Before the beginning, God created the angels.


All scriptures are underlined.


After sharing the following revelation with a b
eloved sister, she aggressively rebuked and mocked me.  Then prayed that God would have mercy on my eternal soul for even suggesting such a thing.  On another occasion, a certain brother pointed his finger in my face and told me "Don't be a heretic!" then turned and walked away.  

"I consider looseness with words no less of a defect than looseness of the bowels."          - John Calvin
As for those value judgments, I will let you decide.  Either way, you have been advised of the potentially volatile nature of this missive.  Thankfully for me, burning at the stake is currently no longer in vogue for iconoclasts.  To their defense, I did understand their anger, based on their inability to empirically disprove the revelation.  Unless you can find direct scripture that says the opposite, all you have is angry opinion; whereas I come with the authority and words from: Angels, Jesus and the LORD GOD.  Below are many scriptures that not only imply, but directly state the following is true, as you shall see.
Nevertheless it is a deep saying and that which has been learned, lost, locked and unlocked in the latter times; for our edification of pre-existence, eternal kinship and His hidden purposes.  It is worth stating; that I have encountered a majority that agree and are excited to hear these words, than the few who do not.  Jesus had the same situation of spiritual absorption into deeper issues by His own followers.  Remember, God takes great pleasure to hide deep things, and it is the glory of kings to seek out and unveil them.

"What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god!" - William Shakespeare 



Before the beginning, God created all the angels.   It happened before creation and the advent of time.   Perfectly created lucifer and his band of not so merry angels, decided to rebel against God and overtake the kingdom.   Perhaps they were lusting after the throne or Father's adoration from our worship?   Nevertheless, a tragic, overly ambitious and entertaining battle campaign was waged.   I am looking forward to repeatedly watching that battle played back with slow motion replay someday.  


As a result of this battle over free will, God decided to create this prison of time and space called creation.  This place we call earth was created perfect, but it was not created for our bliss. It's first purpose was a holding cell, with a great gulf fixed between God and the enemy.  It's secondary purpose was to become a testing facility.  The reason satan is the god of this world, is because he was here first.  It was for this rebellion God created the heavens, the earth, all therein and finally the first dust man in our image.  Yet prior to Adam, lucifer was immediately shot down to earth at the speed of light; slamming his carcass so hard onto the surface of the earth, he had to crawl around a while.  his mutinous fellow angels, comprised of one third of Heaven's most simplest, were likewise evicted.   Most went into the pit to be reserved till the Day of Judgment; some were allowed access to the creation, for God's purpose.  This was one of the most joyful and liberating events in Heaven for all it's inhabitants; to finally flush the irritation.   In fact, the bible records that all the "morning stars, and sons of God" (angels) shouted for joy at this time.  This time was so joyous that after the disciples returned to Jesus with all the good news that demons were subject to them, it said Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit.  The first thing Jesus could say to equate this joy with, was to recall the day when He saw satan fall like lightning.  What a day of liberation that must have been in Heaven, to evict these monotonous whiners.


The reason fallen angels want to possess humans, is that they were cast to earth without a body.  They are trapped in a physical world without the ability to touch, taste, smell or feel it, a most righteous and sublime torment.  Thus they were in their view, cheated from getting a terrestrial body.


God had inserted an extremely powerful random element into these angels, called free will.   This was not only necessary for meaningful communication with His creation, but also for meaningful praise from His creation.  Without this random element at the heart of all His work, we would be nothing more than a mindless, pre-programmed, robotic toy to praise Him at His will, not out of their hearts.   It means the world to any father, to have his children run up to him and wrap their arms around him and tell him "I love you daddy".  Imagine the same scenario with the threat of a beating looming, if compliance was not obeyed.   No, free will, no matter how painful the results, had to be inserted to show ultimate love from both sides, the Creator and the creation.


Now here we stand at the beginning of creation, with one third fallen angels and two thirds (my estimate is 33 to 35 trillion, see Blood Lake page) in Heaven stunned and looking around at the situation and in awe of God's wrath; hoping for pity towards them when they fail. 


By reason of such a display of disobedience, God seeing the destructive power of free will in action, would come to the obvious question; who was on the fence up here?   Which of the two thirds were close or even considered following lucifer, but lacked the fortitude or proper timing?  Keep in mind that it was Michael and his angels that attacked and conquered lucifer and his simpleton followers; the bible does not say, all the Heavenly host joined in the battle.
God knew a test was in order.   For who knew the hearts of these two thirds?  God knew, before we left Heaven who would pass and fail.  Those that would fail, were simply not written in the Book of Life prior to leaving, those who would pass were written, so none would be lost.  But without a test, no true verdict, nor proof, could be rendered by His jury that is not omniscient.  Thus Paul's explanation that "for he whom he foreknew he also predestined [before time]", finally rings true. Yes, the Lord's [permissive] will is that none should perish; however He allows free will the power to forsake His hope.  God foreknew whose heart was lukewarm* of the remaining two thirds; but wanted them to convict themselves via the evidence of the 'test of life'.  For this is in line with His word; "that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God."   He also foresaw the final sacrificial requirement and to invoke the 'predestined test' of the remaining two thirds; to weed out those which loved not their lives unto death.

