jesus; As you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.  Did you feed, clothe, water, shelter and visit, my sheep?




Sing and praise Him.  Look into your Father's eyes without shame, you are not a thief, Jesus paid it all.




It is a fact, that those who tithed in the Bible were not even Christians.    So, apparently one does not need to be a Christian to reap the gifts of God?  The unbelieving Jews tithed while Jesus was preaching on earth.   If the offering of tithing was still a valid practice, then someone of any faith could force the hand of God with a low tip of 10%.  No, salvation and God's favor are not gained by coins or checkbooks given to the 'most of those'.  




"But I was told that we had to give money."  That is not true.   However, many a 'man of God' will use the verse 'Where your treasure is, there your heart is' as a threat or proof that you must give money in an offering.  If money is not your treasure, then your heart is not there.  This verse says nothing about giving or 'money'.  In fact, it is very inclusive to all 'things', affected by rust, insects and thieves.   Money is not subject to insects or rust, especially silver and gold of the day.   These three attributes can apply to anything.   It only states that whatever you love above God is vanity of vanities.   Moreover, Solomon writes four times to, 'eat, drink wine and be merry and enjoy the riches of thy labor, for this is the gift of God'.   To regard any of these gifts of God in high value is not wrong, they are beloved gifts from Daddy.   So we can see that gifts of God (food, wine, fun and riches) are not bad.  Beloved, if you love sports or politics, you will surrender your time and passion to them.   Do you show more passion towards them than the things of God?  If it has become your obsession or religion, perhaps selling your season tickets is more appropriate?  Notice this verse does not say, it is a bad thing to hold something near to your heart as a treasure. You should simply dethrone it's importance in your life, if it occupies more attention or passion than you give God.   Jesus does not say, give our treasure away to a church or the 'man of God', but to sell it on eBay and then give "alms" (gifts to the poor, not tithes to the priest), a treasure built up in Heaven that will not fade.   Treasures are not bad.   This is shown in the verse that says, 'a good man with good treasure, brings good things'.  Subsequently, since money can be used to bring forth good things, therefore this verse cannot mandate that money is your treasure.   Treasures are only bad, if the person places them out of God's order.  The spirit of this verse is an exhortation not to put any gods (athletes, politicians, musicians, movie stars or clergy) before the LORD and give to the least of these.  What did Zacchaeus do the day he was saved?  He restored four times what he had taken wrongly and gave half of his wealth to the poor as alms; NOT to a church, priest or 'man of God'.  Also when Paul was accepted by James, Cephas and John (those who ate and lived with Jesus); their only command to Paul was to remember the poor, not to a denomination or 'man of God'.

Hear what the Spirit says to the churches.






Infidelity Investing


If the Old Testament sacrificial food tithing law was still in place, one cannot expect God to bless you if: you hate your fellow man or a specific group of men, a liar, a fornicator or an adulterer by osmosis.  Because, if you keep one part of the law you must keep all of it.   The 'man of God' seems to omit these criteria during his tales of fortune and payoffs at offering time.   Not unlike the scripture that mandates before we present our gift at the 'altar' (meaning 'alms to God', since no sacrificial altar exists today) , we need to reconcile with our brother who has ought (or anger) towards us.   We may have forgiven him, but Jesus orders us not to give our gift, until he is reconciled to you.   It is easy to run from a bad situation and glibly say "I forgive him" in secret.  However it is far more humbling and impressive to go to him and say, "Please forgive me".  This action will significantly assist him to get right with God and start his forgiving process.  Does the 'man of God' ever bother to remind folk of this reconciliatory mandate of Christ, during the tithing rants?   No, but he will gladly advise on how we must never take of the Lord's Supper unworthily.   However, he is more than happy to receive the soiled gifts of the non-reconciled Christian with pleasure.

In addition, the clergy fearfully forgets to remind you to remember Christ's other little suggestion.  You know, the one about selling all you have and give it to the poor, not the church, so your treasure will be great in Heaven. The poor have already surpassed your faith and addiction to things by having already lost them.

Despite the lack of teachings by the suspiciously silent clergy; BEFORE you go out blessing the Church or the world with your alms, make sure you take care of those of your own household first.   This goes for all of us, including any deadbeat parents who will not support their own children they had so much fun making.  The New Testament is clear, those that do not take care of their household are worse than unbelieving infidels.  Strong words, we all know where they end up.   Therefore after reconciling with your brother who has ought against you; and before you head towards that sacrificial altar with thine gift, make sure all at home is in balance.  Then if money is available after that and you feel led of God alone, give as He dictates.   So father and mother take care to sons and daughters and likewise the converse.






