Prayer Of Salvation

This prayer is required for passage into Heaven and safety in the coming storm. 


All scriptures are underlined.


Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you a sinner seeking forgiveness for all my known and unknown sins.   I believe that Jesus died for my sins on the cross.  I believe that he rose from the dead and is in heaven now, preparing a new home for me.   Dear Jesus, thank you for your work on the cross and wiping all my sins away.   I am so sorry for my sins and believe you have forgotten them and forgiven me.    Please come into my heart and save me from eternal destruction right now.   Give me the strength and courage to live for you today and in the storm to come.   Fill me with the baptism of fire from the Holy Spirit and lead my steps from this day forward.   In the mighty name of Jesus I pray and thank you Father. 





Congratulations !

If you said that prayer with sincerity of heart, you can now be officially called a child of the most high God, who created the universe.   Your name will not be blotted out from the Book of Life.   You are now spiritually adopted and betrothed to our glorious fiancé Jesus, awaiting our new bodies and the marriage from the Father of Lights.  Your spirit has been reborn and spiritually you are seen in His eyes as a wise virgin.  Beloved keep yourself pure for His refulgent arrival, through the sacrifices of righteousness, thanksgiving and praise.  For only he that endures to the end shall be saved. 


You now have the promise that Lord God hears your prayers, worship and supplications.   We do not understand God's long term plan for our lives, so prayer can seem delayed at times.  Nevertheless, prayer that aligns with God's will, is always answered on His divine schedule.


Where is the good news with all this coming upon the earth?   'So, if I said this prayer, I will not have to go through the tribulation period, right?'   Wrong - the good news is, if you are alive during this time, you are one of the most blessed humans in history to actually see His majesty, power and righteous judgments unfold before your eyes.   People often complain saying "I wish I lived back in the Bible days, and then I could have seen major miracles transpire."   Child of God, you will have a front row seat to the most amazing event ever produced.  I pray frequently for Jesus to start the show


The other good news is, you will be protected, fed, given water and go through it like the Jews did the plagues of Egypt.  Imagine two million Jews being sustained in a desert for 40 years !  God sustained them with water from a rock, manna and birds 'like the sand of the sea' fell from Heaven.  Animals will miraculously bring you food like they did for Elijah.


The most important news is, regardless if you are killed or not, you will not have to spend eternity separated from the presence of God, whilst attempting to tread lava in the lake of fire.


Do not be discouraged if you fall from time to time.  Humans (especially the chronically religious) will condemn you on all manor of legalism (you must do this and that).   Ignore legalists and laugh at them.  It is not what goes into a man that defiles the temple, but that which comes out of his heart.  Jesus said at the judgment, outside of being born again (the above prayer), there are only six things that matter.  Did you; feed, water, clothe, shelter, visit the sick and those that were shut in?  Amazingly, these are also the basics for any survival situation.   No matter the sin, Jesus will forgive you and welcome you with open arms if you do fall.  He even requires us to forgive men seventy times seven (endless), so how much more will your Heavenly Father forgive you?  Never let the devil persuade you that you are too dirty to seek God after what you just did.   If you fall, immediately ask for forgiveness turn and run to God that very same hour, regardless of what your feelings are condemning you with.


It is now critical that you start reading the Bible.  The Bible also tells us surround ourselves with other Christians; to share and to be encouraged by.  If possible, you may need some new friends. Nevertheless,  God said you have no need for man to teach you, the Holy Spirit will teach you all things.   Start by reading the new testament Matthew, JohnMark and Luke.  If you do not have a Bible, just click on the above links for a free online Bible with over 90 translations online for you to choose from.    I would highly suggest "King James Version" or the "New King James Version".  If you cannot afford a bible and would like a free paperback version, from loving donations of Christians who care click here.


Before you start to read, always ask the Holy Spirit to teach you all things.   I have noticed the slower I read, the easier it is to hear from the Holy Spirit and absorb the four dimensional teachings of scripture.  It also helps me to turn off all distractions (tv, stereo, phones).  Do whatever it takes to relax and focus your thoughts off the cares of this world.  Perhaps a hot bath, glass of wine and some candles?


Make all your prayers and requests to God the Father.  End all prayers "In the name of Jesus".  Remember you are not asking Jesus, He is our high priest, that allows us full access to the Father.   Jesus also 'commanded us' when we pray to do it in secret, not in front of other men so our pride would get in the way.  He told us to go into a room and shut the door and pray to the Father in secret.   


Love God with all your heart, mind, strength and time.  Worship and thank God often, He wants to hear from you His child as much as possible.  Try extremely hard to love your enemies as yourself.  See the 'Angels' page for assistance in enemy loving.  The more you seek Him, the closer He will be to you.


Above all, never worship the beast (or any being), or his image; nor take the mark of the beast on your right hand or forehead.  This is one sure way to have your name deleted from the Book of Life. This could be a physical mark on or below your skin; potentially an implant, fingerprint or eye scanner.  This technology exists today, so be aware. It could also be a spiritual mark or world system.   Flea into the mountains or accept death when society forces you to choose between your life or faith, in exchange for purchasing power