Therefore God devised a supremely complex and fair method of determining which of His angels would be faithful followers, in the moment of decision.  God then made a way for redemption through Jesus.  This method would manifest results with the ultimate test of free will and faithfulness to the Father of Lights. 


The master plan was to allow each one go free into the world and see who would be faithful upon His return. 

Creation was not the goal, but the means to an end.  An end to time and much tribulation, an end to refining dross from hearts of gold and silver. This was the solution to both the convicted fallen first third, and hope to those remaining two thirds. First and foremost, was to create a pathway home, through redemption; by painfully assigning His son Jesus, the spotless, blood sprinkled sacrificial lamb, before the earth was even created. Once Jesus was convicted to certain death, the earth could now be created as a prison to satan and his followers; as well a testing facility for us remaining two thirds.

God began this experiment in the perfect setting, the Garden of Eden.   Lush, stunning, complete with all needs, including the 'control test item', the tree of knowledge, seasoned with temptation by a select number of fallen brethren.  The question of the ages, why does God allow evil to exist?  The answer is quite simple, the demonic element was and is allowed access to determine our faithfulness to the same temptation of the previous mutiny.  This time God took the messy experiment outside the House, into the controlled environment of the backyard garden.  If it were not for the mutinous rebellion, we would all still be blissfully in Heaven before the face of God. Eve's 'original sin' (a false doctrine) was not original at all; it was a microscopic clone when compared to the much larger horrific tragedy that preceded it, the one third's fallen 'prime' sin. The original sin was conceived in Heaven by lucifer, then repeated by Eve, then Adam and all of humanity after their age of accountability.  Nevertheless, these events started the most complex social science experiment to date.  God knew under the wrong set of circumstances, all would fail (even sinless Eve and Adam), over the same mutiny temptation, to be like Him.  Remember their sin was the same as our one third simpleton brethren, 'to be like God'.  


After some forbidden fruit eating, God removed their  celestial bodies, leaving them only with naked glorified bodies, and would soon receive their terrestrial bodies.  Just like Moses hiding in the rock from the presence of the Lord when He walked by; so it was for Eve and Adam, they too hid, only hearing the Lord's voice not seeing; since they would die without the celestial protection.  Some say that the skins God made for them were from an animal; thus the first animal blood sacrifice for a remission of sin.  I do not believe this interpretation, for if their sin was forgiven, they would not have been banished.  No, there was no sacrifice, they were not forgiven, but cursed. Beloved after sinning, they lost their light emitting celestial bodies, and had only their glorified bodies.  Bodies like Jesus had post resurrection: fully clothed, able to walk through walls, and also to drink and eat food (supernatural bone and flesh), in His glorified body.  40 days later Jesus would receive His celestial body, that Peter, James & John saw on the mountain, Stephen and John the Revelator saw, as well as in the furnace of Nebuchadnezzar.   The skins that God made for them were their corruptible terrestrial skins, with both the glorified and the celestial removed.  These are the garments of flesh that we should not soil.  They were naked spiritually and physically, the shame was not sex organs or physical bodies whose shape stayed the same, but sin, absence of their light emission and covering up nerve receptors to this odd uncomfortable thing called heat.  Since they were now "like us" Jesus (and the angels, gods) they were sentient; we see no occurrence of angels in scripture appearing naked, since they too are sentient gods (knowing good and evil).  Moreover, they did not have sex nor conceive, until God made terrestrial "skins" for them in chapter four; nor will they have sex in heaven after the resurrection, when they return to the ecstasy of their celestial bodies.  Nevertheless these sex devices were now needed to populate the earth and begin the fair and unbiased testing of the remaining two thirds


Man's curse to work with sweat and women's painful childbirths  are actually the effects of the curse (which we keep attempting to avoid through science and technology).  The cause or base curse, which is unavoidable are 'Time & Heat'.  Our true curse was the invention of time through heat, the caloric theory of work, or frictional displacement over time.  Time and heat did not exist prior to the fall, nor will they last one day past the 'last day' of this grand experiment.   One may ask how can we justify this with the six days of creation or from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.  Motion, be it of stars, planets, animals, plants or Eve and Adam; does not preclude they were not living outside of time.  Moreover, they were to live forever if sinless.  Isaiah was showing not time passage, but the infinite relativity for our carnal perception.   This can also be seen in "nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old."  Again this was for perception of the reader's understanding of the incomprehensible concept of eternity.  No one will die or age in Heaven.  For in the new creation, time and heat will stop, as Revelation demands.  Nevertheless we know animals, plants and angels move in the new heaven, yet time is missing; therefore 'motion' is irrelevant to time when the curse is removed.  Once Father puts an end to time and heat, our curse, our battle with all the laws of physics will cease. 


