Must Happen

Ever hear a man of God say "Jesus could come tonight, are you ready?" 


All scriptures are underlined.


Whilst this may make for a splendid altar call and larger shallow rooted numbers, this teaching is based on fear and the spirit of antichrist.  We also hear profanities spew forth like: "Every prophecy that must happen, has been fulfilled; the only one left, is His return!!!"   Child of God, who is lying here; the Bible or the 'man of God'?   Do repent and be born again this day, yet let no preacher deceive you.


It is impossible for Jesus to return tonight.


Top 30 Reasons

  1.    The great falling away has not occurred.  The scripture says clearly, that the day of the Lord will not happen until this falling away happens.  Anyone that proclaims anything to the contrary, this verse defines such a one as a deceiver. The Church will lose their faith in untold millions.  Be not deceived, this is not martyrdom; since those kept the faith unto the death.  No, the 'falling away' is from the faith, which will happen because the majority were told: "Hey, join up today and you will not see any of the tribulation, I promise.  Seriously, you should buy my new DVD and book.  In them I go on to explain that..."  Apparently, screaming incorrect data from a pulpit makes it more correct.  The indoctrinated will fall away when these fables unwind. The next event cannot be the rapture; we will 'see these things happen' as Matthew 24 repeatedly proclaims we will.
  2.    The man of sin has not been revealed.  Again, The scripture says clearly, that the day of the Lord will not happen until antichrist is revealed.  Again, anyone that proclaims anything to the contrary, this verse defines such a one as a deceiver.  The Church will be here to see antichrist's miracle working power and many saints will be killed by his rule.   Again, the next event cannot be the rapture; we will 'see' the antichrist rise to power, as all the prophecies proclaim we will.
  3.    The Sun and Moon must be darkened, before Jesus arrives; "The Sign of the Son of Man".  This is the same celestial sequence Jesus said would happen.  He is clearly placing His people here before His return, seeing the sun and moon darken.  This is confirmed with the wise and foolish virgins, both are standing in a blackout condition.
  4.    Before the earthquakes in divers places, famines and pestilences happens, you shall be put to death.  Jesus has told us; before these signs start, believers will have tribulation and martyrdom.  Jesus obviously has not returned yet, nor have we been zapped away at the beginning according to this verse.
  5.    Peace and safety will be established before Jesus returns. Look around folks, conditions are not so.
  6.    We are to gather together, fast, rend our hearts with weeping, before the day of the Lord and His destruction. Alas, the day of the Lord is at hand.  The meat [eagles food] is cut out before our eyes.  Again, this clearly shows us here during these trying times.
  7.    End time salvation is for, he that endures to the end.  Not one, three and a half, nor seven years before the end.
  8.    The Lord will show wonders in the heaven and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.
  9.    All the things listed in Luke 21 must happen.  The list concludes with; And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And THEN shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And WHEN these things begin to come to pass, THEN look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh (near, not yet).  Notice there is no need to "Look Up" since these things have not passed yet.  It is crystal clear that our "Redemption" is not even a potential; until these things are manifest as your God, my groom, Jesus spoke into existence, which the clergy deny.
  10.    The secret rapture hypothesis is impossible; since we will know it is imminent before it happens.  Then sudden destruction shall come on them, but you (us) are not in darkness, that it should overtake you as a thief; clearly placing us and the sinners on the earth, on the same Thief's day.  If we were gone years prior to this day, there would be no need to bring it up as a potential to be overtaken.  Therefore, a 'surprise' rapture is scripturally impossible for the elect.
  11.    There are no escape pods for the elect from the tribulation period.  Any accusation to the contrary, is from the author of all lies. For the mouth of God mocks the very thought of it, and holds those that teach such in derision. For the slain of the Lord shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth: they shall not be lamented, neither gathered, nor buried; they shall be dung upon the ground. Howl, ye shepherds, and cry; and wallow yourselves in the ashes, ye principal of the flock: for the days of your slaughter and of your dispersions are accomplished; and ye shall fall like a pleasant vessel. And the shepherds shall have no way to flee, nor the principal of the flock to escape.  Repent today from your faithless pre-tribulation fables of escape.
  12.    Behold, He cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see Him, and they also that pierced Him.  Notice it does not say; when He returns, only some shall secretly see Him. Loved of Father, we will shall see the reward of the wicked with our own eyes.  The prophecy speaks of a global revealing, but not only to the living, but the dead as well; those that pierced Him also, meaning the dead are finally raised up at His next and only visit.  And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and ALL flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.
