Tares then Wheat

Those Who Oppose Christ's Direct Interpretation Are Blasphemers.


All scriptures are underlined.


The 'Tares and Wheat' parable, is one of the clearest scriptures in the New Testament that describes the rapture and Jesus' return.  There is also zero room for private interpretation on this parable from the Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world;  since the Lord of lords, our King of kings beautifully interprets it for us in stunning, indisputable detail.



The Parable

Jesus said, (in non-editable red ink) an enemy has sown tares (weeds) in the field.   The servants ask, should we take the tares out?  Jesus says no, let them both grow until the harvest.  Then take up the tares FIRST and gather them into bundles, then burn them up.  THEN (next) gather up the wheat in my barn.


Later the disciples asked him, "Explain to us the tares and the wheat parable."   Thank our blessed savior He did.  This way no one could ever, ever, ever, get this wrong, RIGHT?  WRONG ! Those in 'leadership' methodically blaspheme the words of Christ, right under our noses that have acclimated to the stench. 


Jesus directly interprets it for them and said; look, I will explain this so that even a pastor can understand it.  The devil is the enemy, the tares are the children of the devil (sinners), the wheat are the children of God (saved).  The harvest is the end of the world (not 7yrs before the end of the world).  At which time, I shall send out my reaping angels, to remove all the offending TARES [plucked out from the living] to burn them; causing wailing and gnashing of teeth.   THEN (next), shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.   Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.



How clear can this be?

According to Jesus the sinners must be removed first.

'man of God', your blasphemous molestation of Christ's words are damnable !!!




The Taken 

Beloved children of the Most High, be not deceived.  Yes, two are at the mill and one is taken; Yes, two men are in the same bed and one is taken; yes two are in the field and one is taken.   However Christ NEVER said it was the wheat (saved), that were taken !   Glory be to our Christ, He DOES tell us it was the tares (sinners), that were taken in Luke's account.   The disciples ask,  "Where Lord?", referring to who was 'taken' and not left; since Jesus just told them where the 'left' were: in the bed, field and at the mill. So Jesus answers their question in regard to where those 'taken' went; "Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together."  In other words, they are dead and become eagle's food.  


This also empirically proves that the bodies of those "taken" at the mill, field and bed, do not magically vanish off the planet; as many have crept in teaching.  How could they be gone, if they are being eaten?  The 'man of God' again publicly profanes the holy scriptures and is appropriately publicly ashamed by his unapproved study; of that which cannot lie, "Brethren flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God."  All flesh sees corruption in the grave, it is only their souls that are redeemed from the grave and given glorified bodies and white wedding garments.


Therefore you now must ask yourself a difficult question.

Are the dead bodies (carcasses) "taken" at the: mill, bed and field left for eagles to consume, the saints or the sinners?

If you guessed the sinners, you are correct.  Beloved, opposite of what the lie weavers say, the "taken" are not those taken in the rapture, but those whose life has been "taken" by the Thief in the night.  It cannot be the saints, since many of us are still alive to meet Him in the air.  If it were the saints that were killed at the mill, no one would be around to meet Him.    In addition, since the Tares are removed first, logic demands that the time of these "taken" is after the tribulation, since "all that offend" are now gone and eagles' food, bundled and burned to ashes that we walk on.


How can we be sure that the word "taken" does not mean in a happy rapture sense, but rather in a death sense? This can be seen with those "taken" at the mill, bed and field; Matthew and Luke recount this "taken" in a direct parallel to the flood account. Matthew records, "the flood came and took them all away."  How do we know this was not the righteous (Noah and family)?  Because in Luke's account, it says "the flood came and destroyed them all."   

Let no man deceive you, for the Holy Prophets of old have spoken.  "In a moment shall they die, and the people shall be troubled at midnight, and pass away: and the mighty shall be taken away without hand."  He that is left behind shall be called Holy.  Moses and Peter proclaimed that those who would not heed the voice of Messiah, would be destroyed from among the living.


"Do not take me away with the wicked - Render to them what they deserve. He shall destroy them and not build them up."


Behold the prophet Isaiah proclaims with the voice of God Himself.  That the day of the Lord comes to REMOVE the sinners, the stars, sun and moon are darkened and I shall make man (the remnant) as rare as gold (10%).  Isaiah goes on to say again that the LORD comes out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth.  However, to my people go into thy chambers and shut thy doors and HIDE thyself for a little while, UNTIL the indignation pass.   This language of burning up all the weeds is also repeated in Isaiah that the Lord will burn them all up on one day harvesting them with two iron sickles; the weeds first and the wheat second.


We have not read our bibles, allowing deception of the highest order to infiltrate the flock with a 180 degree inversion of the word of God.


Jesus was not making this up as he went, nor did he make a mistake by saying the Tares are burned first, before the Wheat regenerate in the rapture.  He was simply quoting Himself from Isaiah.  Thus proclaiming the glory of God;


The transgressed inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.  

Guess who the "few men left" are?


This echoes Jesus' prophecy, Wide is the path to destruction and narrow the path to life and few go therein.   Those "few" truly 'left behind' are clearly the saints.  The word of GOD says 2/3's will be killed, and 1/3 SHALL BE LEFT and I WILL TRY THEM in the fire, to be refined as silver and gold.  They shall call on my name, and I will hear them; I will say, It is MY people.

