Words To The Wise

A Call To Burn

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Please consult your local fire department on codes for conducting any burn.   Fire permits are part of the law of the land in most areas, including rural areas.   Christians should lead the way in obeying all laws.   Most campfire or trash permits are free.  In some areas, if it is part of cooking food (like a hot dog) permits may not be needed.   Either way, make sure to call the Fire Department to check; moreover codes can change from year to year.  


After obtaining any needed permit, please keep at least two suitably sized fire extinguishers, a few water filled buckets and a long garden hose within arms reach.   Book pages can fly off the fire and start remote fires, so place a grill over your fire to restrict this.  Any damage or death your "little campfire" caused, you will be held responsible for, in a court of law.


Consider gathering on the permitted 'private property' with a group of local believers and make a picnic out of it.   Get a t-shirt vendor to make up shirts that read "Curious Art" with the year thereon.   Read passages of God's word out loud, have a group prayer, make personal commitments, encourage each other about His arrival and have a great time of fellowship.  


In all things give glory to Him that sits on the throne.