Thief In The Night

Thief - Not a term of endearment 


All scriptures are underlined.


Thief In The Night - It has always bothered me why Jesus and others, referred to Him as a degenerate sinner called a
thief.  I then considered, what is the base attribute of a thief?   Many say, this thief activity is talking about a sneaky, quiet, secret time.  He will then come at midnight and remove the saints by surprise, then the world will be stunned and amazed the next morning.   Ironically, the Bible teaches the exact mirror opposite.   A thief is not just sneaky, which is one of many approaches.  However, in context of all other scripture, Jesus' return is with violence upon the tares first. This Thief's motivation and proper adjective, is far better associated as an aggressive face to face confrontation.   The illegal act of taking via a beating and ending with the righteous death of His weapon.  This popular 'secret rapture' teaching is of antichrist.   satan's masterfully edited version is impossible, since Every Eye will see Him and Every Ear will hear the great noise.   For the mouth of the Lord has spoken it and berates this day all who speak contrary.



No, the base attribute of a thief is;

He takes that which does not belong to him.

The children of the devil.   A thief reaps and gathers the where he has not sown or strawed  Not only is Jesus an actual Thief, but unfortunately will be perceived by many Christians as such; for taking their unsaved loved one's away.




What a brilliant deception, convince 95% of the children of God, using their own funds and ministers to form as doctrine, that they will see none of the tribulation.  When the plagues begin to unfold, the 'apparent' lack of a rapture, will deceive many that it was all a fable and give up and take the mark.   Especially when they see; their own minister being martyred, family members turning each other over to authorities, their baby starving and someone named the son of perdition being interviewed on CNN.   This period of tribulation will make 9/11 look like a holiday.   In this unparalleled, ultra stressed environment, will you deny the Lamb of God once or thrice?


When the rapture happens, no one will wonder 'where did they go?' for the mouth of the Lord speaks opposite the 'man of God'.   There will not be any confusion over where all the tares went, because the wheat will have seen it happen.  Even if you are currently suffering from the demonic teaching that believes the opposite of what Jesus taught, that somehow wheat are taken out first.  It would still be impossible for the tares to be confused, and say 'Where did they go?', because they will have seen and heard the Lord as well.  Therefore the 'secret rapture hypothesis' is not of God and entirely contrary to crystal clear scriptures.  The only group of people that wondered 'where did they go?', were the disciples who point blank asked Jesus "where Lord?" in regard to the one in the field, and the one at the mill.   Jesus thankfully decoded it and answered clearly, they are dead and being eaten by eagles.  


With Jesus identifying Himself in the role of a Thief, it certainly brings a new and profound meaning to "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy", to those who are not His.  Our Messiah comes as a Thief through the window using His killing and destructive army of servants.



The Goodman

"If the Goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.  Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh."


Once again, the Thief is not presented in a favorable or positive light.   Nor should His role be interpreted as an instrument for our regeneration  (rapture).  This is not describing a 'Happy Event' such as the rapture.  It is rather an instrument used for a very destructive event.  It is clearly talking about the breaking up of the Goodman's family.  The Thief obviously comes to do damage.  Taking and burning up of the Tares (sinners).   Equally important, the scripture uses the conditional word " If ".   Therefore, it is stating that the Goodman or family overseer could have prevented this 'break in' from happening.  Thus it is clearly not talking about the regeneration (rapture) since the Goodman has no possible control over the regeneration from occurring.   However, he does have the potential to get his family saved and stop the destruction of his family.  Achieved by nurturing them in a Godly environment and thusly facilitating their salvation.


This also illustrates that Jesus was talking about two separate events.  Firstly, the 'break up' of the Goodman's family by the Thief's destructive army, which is conditional.   Secondly the regeneration (rapture), which the Goodman has no control over.  Be not confused, both events will happen in this order on the same day


Unfortunately, many misguided Christians who believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, will see their families split up before their own eyes.  Not only will they be very confused about not being taken up at the beginning of the tribulation; but, this teaching of the Goodman's family, will be another truth to take them off guard and unaware.   Who do you think the two in the same bed will be on that day?   Many spouses will see spouses taken by the Thief.   Parents will see sons and daughters ripped away, many sons and daughters will see parents ripped away in that last day.  To the uneducated and unprepared Christian, it will be possible to denounce or hate the Lamb right up to the last day.   Making the many scriptures that say, "He that endures to the end" all the more real.  In that last day of reaping, unless you are willing to hate father, mother, spouse, sister or brother for His sake; you shall not enter the Kingdom.   You must let go of that which is most precious in your eyes on that last day, including your own life.   If you love them more than the Thief, your anger will be against the Thief instead of towards these much loved sinners He just removed.   You can only hold to one and hate the other.  Beloved, do not curse the Lamb for being a righteous Thief on that last day.


For he who is taken first, shall be last; and he who is taken last, shall be first in the kingdom.


Sadly for most of the elect, the Goodman parable is impossible to resolve for the pre-tribulation folk.   How can we be removed at the "so-called beginning"; thus only leaving the evil part of his family to be broken up by the Thief's return, then another part of these evil lost must remain in tact? Ridiculous.   Because, one cannot break up a household unless you bind up the strongman first, the tares.  Remember, a house cannot stand divided against itself.   Therefore can one divide a house, if all inside were only the children of satan (only the lost)?   No beloved, the parable is true, we are clearly still here, shown in that the Goodman's house was divided, tares vs wheat.   Once again according to Jesus, the saved are the only one's remaining on the earth, awaiting His return not the ones taken in the break up.  