Do not be deceived by the false ear tickling teachings and smooth prophesies that claim; "God would never let his children go through the tribulation."  These false prophets will find the reward of a false prophet, promises the LORD OF HOSTS.

Jesus also imparts that the gathering of these tares and wheat are in one net on the same day (in the regeneration); which also shows us the good and the bad endure the rain of the tribulation period. 


The clergy has irresponsibly decided to only focus on the fun side of Jesus' return and ignore the fullness of the truth.   They do not whisper a single word about His cloud descent, being full of fire, destruction; His garments being full with blood.  They ignore this aspect and speak only of lollipops and smiling faces.   The printed words of the great "I Am", once again makes mockery of the tales of men.   When Jesus returns on the cloud of His Father's glory (see Mt. Sinai) with His mighty angels, it is encompassed with Flames of Fire to punish the tares first; then will the Lord be jealous for His land and pity His people.  Even Paul understood the first thing that happens is, God repays destruction on those who Trouble us.   Kind of hard to trouble us, if we were 'supposedly' in Heaven already.  This destruction of the Godless at His coming, mandates a post tribulation rapture.  Since any remaining tares are killed at this point, thus the tribulation is over and the gathering of His wheat can commence.


This killing of the sinners first, is again repeated in Matthew.  Jesus said, "At the end of the world, the angels would go forth and cut out the wicked from among the just."   Notice it does NOT say 'the just from the wicked'.   Jesus knew most would not get it or be deceived, so He asked His disciples, "Do you get it?".  They said, "Yes Lord, we do".   How about today's 'men of God'?



He that hath a mind to think, let him think.


The Wheat are NOT taken out first !   The Tares are taken out first!   We are NOT taken out until the Last Trumpet.  No where does it say we are taken out at the 1st Trumpet.  Last I checked O 'man of God' there are still 7 trumpets.  You so-called 'men of God' have licked up the cold, vomitous doctrine of the pre-tribulation lie directly from the serpents plate.  Only to spew it back out, all over the crystalline words of Christ.   All to acquiesce to your faithlessness, whilst bellering out a whore-like rendition of my Savior's blessed verses !!!


You have heard it said, "love the sinner, hate the sin".  The fear of the Lord is the hatred of evil.  The evil sin I loathe and endlessly rebuke, is the one in which teaches that Jesus is a confused liar about his own crystal clear prophetic teachings.  Which those who follow this deception, will reap fruits of eternal death.


The Bible teaches the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  Those who alter Christ's end time teachings, will have their name removed from the book of life; END OF STORY!!!   Paul states, ever so eloquently, that those who would not listen to correction are BASTARDS !


DO YOU GET IT O 'MAN OF GOD' !!!   Stop killing the sheep with your push button story of, "Relax, all will be fine when we     bodilyget taken up before the tribulation period, into our fantasy land escape pods."   You are a poor excuse for a minister, poisoning the minds of the sheep !   How dare you invert Messiah's crystal clear, toddler level teaching of the Last Day.    Your perverted inversion, is the genesis to their destruction.   You have either never read this parable before or chosen to ignore it, since it violates your entire man made doctrine of my Beloved's return.  Thou fowl 'man of God' !   It is not satan that will send the living into the lake, but your teachings.   Even with Christ's preschool explanation that the Tares are removed first, you still screwed it up !    Thus pastors and teachers of your ilk, will send the sheep into the lake of fire, by fearfully denouncing the Lamb by taking the mark, 'thinking' they missed the rapture, or were not good enough to make it !   All due to your prideful, faithless, putrid and flaccid teachings ! Your apostasy turns my stomach into a vile satchel of gall and pus.  I have read the little book and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth; now prepare to taste the bitterness from the belly when the flock scatters !    Your popular "we're outta here" lust covered doctrine, is written by none other than satan himself !   The enemy has twisted Messiah's words as an old dirty rag and you were there to suckle every last pendulous drop from it. 


'man of God', you have been aimlessly led about by the god of this world !   Endlessly read Matthew 13, until you digest this simple hand fed parable !!!    Rip your shameful yet murderous diplomas off the wall and repent before you finish reading this paragraph; for the LORD CHRIST again speaks contrary to you and your hellish denominational stories of 'carefree escapes' !  All for filthy lucre's sake and shallow rooted engorged members, so you and your so-called elect buddies can compare size yet again !


O lame of thinking, stiff necked and wax eared clergy; Hear the preachers and teachers howl, peddling their demonic wares, that teach the exact opposite of what Jesus said would happen.  These are those who hath not ears, led about with a golden ring of pride in their nostrils.  This becomes the sin of blasphemy, defamation of character to the LORD, YOUR God, and mass dissemination of scriptural perversion.


It is morally repugnant for the 'man of God' to not teach; be prepared, be built up in your most holy faith, be ready for the worst and expect the best, for your eternal destination will depend upon it.  Those living during these times will not only be saved by accepting Jesus, but those who endure to the endrefuse to worship the beast, his image or take the mark.  




O foolish Christians, who hath bewitched you?


"Immediately after the tribulation of those days - will I send forth my angels to gather mine elect." 

Jesus, The Christ