  13.    The gospel must be preached to the entire world first.  It has only been preached in 50% of the world so far, according to some estimates.  Moreover, not all humans have even been born yet.
  14.    Let ALL people tremble before the Lord comes.  All means all, we are still here.  After that alarm sounds in Zion, we are clearly on earth trembling 'before' His arrival.
  15.    Elijah the Prophet must arrive before Jesus arrives.  He is one of the two witnesses in Revelation.
  16.    The Bible mandates that on the same day that Jesus returns to earth as a Thief, it melts like wax with fervent heat; making it impossible for any tribulation period to follow such an impressive entrance.
  17.    The bride is hiding in her closet before the Bridegroom goes forth. Clearly she is not living a normal everyday lifestyle, as she was directly before the tribulation started. Jesus was right; before the tribulation starts, things would be normal.  However, once it starts, she is in her hiding place, with all the lamp oil and other supplies she purchased before normalcy ended. Only the wise prepared.
  18.    False christs and prophets will show many signs and miracles attempting to fool the elect (us).  We have had people claiming to be Christ, but none showing great miracles to the masses.  Until these miracles start to happen, no return is imminent.
  19.    When you see the abomination of desolation standing in the temple proclaiming to be God, take nothing with you and run to the mountains.  Why would we need to run anywhere, if we have already magically disappeared?
  20.    Obviously the 3rd temple must be built before Jesus returns, or we would not see the antichrist standing therein.  
  21.    They will try to convince you to come out of hiding, saying "He is in the desert or the secret chambers."  Do not believe them, hide thyself a little while My people.  Let the righteous and meek seek the LORD, that you might be hid in the day of His anger.  Why would we need to hide, if we have already magically disappeared?
  22.    "Behold, I come quickly as a thief" (but not yet).  Jesus stated this right after the 27th plague out of 28 total.  That's right, before the last plague.  Meaning we will see the 28th as well.  Not unlike the Jews, which saw ALL the plagues in Egypt and left with a blessing.
  23.    The righteous (wheat), must walk on the ashes and bathe their feet in the blood of the sinners (taken tares).  Obviously,  the Bride is still present, even after the very last plague; then Jesus will gather His elect, leaving behind the blood of prophets and saints in blood lake, that the fowls feast upon.
  24.    I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them and shall wear out the saints of the most High, for 3.5 years.  And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them. Despite what you hear on TV about Jesus returning for a victorious Church, it is not true.  Jesus' return is a rescue mission for a Church that has been afflicted and poor.   We are clearly still here, suffering from the enemy's wrath; which is different from the sinners suffering from God's wrath, two separate wraths; be not deceived.
  25.    "Behold, He comes with clouds and every eye shall see Him; and they shall wail because of Him."  Every means everyone, the sinners and the saints.  No secret mysterious 'evaporation hypotheses' are allowed before Jesus' return; bodies do not vanish, since flesh and blood cannot enter heaven. Notice that everyone is wailing from Jesus' glory and their own unworthiness, a true repentant heart conversion.   However, before the plagues ended they were unrepentant, no matter what befell them.  This again clearly shows Jesus coming after the plagues for everyone to observe.
  26.    Tares must be taken out BEFORE the Wheat.   This mandates a post-tribulation rapture.  Unless you think Jesus was in error about His own end time teachings?
  27.    We shall not all sleep, but changed at the LAST trump.  These liars only quote 1 Thes 4.  They never sight 1 Cor 15, since it violates their escapism doctrine that they worship.  Last I checked, there are still 7 trumpets.
  28.    Sinners are severed FROM the Just.  The Just are NOT removed from the sinners.  Wide is the path to destruction, so a minority are saved.  Thus, Isaiah proclaims, 'the earth is destroyed, and few men are left'.  I guess those are the few elect janitors, left behind to clean up the soon to be, planet of lava?  No beloved, those few are the elect that made it through the narrow gate.
  29.    Only after antichrist is revealed, he will be instantly destroyed upon Jesus' return to earth.  This fact makes all the pre-tribulation movies, book series and propaganda laughable and impossible.   Since the antichrist would have to get destroyed at the beginning of the tribulation period, this will not satisfy the so called pre-trib rapture lie or hypothesis.  Unless you believe in the non-scriptural, required lies; of multiple returns of Jesus and two raptures. If you do, how could antichrist survive our Hero's 1st return?  Perhaps he hides behind some fictional kryptonite?
  30.    Jesus said 'Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days, AFTER the sun and moon are turned to blackness, AFTER all the stars fall, AFTER heaven is literally shaken; only AFTER these things not a day sooner, shall you see the Son of Man coming in great power to gather His elect.'