The New Model


  • What is the message of the New Testament about giving?  Give till it hurts and surprise the one that is asking. If someone asks you to go one mile, go two.   Never turn down those that ask of you.  It will be better for Sodom and Gomorrah, than for those who prejudge the homeless beggar's heart on the street.
  • How much are we to give in the New Testament, 10%?  No, up to 200% or twice what they ask.  One mile?  No, two.   Your shirt?  Yes, and your jacket as well.   Jesus told the rich man to sell all he had and give it to the poor not the church, then follow me.   I only know of one person that has done that, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  The widow gave 100% not 10%.
  • Zacchaeus was a rich chief publican, who gave 50% of everything to the poor; salvation was his reward, for seeking Jesus and his giving heart.
  • When are we to give? Whenever God impresses you to do so.  Only after you have reconciled your brother's anger towards you and supplied for those of your own household. Certainly not in a forced by the numbers guilt system.   Nor any man made weekly mandated taxation, by some 'man of God'.
  • What are we to give in the New Testament?   Whatever is asked of us.  A free will offering. Jesus called them alms. In both Strong's and Webster's, alms are defined as "gifts to the poor"This can be, but not limited to; Food, Water, Clothing, Shelter, Time (visiting the sick and shut-ins), and ministering to someone who needs assistance with a chore, a friend for prayer.  Money is fine also, but only if you feel led of God.  Tithes scream now, alms ask please.
  • Who are we asked to give to?  Anyone that is in need.   We are to give for the 'needs' of the saints and those that persecute us.   When in doubt 'Give to the needy, not the greedy'. 
  • What is the New Testament method of giving?    We are to give anonymously.  The left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.  This may be the hardest one for us humans to fulfill.


Jesus was so incredibly smart.  He said to give as anonymously as possible, save the person receiving.  However you can secretly mail; cash, pre-paid Visa, grocery, phone and gasoline cards to them.  Why would Jesus say this?  So that our prideful, filthy puffed up hearts are not rewarded with man-praise.   Also so that no man is indebted to you on any level other than to love you.   If you think the 'man of God' will treat the widow, the same as the fellow who purchased the new $2,000,000 pipe organ with it's commemorative name plate, you are delusional.   Jesus knew that our pride would inflict others with an unspoken level of expectation, to bow to us in some perverse disfigured genuflection, to our glorious charity.

Do you want your name to be memorialized and remembered in this life, before the face of God?   Loved one, we can manifest this to happen without doubt of any kind.  The Bible says that if we pray and give alms, it will be set before God as a memorial.




Tell No Man



The reason Jesus told many He healed to "tell no man", was that He was actually practicing what He preached.  Our majestic Lord was setting an example for us, that when you do your alms 'let no man know'.   Out of the extreme humility of the heart of Jesus, He was not wanting man praise; but the secret reward of His Father which rewarded Him openly.   Sound not a trumpet nor a text message.   You see, to give a gift to the sick, Jesus had to reveal His Identity on occasions.  Thus in doing such gifts where anonymity was not possible; He did the next best thing, which was to ask the sick person to keep it a secret.   However, those healed were so overjoyed with praise and ecstasy, they could not refrain from telling of the glorious gift God had done for him.   Nevertheless, Jesus did His part which was to attempt to give His alms in secret; what the healed do with the news is their business.   Jesus walked away from the situation in perfect standing before the Father.   When you are faced with having to give a gift in person, follow Jesus' lead and ask the recipient to keep it private.   They may or may not do so, but you have obeyed our Groom's example and abstained from 'sharing' your pride with even your closest family and friends.   The more secret your alms giving is, the more our Father will then reward us openly.  Of course the most perfect and holy alms giving is the anonymous type.





