New Names

Not knowing what has been forgotten.


All scriptures are underlined.


The Bible says that both Jesus and us will have new names in Heaven.  Many may ask, "Why does Jesus need a new name?  I like and feel very satisfied with his name I have known and used."   The answer and message of this seemingly simple scripture, is profound.


Ancient Names

These new names will certainly seem new to our minds; however, they are truly ancient.   The Bible says that we had a previous relationship with God before entering our mother's womb.  Thus, He certainly would have named us back then. That preconception relationship verse, has earth-shaking relevance on the doctrine of abortion.    


We know God named each of the estimated 70 sextillion suns, how much more important are we, 'His temple', than a ball of hydrogen?  Apparently important enough, that each of our hairs are numbered.   He likewise has named all 35 trillion of us at our creation.    This is why Jesus asked the demon-possessed man's demon, what is your name.   He said legion (many).  He was not asking what your demon buddies call you, but what did Father name you in Heaven, before your eviction.  Addressing the demon sternly by his parental given name.

At conception, our previous foreknowledge of God, our estate and 'God given' name known for millennia, were hidden and thus forgotten.   After our earthly birth, man gave us our most recent, temporary or legal name.   When we accept Jesus through the prayer of salvation, it is our ancient 'God given' name that is forgiven and that name remains in the Book of Life, not our 'man given' name.  Can you imagine the madness if otherwise?  Which name would need to be recorded: our maiden name, married name(s), fraternal name or adopted name; how many 'John Smiths' are allowed in Heaven?No, these names of ours are not of God, but polluted variations through time, given by prideful humans.  The Great 'I AM' calls every single star out individually.  How great a confidence we can have, that He had given all of us a unique name.  Beloved, there are no last names in Heaven.  Glory to He that reigns eternal.  Our hearts will melt with joy unspeakable, when we hear Him call us by our ancient name once again!

The Bible says that in the very day we perish, so do our earthly memories.  In the regeneration, our previous memories are returned.  At this time, our ancient 'God given' name will be written on a white stone and given to us in Heaven.   This is more than a symbolic token.  It is a holy covenant and promise from God, that we will never be separated from his presence again.  It also is a signet that our 'God given' name is eternal and written in stone, signed by the Creator Himself.  It also gives us the confidence that it will never ever be forgotten again.  The only thing that will not be remembered again, is our cursed 'man given' name.



Jesus' Name

Jesus' new name will be more familiar to us than His earthly names like: Yeshu, Yeshua, Yehoshua, Yahshua, Yesu, Jeshua, Joshua, Iesous, Iesus or Jesus.  The disciples, Paul and the early Church never used the name Jesus like we do today.  It was not until 1611 AD when the Bible was translated from Latin to English (King James Version), that the hard "J" sound was used.  Our modern 400 year old pronunciation of the Lamb of God, is the farthest from His original name than it has ever been.  Truly, a name unification will be a welcomed thing for all generations that will be cohabitating in Heaven. 


Not only has Jesus' name been translated many times, but those Godly men and women who lived prior to His arrival did not know His name.   Noah, Jacob's families, King David and the Prophets knew not the name of the Christ to come.  Thus when all the minor and major saints in the graves awake to meet Jesus in the air, they will need to be introduced to Him and told His new name.   This will also fully fulfill Jesus' prayer that we all are one.   It will unite all of us in a supreme worship of Him, as one voice and one body.   All languages will be restored to one pure tongue again.   This is not currently possible in a post 'Tower of Babel' cursed multilingual world.  


Yes, all the songs will need to be rewritten, when His new name is revealed to us.   Imagine all of saved humanity, from creation to present, singing His name together.   No ear has heard what God has in store for them who passionately love Him.    Our 'God given' name will seem like home and that of a lost love.  The veil will be lifted, tears will stream and hearts will swell when we hug Him face to face, and He says to us, "Well done [our God name], I have passionately missed you my dear beloved."  Then HE will begin to sing and rejoice over you.   HE will then serve US at the marriage supper, that HE prepared Himself.  An unfathomable act, the zenith in humility and love.


The Bride

As with all marriages, the Bride takes on her husband's name, lineage and possessions.  Our new name will be joined with His new name and written on our foreheads.  This will be the ultimate everlasting holy union, cleaved together as one, by God alone.


We cannot know His name, until all have passed through the first death into the regeneration.  It is not our sandals that need to be removed, but this mortal shell.  For His new name is far too holy to utter with lips of clay.


Fall to your knees and praise the Lord, for your wedding is near.