Wise Or Foolish?


All scriptures are underlined.


One of the most notable parables on preparing for Jesus' return, is the Ten Virgins.

The clergy has wrongfully attributed the oil in this parable as the Holy Spirit.  It is in no form or fashion the Holy Spirit.  Moreover it is akin to blasphemy to do so.  It clearly states that the foolish five were told by the wise, 'No, you cannot have any of our oil, go BUY some at the store'. To attribute the oil here to the Holy Spirit was and still is a foolish and blasphemous teaching. One only need to read in Acts where Simon the Samarian Sorcerer asked Peter if he could purchase the Holy Spirit. Peter harshly rebuked him and said, "Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee." What the virgins are purchasing is available for sale. Neither is the Holy Spirit leaving them or forsaking them during this end time scenario. Our blessed Holy Spirit is not implied or inferred as the oil here. Also notice all had purchased lamps, but only the wise purchased extra oil.  This was the faith step of the wise; to prepare for the unseen hope promised, when no need could be seen in the natural.

The oil is actual oil.  In Revelation the angel is told "hurt not the oil or the wine." This was God's gift of protection, for the comfort of the saints who prepared in advance.  It was to be used for lighting, cooking and fuel; then wine for communion, infirmities and stress relief for their fearful hearts during this most distressful time.

Why did these so called wise virgins disobey Jesus' order to not come out of hiding in Matthew; "Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not...Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not."  These wise came out of hiding because they knew what the Sign of the Son of man was, and to look for it.  Only after the sun and moon were darkened and the stars fell from heaven, the darkest midnight ever witnessed.  This is the sign Jesus said would happen; Immediately after the tribulation and just moments before the gathering of His elect.  For it was only 22 verses before, that the darkest midnight in time finally came.  The wise knew this truth and only then came out of hiding, after the indignation passed. 

As for Noah's neighbors, the time for repentance finally passed; the door was shut and the tares were killed first back then as well.  As it shall be with our foolish virgins at His return. The door was not the physical removal of Noah's family or the wise virgins; however it was protection through the storm and plagues.  The same was true of Lot when his family was taken out of the bombing zone and finally heeded the men-angel's instructions and moved into a cave for protection.  Yet were not taken out of this world, since his wife still sinned and died during the plague.   The saved in each case were figuratively living in Goshen, Egypt; co-existing with all the plagues but protected through them.

So, as in the days of Noah and Lot the Bible says, so shall it be at His return.  It is worthy to note that after both judgments Noah's and Lot's, that the first order of business was to drink wine with the father.  Jesus promised He would not drink of the fruit of the vine, until He drank it in Heaven at the marriage feast. Yes once again, the next order of business after judgment, is to drink the best wine at the end with the Governor of the marriage feast and then the honeymoon.  We will as the Bride (virgins spiritually) have the ultimate rapturesque spiritual union with our Groom who is called the Mighty God and Everlasting Father. For this cause we shall leave the terrestrial and cling to our celestial, as we pierce the intimacy of the glory cloud; then shall Jesus' prayer be fulfilled, that the two shall become one in us.  

Later the other virgins came and begged to be let in; but the Lord said I never knew thee.  This is referring to the time of the judgment after the tribulation and burnt up tares and gathered wheat. Jesus repeated the same teaching earlier saying, "Many will came saying, Lord, Lord have we not done many wonderful things in thy name, Depart I never knew thee." He was making a direct reference to the dividing of the sheep and the goats at the judgement.

Heirs of God, put your conscious at ease about sharing your supplies, or any looming guilt instict to help.  Help if you are sure you have abundance, but not out of necessity or bondage screams from others.  For Paul writes; that if we do not take care of those in our own household first, we are worse than unbelieving infidels.  People who have lived through bartering or collapse scenarios will tell you; do not give from your house, the word quickly spreads and the line never ends when your charity is heard of.  Then violence happens when you run out or stop.  If you can give, do so through distribution centers or relief agencies.  However during the end time season and parable of the Ten Virgins; it is the only place in the New Testament, that not lending is justified by Jesus. You have a hand written note from God; granting you freedom to turn both beggars and believers away, this is only allowed during the time of the tribulation. Similarly, as in the days of Noah, turning away folks during their tribulation was not only acceptable but correct. Noah could have lowered a rope from the window, to his screaming friends and extended family. These screams and door poundings ripped at their hearts.  But they did not yield to their instincts nor tormented conscious; for they knew of their finite supplies and earlier mocking; besides, God did not tell them to rescue any but themselves.  