Give Illogically


Jesus commanded us to give so that our left hand does not know what our right hand is doing.   This must just be a figure of speech?   No, it is possible Child of the Most High.   As I was walking down the street one day with a friend of mine, we spotted a homeless person walking towards us.   My friend did his normal 'Godly' action and quickly crossed the street.   I stayed on course as the beggar approached and he asked me for some change.  Following Jesus' commandment 'give to them that ask', I reached into my front pocket, where I keep my money clip and opened it inside my pocket; I then proceeded to fish out all the paper money I had and wadded it up in my fist.  Next, I pulled my hand from the pocket and shook his hand, thus depositing the money therein.  I continued walking and caught up with my friend.   I have no idea how much I gave that fellow, but it did not matter, God told me to do it.   Moreover in doing so, God taught me that I have no potential of pride in the matter, neither can boast about it later.   In addition, I have no claims or debt of pious homage from him.  Yes, not only it is possible to give without your left hand knowing what your right hand is doing, but preferable in God's sight.   God shows this principle when rebuking Jonah about the repented city Nineveh.  God said, they repented and no more can discern their left hand from their right [ in doing good or showing partiality ].   There is also an interesting parallel with the sheep on His right hand and the goats on His left hand on Judgment Day.   I believe Christ was also saying, do not show partiality in your giving.   Do not hold back or second guess your giving based on your serpentine camouflaged justification, 'Well, I'm not sure this person is saved or not?'   Their salvation is another issue, your test and requirement is to give to them that ask.  Besides, it just may be your nonjudgmental giving, that softens their heart to receive the gospel. 

If you find yourself able to overcome your street giving judgmentalism, I applaud your growth.  I would also encourage you to stretch your heart further.  You may find yourself coming up to a traffic light, and seeing a beggar at the corner and hoping the light does not turn red, leaving you there to make a moral decision.  When the light is red you then play mind games; "Oh he is too far from my car", "I will pretend I am on the phone", "The light might change soon",  "The front cars are responsible".  Another mind game is; "Well, she is not asking me, she is only sitting or standing there with a sign, so I am off the hook."  It is especially easy to justify the bypassing of Jesus' commandment, if the beggar does not even have a sign, but is just standing there with a container.  As your liberation from the tithe and your slowly softening heart grow; you will be softly prompted to give in these cases and similar variations.  Are you under bondage to pay this toll? No, there are times that there are true driving safety concerns, timing issues, do not try multitasking.  However if these are not present you may feel silent shame for carelessness.  The Holy Spirit is telling us, give to those that ask, not just verbally.  This means to those who are holding a sign.  A sign is non-verbally asking a Christian to give, regardless if you read it or not, you may try to ignore the sign, but it is still there. The next step for faithfulness is no sign at all, perhaps it is just a cup, you know what that means.  Please do not let greed or laziness stop your blessing.  Keep some money set aside for the silent ministry of giving, that is easily accessible within arms reach.  Does God own your heart, or do the cares of your bank account rule it?  When the Holy Spirit is steering your heart, He will tell you where and when to give, cup or no cup.


For those who have the faith, ability or divine directive; give one million dollars to a poor person.  Then sit back and watch God ignite an unquenchable holy fire upon the kingdoms of men.