Woe unto you thou foul teachers and preachers of the pre-tribulation lie.


Be prepared to see your unsaved loved one's destroyed before your eyes.  Hate not the Lord of Glory in that day, for you have been told all things in advance.



In The Light

Sons and daughters of the sleepless God, there is no fear nor surprise for the educated elect saints.   Jesus' return as a Thief, will only surprise the uneducated saints and sinners.  To us who are in the light of His knowledge, that day will not overtake us as a Thief.  Therefore a 'surprise' rapture is impossible for the elect.


Zulu Time

Why midnight and in which time zone?   The lie weavers say only the saved will see Him at the rapture.  This is of antichrist, since the voice of the Great 'I Am' proclaims all flesh shall SEE it together !   At Jesus' return, every eye will see and every ear will hear.  He returns with ultra bright lightening and thunder, nothing remotely suggestive of a secret return.  If there is any doubt, listen to God's messenger angels who proclaimed to the disciples "Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into heaven."  Here we CLEARLY see that all shall SEE Him.

Of that day and hour no one knows not even the angels.   This is possible because the bible says in revelation, that time would be no longer, (right before His return).   So, we can see that His 'Thief-like' return is not in regard to time, nor His landing approach style.  The bible is not talking about a time measurable 'midnight' of any particular time zone.    Rather a global physical midnight.   What is a physical midnight?   It is what the prophets have predicted for millennia, including our Lord.   Jesus said, after the tribulation and right before His return, "Then shall you see the "SIGN" of the Son of Man in the heaven".  This 'sign' is what Joel, Isaiah and others proclaim.   That BEFORE the great and terrible day of the LORD comes, the Sun and Moon will be darkened.   The Sign of His eminent return is a day of darkness and gloominess, the sun and moon shall not give her light.  Woe to that 'man of God' who speaks of a bright and secret day. Beloved angels be not fooled, if it is a glorious sunny day outside, the LORD cannot return.   

Midnight is the most scientific description of the darkest point in the night; the farthest point of apogee from the sun.  The Son of Man's return will be at a literal physical midnight, for all the world in every time zone on the planet.   Not only physical but spiritual as well, the farthest point away from the Son for the majority.  There will not only be zero light anywhere on the planet (save the angelic armies flames); but great fear to the unsaved and misguided, unlearned Christians that were taught via satan, of a pre-tribulation escape.

Melt Down

The Bible says (not your preacher, for fear of a small: offering, book sale or altar call), that when Jesus comes as a 'Thief In The Night', everything will melt with fervent heat and be destroyed on that same day.   This uncomfortable fact is supported by Jesus' teaching, that no flesh would be saved.   However the elect's days would be shortened.   Notice, it does not say their flesh would survive or be taken out.  Only their DAYS on earth will be shortened and He will preserve our souls, via a merciful painless death to our flesh shell.  Only after the tribulation proper, seconds prior to the global melt down, all to prevent the sting of death.   Child of God, 'when He comes as a Thief in the night, He first sends out the reaping angels to gather all that offend.  Then He gathers the Wheat, then the earth melts' not at some future date.  This timeline interpreted and dictated by Christ, mandates that the tribulation period must happen before His return.  Since there will be no earth (as we knew it), certainly no 3.5 years of peace nor 3.5 years of war after that great and terrible day.  This melt down 'grand finale', is from Father's presence; nuclear weapons cannot produce this type of destruction.  No, by God's words the earth was created, by His words alone it shall be destroyed.

The abundance of clear scriptures regarding the global melt down at Jesus' return, certainly makes the devil's pre-tribulation lie embarrassingly translucent.  The tares are the one's stolen and destroyed; then the wheat are gathered at the Angel's 2nd sickle. Thus Jesus gets it right again; by saying, AFTER the tribulation I will gather my elect.

Think Jesus' teaching not odd, as compared to today's clergy babblers.  For we also have the glorious book of the Revelation; that also states that Jesus comes AFTER all the plagues.   In it Jesus proclaims Himself as the Thief and clearly says "Behold, I come as a thief"; just before the very last plague, at number 27 (the 6th Vial), out of 28.  Then the 28th plague happens and all the remaining tares are killed (see matrix). Thus Jesus was correct in Matthew, Mark and Revelation.  AFTER the tribulation I will return as a Thief and gather, both the tares then the wheat.


Our Lord Of Glory, The Everlasting Father and Prince Of Peace; left this world executed like a thief among thieves.   Our Thief will return in like manner, executing vengeance upon the followers of leaders and lukewarm believers.  He accomplishes this among thieves once again.  His servants come with a confused noise, blood and burning fire; entering through their windows rightly severing the wicked from among the just.  All hail and worship Jesus the Given Son; who is our Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God and Everlasting Father !


When the Cock crows and the Hen gathers, will the chicks deny?


 Dearest angels, Jesus will return as a Thief, only for those who are not His.  However for those who are His and watch for that great and glorious day; He will come only as a lover, who has been away on a long journey.  

Will you call Him Thief or Groom?