Guilt is not to have a place with the believer.  We are told in the Bible with no uncertain terms or interpretation; if there come anyone to your house, who is not a Christian, we are mandated not to let them in, nor wish them well.  This for the believer, now becomes a new standard to hold when building your group.

There are new operational standards for the believer during the tribulation period; as proven by not going out to witness any longer: but to stay in hiding, also that the 'Flying Angel' is to evangelize the world during this period, not believers nor the 144,000.   Noah had to say 'No' to screaming relatives just outside the door; he could have lower a rope, but did not. Historically, during extreme calamity; namely the Tribulation Period, God allows for abnormal operations. 

Yes, God does not change, but his allowances and requirements for us do change; as seen in the many other covenants: Adamic, Noahic, Mosaic and New Testament. Therefore, think it not strange that this Tribulation Period also has new allowances.

In times of tragedy, there are many accounts of people who gave to those in need, then the word got out, and the line never stops when your kindness is heard of.  When their food runs out, crowds become angry and pillage or kill the magnanimous giver. Survivors and witnesses will attest, the best route is to give at public distribution centers, to avoid this well known problem.

I do not believe we are called to give our family's last meal to strangers; supported by, 1 Timothy 5:8 "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."

So end time saints, prepare your supplies and arc now. For you will be rescued by Jesus, as He declared "Immediately After The Tribulation."  Many say, Jesus said do not worry about your needs; therefore using it as an excuse not to prepare.  Foolish virgins.  These earlier teachings are true, but none of us live out this mindset; proved by never leaving the house without your purse or wallet as Jesus told us to, nor sell off all our goods to the poor, quit our jobs and live in the streets for the purpose of Christ.  Beloved lights of the Father, for the generation that starts to see the many signs listed in Matthew 24; new operational standards take effect for the believer.  The Bible says as we see the day of the Lord approaching, we need to gather together more frequently, again new standards for that last generation Church. Jesus had His disciples prepare for the future, when He told them to sell their garments and go purchase swords (weapons for defense not offense), for the ultra stressed time ahead. So to has the example been given in the Holy Script, by Him; buy in advance oil for your lamp, wine, weapons for defense to protect you and your loved ones, these are those described as wise virgins.

Blissful Christians

Jesus taught to prepare in many passages.  He said, when you see these things run to the mountains!  Are you prepared to flee into the wilderness?  Do you have the many skillsets needed for primitive living?  Do you have a backpack kit, that our government tells us all to have?  So Jesus and our government are just fear mongers, and you know far more than both of these?

Woefully blissful Christians use the verse, "take no thought for tomorrow", as we should not prepare.  However these lazy and fearful Christians have: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Renters Insurance, Flood Insurance, and many other types of insurance; which is the zenith of hypocrisy for these "No thinking for tomorrow" types. They also will not leave the house without their purse or wallet, which Jesus instructs against.   "Take no thought for tomorrow" is not talking about planning ahead, but simply not to worry or be anxious.  This can be confirmed by Jesus; other teachings about investing.  The lazy Christians will also misquote the teaching on the 'rich storehouse builder', as some sort of twisted example that we should not store or stock up items.  All this is talking about in context is the builder had a very large harvest and needed to expand his operation. The builder thought he had years to relax, but he was to die that night. "So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God."  Jesus' teaching is NOT that we should not expand our business, grow rich nor prepare for the future.  Jesus' admonition was to not be lazy and keep your mind fixed on God.  Seen in "A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things."  So having treasure is not wrong, one can do much good with it. Jesus was also NOT saying, 'Do not store up supplies for the prophesied coming famines'.  We see God telling Joseph in Egypt, to instruct the Pharaoh to store up SEVEN years worth for the coming famine; sound a little familiar saints?  See pre-tribulation believers are inherently lazy when it comes to preparing, because they are under the dark delusion that they will NEVER see anything.  However these same prideful saints, violate their own doctrine daily with mountains of insurance policies - yet are too smart to have 'Food Insurance'.