People often have the most trouble with giving to homeless beggars or soup kitchens.  Ironically, they are the ones that need it the most.  In addition, if your cold heart can conquer giving to the homeless, everything else is child's play.   It is a good thermometer of your 'Jesus heart' and a helpful self testing guide.   Many often say, "He will only spend it on whiskey !"   Until your faith and love grows, make it a practice to keep a McDonald's or Walmart gift certificate in your wallet.  This will assist you in ensuring it is not used on such things.   However outside of salvation, whisky is what he may need the most of.   I understand your personal dilemma between; knowing to do that which is right and the voice of logic.  To assist us with this conflict, we should ask ourselves, which is the safer route; give illogically forfeiting pride, or sustain dignity sheltered by logic?   With no uncertainty, the fruit of giving illogically, is love and unspeakable happiness money cannot afford.  Nevertheless, it is not our mission to decide who gets blessed and who does not based on logic.  Logic is a deceptive master, who has never met empathy.   Jesus commanded us to give to whoever asks of you and turn them not away.   Will you violate the commandment of Christ?   Is giving someone a nickel or a quarter too much to ask?  Thou miserable, stone hearted and unfaithful servant!  Whoso mocketh the poor reproacheth his Maker.  Let every man give according to his faith.   Yet be not astonished when your fount runs dry.   Beloved, it is a certain thing when asked to give alms; that following logic instead of love, grieves our blessed Holy Spirit.   Money is nothing for the God of the Universe to replace to you; money is also our only renewable resource.   We cannot regain: time, youth, health, lost love or even dropped words.   Perhaps our ambitious pointing fingers are better used as ear plugs from our screaming conscience?  Wiser words are, "Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes."  What is your reaction to the man who walks up to you and smells of urine and whiskey?   You most likely put on your judge robe and pronounce his fate based on your uncircumcised foreskin-covered heart whispering: he is not worthy of my charity, "Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled." yet give him nothing. You and your feigned faith are already dead.  So what if he spends it on booze, my excuse seeking serpentine friend!  The commandment came yet you reviled, 'give to whoever asks of you and turn them not away'; regardless of what they 'might' do with it, that is none of your business. Your business is to silently slave to the Master's commandment.  What if that individual is mentally or physically handicapped that you cannot perceive visually.   He may have an abscessed tooth and smells like whiskey because he is self medicating and needs it for pain relief?  In the hospital I was given morphine, the ambrosia of pain relief for luxury alone, not healing.  Tell me O filthy judge, which is worse; whiskey or morphine?  The longer I live, the more clearly I see; those that shake their fists in the air for compassion at the voting booths, will not lift a finger on the street.   Many Christians are self appointed supreme court judges, with hearts filled with a vomitous mixture of blood and pus.  This man can have a multiplicity of valid reasons why he drinks: from physical pain to emotional pain or simply bible sanctioned stress relief.   One only need to look at the Samaritan who asked no questions to the man lying in the street, who was passed over by all the CLERGY of the day.  The Samaritan picked him up, gave him alcohol for his pain (not grape juice), nourished him back to life and then put him up in a hotel with an expense account.   This is the total opposite of the rich man's response who rationed his kindness to the sick beggar Lazarus, who was at his gate begging for crumbs.   We all know where the cold hearted rich man ended up.   How dare us don our filthy urine soaked judge apparel and scorn the homeless who are far more holy than you, that sit in man made temples vacated of Glory exalting the law.  They pray for the opportunity to own what we discard and eat what we feed our dogs.    Repent today and fall on your virgin knees; drag thine own face on your tear soaked carpet and beg to be shown 10% of the measure of your pity, on the day of your naked humorous evaluation !

If ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin.

The Associated Press, Jan 3, 2013 - Reported that a homeless man on crutches in Nashville TN. died, due to the cold weather on the doorstep of a church. This shall be a weeping scar on this generation of whorish clergy; let the judgment of God and woe be poured out upon these blind 'watchmen'.







Creative Giving



Decades ago, Christians used to drop off food boxes at people's doors and knock and run (see the 1997 movie "The Apostle").   This is a proper Godly giving technique.  If you must give cash, please do it in unmarked envelopes.   This means that the church secretary does not know.   Yes, that is right, no checks or auto debits.   If you do not trust the staff leave and give it to the beggar looking in through the stained glass window.  

Anonymity also means, no end of year giving reports be handed out for the taxman's praise.   This will not be acceptable for businesses, but they give from the business to advertise and thus attained their reward in doing so. Your corporation can be seen in court as a person-hood for a law suit, however it is not granted the status of an individual before God.  Therefore, assigning charitable accolades or works to a 'company', are invisible in the sight of God. Your company will not, nor can it be judged for it's deeds on that last day.  It is a non-personality like a car or gun; these are things, not agents of moral decision. Only the person using the thing will be judged. The business 'thing' cannot have the blessing of God upon it for putting a fund or program together, no matter how noble the cause.  The company can deduct such philanthropy; but only the balance sheet and receiver will reap the immediate reward, not the isolated shareholders or owner(s).  It is akin to legislating charity, once it is law (or company policy) it is no longer choice or love, but a tax.  Jesus said once you announce your giving, you have your reward.  Only the owner using their own money, secretly, can reap such rewards, like having their business blessed.  A tremendous amount of good, does come from corporate programs; however if it is from the business 'thing', without being a sentient entity, 'it' will not get a reward.  That food or money gift is either gone or it is not, so be brave and waive the write off, or take your glory now.  I am very sorry, the scripture is clear; if men are purposely alerted of your giving, you waive your Father's blessing.