Woe unto you pre-tribulation liars !


Feel like you have been lied to for decades?  Do not feel alone, so has the vast majority I have shared this information with.  Moreover they are outraged.


Beloved children, these are not the only things that must happen prior to the Lamb's return.  Below is a list that the Bible teaches will happen while the Church still here.  Yes, the glorious return of our Christ will happen, but not until these items transpire. These items can happen quickly and could begin at any moment. Loved of God, there is no third coming of Immanuel.  However it was only after listing all these items, our Lord Jesus the Christ said clearly; "Immediately after the Tribulation, shall all the tribes of the earth mourn and then I will gather mine elect."   The world is still here at Jesus' return, as well as the saints who will be gathered after the tares.

I had a very belligerent sister in Christ tell me, "Jesus can come back whenever He wants !"  I told her she was incorrect, because if He did arrive before the above prophecies happened; He would violate His own word, and become a liar and a false prophet.  No, Jesus must follow all future prophecies to the letter, just as He did while visiting earth.

Question: How clear is the word after? 

There are manifold scriptures that echo the same message "After" with great specificity and clarity.  The pre-tribulation deception, is based on a few vague and "personally interpreted" scriptures; that, if assigned to a pre-tribulation model, contradict the Bible many times. A few nebulous scriptures cannot violate volumes of crystal clear direct teachings of Christ.  Therefore those interpretations have to be in error, since the Bible is perfect.   Nor should an entire doctrine be formed on such contradictions (see What About).   Let us not allow 'Book Peddlers' or 'Organ Buyers' tell us what Jesus really meant.   How dare any preacher find it seemly to correct the Lord of lords on His crystal clear eschatology.  They will lose their salvation and the plagues of Revelation will be poured out on those 'men of God' that alter Christ's end time teachings. 

Why does God take the subject of correct prophecy teaching so seriously?  Because incorrect data, SHALL send many 'falling away' in disbelief; thinking that the rapture was only a big 'Santa Claus' story.  "Perhaps I missed it, I might as well take the mark and feed my baby."  This is why Jesus asked if He would find faith on the earth upon His return.  Why would Jesus ask such a question; especially since the Church is at it's highest numbers? Because He knew that there would be a falling away first; with His phrasing, the message certainly speaks of the majority.  What possibly could cause such a mass majority exodus of their faith; to cause bible reading believers to turn against their God? It can only be something is so traumatic and terrifying, that it crumbles the foundations of many.  It will not be martyrdom; since humans die willingly for country and innocence daily, with far greater passion they have and will die for faith in their God.  No, the 'falling away' will be caused by the enemy's great lie of convenience and ease, that the majority has embraced; the pre-tribulation fable.   Beloved, a post-tribulation rapture model is the far safer position to cling to mentally, spiritually and physically; to prepare for the worse and hope for the best. The rapture of the Church will happen, just not when the majority thinks.  This way, as Jesus proclaimed in Matthew 24 "when YOU see and hear", over nine times and "he that shall endure to the END, the same shall be saved"; your faith will not be overtaken with shock and horror by God's breathtaking plagues, thus retaining your faith to the end.