We know events are coming that will affect our safety and life; thus to refuse to prepare, you may be accused of being not only lazy, but suicidal.

Therefore prepare for the worst and expect the best.

Why should end time saints prepare?  

Outside of being told to do so by God; we too can be living in the time of travail, that is if you truly believe we are near to His return, if not disregard this message.  Remember Noah was the father of preparing, for he did so for 100 years+/-, why are you any different 'O ye foolish'?  Yes, Noah was told by God to prepare an ark, and you were told by God in scripture to prepare a place for hiding and supplies in advance.  As the plagues befell Egypt the deep darkness fell over all the land, the Jew's oil lamps did not fail.  As the rains fell, Noah had an exhaustive storage of food.  As the seven year prophesy of Joseph's famine hit Egypt, the Pharaoh heeded the word and had stored up 'seven' years worth of food.  Moreover, we know it is a sin, not to do what you know is the right thing to do.  You know there are hard times coming, you know Christians will someday have to make an eternal choice between life or death; based on taking the mark of the beast for food and supplies.  Simply look at the prophesied coming Black Horse famine at the 3rd Seal; where a measure of wheat and barley will cost a day's wages.  Thus the righteous thing to do, is heed the warnings and prepare.  Hence, the 'Why' is not only fulfilled in past and future prophecy, but biblical history.  Swallow your excuses, pride and laziness, and hear word of the LORD GOD!

Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.

What will end time saints need to prepare for? 

The Bible proclaims 'during' this tribulation period, that there will be only one purchasing system in place to pay for food.  You must take a mark in the hand or forehead, there will be no other currency for over the counter food. If a saint takes such a mark they lose their salvation.  Gold and silver are good stabilizers in normal disasters; however they will lose their net worth in one hour during the tribulation.  Notwithstanding a portion of grain will cost a day's wages.  There will be years of drought, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, signs in the sun, moon, stars and seas roaring.   Some will have suckling babies in want. Family members will turn on each other and report them; thus your life will be in peril by such.  Blood and bitterness in the water. Darkness covers the earth. Men hearts failing them. Some will have to flee their homes and head to the mountains, so prepare your body. All will have to take a stand for their faith and seeing the things coming upon the earth, so prepare your mind. To mention a few. 

What will end time saints need?  

Based on the above hot stock tips, one would do well with the following.  Optimally store 7 years of non-renewable items and learn skills to produce the rest.  To prevent taking the mark, bartering will be the most tangible form of currency.  Gold and silver shall fail and will hold the same value as brass and aluminum, once the new mark system is in place.  You will not be able to take gold to the bank; only swap it forth and back with others, as an interesting historical collectible.  So store food, as well as learn how to grow, hunt and raise renewable food sources. Store water and learn other ways to harvest it.  Procure a long term water filtering method.  First Aid, antibiotics and baby formula.  Candles and lamp oil for a solar flare or EMP, these items are immune; LED flashlights and solar panels are likely to fail with all the sun phenomenon. Wine and medications for barter, stress and healthcare. Physical training for all the additional chores and fleeing, your body will be called to perform. Weapons training so you can use them properly, for both hunting and protection.

The imperishable items like lamp oil, wine and weapons will not be wasted.  When the rains descend and beat upon your house in that sufficient day of evil; be it the tribulation, a storm, man made disaster or you lose your job.  The foolish know they will never have any of this happen, for they are exempt from such rains you see.  They are also under false teaching of a pre-tribulation escape, eschewing the knowledge of all that must happen. However if the Lord tarries; and you have not used these items, you can pass on such a noble inheritance to the next generation, a treasured most Godly ark.

If the pre-tribulation lie turns out to be correct, great!  However, if the pre-tribulation lie is just that, as the Bible states; then you will be very pleased, wise and at peace if prepared. Nevertheless the parable of the 'Ten Virgins' shows all ten standing in a blackout condition awaiting their Groom.  

Preparing is not fear as for the unbeliever; rather hope of seen evidence of our living faith work, subsistence put into action.

You have two choices, ignore the prophetic message and be foolish, or prepare and be wise.