One day I heard a well known pastor on a secular television program; talking about the government's role with the 501(c)(3) tax exemption for churches.  he went on to say how the Church deeply revered this exemption.  Also, how deeply they cherished and upheld the tithing system, and how crucial it was.  he said this with a grave seriousness and in a low, sotto voce, somber tone; almost to a point of an unhealthy obsession.  his altered state of passion, sadly revealed a combination of anger and fear. Fear of losing his life blood of cash; by the forced bloodletting of the sheep.  I was deeply saddened by all his overtones.  Nevertheless, God is not the overseer of these 501 (c)(3) buildings, the government is; as seen in the compliant  castrated clergy.

Why is it, that Churches refuse to follow Jesus' command, to render to Caesar, what is Caesar's; perhaps fear and greed?

If you feel the need to attend 'Country Club' (a building made with human hands, sometimes blasphemously called a sanctuary, where memberships are bestowed and revoked, with weekly dues), pastors should publish the needs of the Club on a website or in weekly handouts.   These should show the total income and needed outgo, with each category itemized.   Then hand out anonymous envelopes for cash only, with check-boxes on the front.  Allowing the membership holder the chance to channel anonymous cash towards the water bill, electric bill, missions, outreach programs or the club's property taxes, if led to do so.   Hey pastor, after the bills are quietly met, here is a great idea.  Have a food, clothing drive or perhaps a nursing home service?  No, that would be too time consuming, best stick with the old Levitical food laws, the tithing guilt carrot.  Besides, you always feel so much better after yelling at the sheep all day, right?

preachers scream, "If God has your wallet, He has your heart !"   But I say, if God has your heart He has your wallet !   If you are unsure about this, simply ask any ignored wife or child how they feel when only given money.  God does not want our money, He wants our attention !  This is the ONLY way to touch God's heart and receive abundance.  Love on Him fervently and all things shall be given unto you, then your softened heart will overflow with blessing others.   As the Lord spoke, "I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me."



A basic introductory class to 'Behavioral Science 101' will attest, humans always rebel to a given ultimatum.  In other words, If you tell them they must give, they will not.  However, if you tell them they do not have to give, they will.   pastor I know you understand, but your unmovable pride tower, prevents you from admitting your decades of forced necessity sermons were in error.    pastor, once you remove the 'necessity offering' approach, then cheerful giggling men and women of God, will give like you have never seen before.   Once the 'guilt card' is given room in your sermon, then your forced weekly taxation, will rape the joy and innocence of giving.   It is time for 'The Christian Tea Party', taxation without scriptural representation.   pastor, sheep who study His word and seek His voice, have a heart of flesh and are givers by their new nature and love the brethren.



Why are birthday and Christmas gift giving is so exciting?   Because you are giving something that is a surprise, a secret, the unexpected.   That is the feeling we should have when giving our alms (gifts to the poor). God loves surprises also.  Do not give God the predictable gift of a tie or tithe.    Surprise God and touch His heart with the gift that sacrificed pride at the altar of selflessness.   The perfect literary model is the Christmas morning Scrooge, with his new Godly revelation.   It is this Christmas morning, childlike excitement we should have when giving to Jesus, through the least of those.   The main reason Christmas gifts are so exciting, is the secret nature of them.   Thus Jesus gets it right again by asking us to do our giving secretly, keeping the joy and expectancy.   In giving to others, remember he who sows little, will reap little.





The True Blessing


Child of Abba, we are no longer to tithe according to the law.  Rather cheerfully give 'alms to the poor' and gifts of all manner, for the propagation of the work of God.  Remember, only God can passionately provoke our hearts.




pastor, fear not.  The Lord God would have you know this day, that the people will give.  They shall give: cars, buildings, land, and an endless cash flow will overtake you.   If a pastor would ever lay hold of the New Testament giving principal, his Club would explode off the map.  I dare the 'man of God' to have the moral integrity and faith to try the New Testament giving principal.



If our hearts are sensitive and mature in the stature of faith, we are all truly bond servants to our loved master Immanuel; hating free will more than the enemy.  Therefore if bound by a heart of flesh, slave not to the law which has been fulfilled; but rather the command which has yet to be fulfilled, 'give to those who ask or borrow and turn not away'.  If bondage to the tithe was your panacea for profane conscience, then be shackled and chained with joy that caresses the soul; not towards the dead tithe, but the living needy.  If we love Him, we will love His.





Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Stop redefining the indulgences.



Alms Worthy Ideas