Speaking of babies, these end time children and infants prove we are still here during the tribulation.  Jesus said, (unlike the liars on TV) that sorrow will be on those with children and to those that give suck to babes in those days.  Since these children and infants have not reached the age of accountability, and are sinless, they certainly would have been 'zapped away' in the so called pre-trib rapture lie from their parents; if it had occurred.   No, it has not happened yet.   That is why our most perfect Jesus mentioned this subtle yet monumental clue.  Thus the words of Jesus, yet again, make an open show of these fearful, faithless, false prophets.


 O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?


Question: Which is the safer story to cling to? 

1. The one without a single direct quote in scripture that says, "We are outta here at the beginning", despite the overwhelming volumes of evidence in scripture against it; which also mandates calling Jesus a liar thrice in one night.

2. Or the one that says 17 times; "He that overcomes to the end, shall be saved" and start preparing your mind, body and lamp oil supplies now.

Answer:  It is far more responsible for the so-called 'man of God' to teach the later and be wrong, than the former and be wrong.  Anything less is morally repugnant.


The Lord God warns the five fold, that in those days; elect large men will lift you off the ground by your collar and violently shake you.  They will stare into your pupils, screaming at the top of their lungs.  Why is this happening and why did you lie?  Now you have become the foolish five!   O 'man of God', verseless, you will loose your bowels and cry with heavy bitterness !  Many of you shall be murdered by the fearful flock in those days, says the Lord of Hosts.




MUST HAPPEN: (not arranged in any specific sequence)

