Magog, Tubal, Mashech & Gog
Ever hear Gog, Magog, Tubal & Mashech is Russia?


All scriptures are underlined.

They were not made in Russia, they are simply Noah's grandsons!  This is the account found in Genesis 10; and Gog was Joel's son found in 1st Chronicles.  Your can argue with your TV heroes, but not God.

Is there a battle with these folks?  Yes.  When does such the battle take place?  During the tribulation period?  No.  The Bible is very clear when it takes place.  In Revelation 20 it specifically states that the Battle with Gog and Magog will happen a millennium after the tribulation period.  It says, directly after the 1000 year honeymoon and after satan is released to deceive the nations.  It is a fearful thing, why so many have decided that the book of Revelation needs to be rewritten?  This beautiful book also has something to say about those who do rewrite it.

For we see; Magog, Tubal, Mashech were earth's 1st direct population, after God's 1st planetary destruction (the flood); then later came Gog as well.  In Revelation it is the same.  They are mentioned because they will once again be part of the earth's 1st direct population, after God's 2nd planetary destruction (the fire).