1.  Falling away must happen before Jesus returns.
2.  Man of sin revealed must happen before Jesus returns.
3.  Many (men of God) will come saying, "Yes, Jesus was/is the Messiah", yet they SHALL deceive many.  Jesus is not talking about 'False christs' here; he does later in this same discourse.    He is warning us it will be Christian leaders, admitting Jesus was who he said he was.  However, their doctrine will be laced with poison regarding end time happenings.
4.  Earthquakes, famine, pestilence; in diverse locations.
5.  Fearful sights, Great signs from heaven.
6.  Before All This, they will lay hold of you and deliver you up to synagogues, rulers and councils for my name sake and they will kill you.
7.  Betrayed by family members to the point of death.
8.  Be patient and keep your minds.
9.  When you see Jerusalem compassed about with armies.
10.  A mass exodus of Judea.
11.  They shall be captured.
12.  Jerusalem shall be trodden under foot by the Gentiles.
13.  Signs in the Sun, Moon, Stars and the Sea, with waves roaring.
14.  Men's hearts failing them for fear of what is coming on the Earth.
15.  Gospel must be preached & posted to all nations; of which have not even been born yet.
16.  You will be hated of all men for my name sake.  He that endures to the END shall be saved.  See Revelation for an exhaustive abundance of echoed statements.  "He that endures to the end, the same shall be saved".
17.  When you see the abomination of destruction standing where it should not, run to the mountains.
18.  In 70 AD, the Jewish temple was partially destroyed by the Romans.  To this day, thousands of stones are still standing.  According to Jesus' prophecy, no stone would be left upon another.  This remaining wall in Jerusalem must fully fall.  Sorry, I believe Jesus was perfect and a man of His word.  This place is the indisputable holy place for practicing Jews around the world.  In fact globally, Jews build their synagogues facing it.   Either by earthquake or missile; this wall will fall.  This will spark an international incident and loose forth the largest battle this planet has ever seen to date.
19.  False Christ's and Prophets will show wonders to the elect.  If we were supposedly 'gone', it would not be possible for the Elect to be deceived.
20.  Many shall be offended and betray one another via the Falling Away, thanks to cunning fables of the Pre-Tribulation lie.
21.  Scoffers shall be in the majority about His coming.
22.  When they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction.
23.  Signs and wonders are performed so that they will believe a lie.
24.  The gospel must be preached in all the world, before the END comes.   Estimates hover around 50% of the living have not heard so far.  After 2000 years of working on the project, that is pathetic on our part.  Notwithstanding, all nations have heard the word 'Coca Cola' in only 100 years.   Many nations are unfortunately locked out to evangelism.   One scholar estimates 66,000 unreachable die per day.   Even for those nations we already reached368,000 come to the age of accountability each day (14,708,hr, 245/min or 4/sec).  This happens immediately after we pack up our evangelist suitcases and go home.   It is like unto someone attempting to empty the ocean with a bucket.   Thus, it will never be possible for humans to fully accomplish the job.  That is why it must finally be done supernaturally, by the flying angel during the tribulation.    If it were 100% up to us to reach the last human, then the 'Gospel Angel' would not have to preach to the earth.  The very presence of this 'Gospel Angel', proclaims humans failed the impossible task.   Our job is to take the gospel around the earth to save those who die 'before' His return.  To further add to the growing impossible task, not all humans have even been born yet.  However, for that 'last' generation, until that angel starts preaching in the air, no return of Jesus can happen.
25.  In the last days, they will seek out many teachers with doctrine that is pleasing to their ears, teaching fables that satisfy.
26.  AFTER the tribulation and BEFORE His return, the sun is darkened and the moon turns to blood.
27.  Blood, fire & pillars of smoke BEFORE the great and terrible day of the lord comes.    Great for the saved, and terrible for the lost tares that mourn.  Unlike what the lie weavers say, this is not man's plagues of war on man, but God's plagues on man.  See the flood, plagues of Egypt, Sodom, Sinai, etc.
28.  Sinners are gathered and plucked out first, saints last.
29.  Elijah the Prophet must arrive BEFORE Jesus arrives, he is one of the two witnesses in Revelation.  I believe the other to be the disciple John.
30.  The righteous wheat, must walk on the ashes of the sinners tares.
31.  The righteous Dead are not raised 'raptured', till the sinners are killed.  This demands that the rapture happens after the sinners are severed from the just.
32.  The sinner's skin, tongues and eyes must melt in their sockets while they are yet standing.  For "Everyone that is left", (the saints) shall behold it with our eyes, 1000 on our side and 10,000 on thy right fall.
33.  Tares must be taken out BEFORE the Wheat.
34.  Since infants that suck mother's breasts can ride out the tribulation; should not you be able to do so as well, ye of little faith and great fear?


All these items and many more, such as the unknown Seven Thunders plagues.  The countless two witnesses plagues, which include 3.5 years without rain.  All this must happen prior to Jesus returning and remodeling the earth back to its pre-fall glory which will take it 1000 years to cool down.  Then he will give it to His bride, as a gift.   He will do this with the brightness of His coming.  Keep in mind when Moses went up to the mountain.  He gave very specific instructions that no man or animal touch the mountain, or they would die instantly from the presence of God thereon.  The same phenomenon will be in action when Jesus returns with His Father's Glory.  Nothing corruptible (fleshly or elemental) can stand in the presence of God.  Even Revelation speaks of the earth fleeing from God's face.


Karl Marx was absolutely correct in saying "Religion is the opiate of the masses."   The enemy knows this to be true.  Thus he capitalizes on the tradition of men, vanity of denominations and the clergy's foreskin-covered cochleae; of which have sedated this generation into a herd of tranquilized head-bobbing sheep.


 Let My People Go !