For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him.


As the curse of time played with man, life spans began to be shortened; to fit God's cosmic timetable.  To pass the remaining two thirds angels through the 'test' in time, each perfectly born out of due time; to be tried like gold and silver for the wedding supper invitation.  All to be reunited with the faithful still in their graves; after 6000> years on that glorious last day, to meet Him in the air, not a day sooner.   Yes, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord; however the impossible burden of proof that the spirit has left that sleeping body, remains in the hands of the confused and angry.


God said, "let us create man in our image".  Who was 'our'?  Some would say God was talking only to Jesus.   However, since 'our' implies several or a group and God and the Holy Spirit are invisible.  God was talking to those with humanoid shapes, Jesus and the angels.  Scripture also supports angels are perfectly humanoid in appearance, or more correctly stated, we are angeloid in appearance.  Thus Jesus was not making it up as He went.  Lets see, perhaps three arms would be handy for them.  No, Jesus had a complete freestanding model of what His dust creature needed to have.  All He had to do is look at Himself or the on looking angels. Lets see, we all have two arms, legs, eyes, a mouth, a head, opposable thumbs, walk upright and no tails.  Jesus said, this looks perfect according to 'our image'.  He then breathed life (an angel/spirit) into the dust creature.  Man was thusly born, angeloid. 
I love the Latin translation of angel, which is angelus.
Earthly men are not in their Heavenly state as of yet equal to angels.  If you make a distinction that men are not angels, then it contradicts Jesus’ statement that on that last day we shall be fully equal to angels.   Jesus did not say on that last day there will be angels and man as well.  Jesus made no separation at the regeneration.

Keep in mind the six day Creation account, makes no mention of God creating 35 trillion "people" things held in some box awaiting copulation.  Only the fallen and non-fallen personalities.


To make the test true and uncompromised, the only requirement for this transfiguration from angels to the dust creature, was the erasure of their minds (not unlike Jesus as we shall see) and past Heavenly experience.  Thus were omitted special qualities like: supernatural abilities, foreknowledge of their Heavenly home and the prior very personal relationship with God.  Some scientists say we only use 10% of our neurons at any given moment.  It is amazing to ponder what we will be like, when the other 90% are allowed to fire at the same time.


Sometimes things are so obvious, we must ask ourselves why we have not seen it before. 


Jesus said at the resurrection we would be equal to the angels, with their likeness and abilities; in other words, indiscernible.   In the Greek "equal" means; are, be and were (past, present and future).   Jesus also said that at His return, the saved would shine as the brightness of the sun, therefore also fulfilling Deborah's prophecy.    Some call this non-biblical term the 'Rapture'; but Jesus specifically termed this, the time of our regeneration.   That is to say, our reconstruction from whence we came, the celestial.  It is our literally our metamorphosis or our transfiguration. This will be the shedding of our filthy flesh shells (painlessly for the saved) turned back into the incorruptible.  Reunited to the Father of lights and to His Christ, the bright and Morning Star; having been away on a long journey.  

Under the Father of Lights, we are truly His lights of the world, which will shine as bright as the sun; therefore where we are going, we cannot cast a shadow.  Eye has not seen what resplendent angelic beings we shall be.


Beloved, no matter what any 'man of God' attempts to tell you about a physical pre-tribulation rapture; with empty cars, airplanes, clothing or vanishing bodies, it is all a lie.   Only the tares are taken at the mill, field and bed then fed to eagles. Remember what Jesus said, the wicked are removed from the just.  The believers are the wheat, that are gathered (raptured) immediately after the tribulation.   Children of Father, flesh and blood cannot enter Heaven!  These teachers have not studied to show themselves approved and are therefore now ashamed before God and us remaining angeloids. Our flesh shells and all the elements of earth (of which we are composed thereof) are not vaporized till His return.  As the atheist astronomer Carl Sagan correctly spoke, unaware of his religious accuracy; "We are all created from 'Star Stuff' and are on our journey to go back to our origin - in the Stars."  Thus it is written that this corruptible shall put on incorruption, our glorified bodies and we shall shine forth with the brightness of the sun (stars).    


Not unlike our arrival into this world, Jesus had part of His divinity poured out when He landed inside Mary.  If He had entered Mary in His glorified state, her uterus would have blown up, from an incompatible rejection by her flesh.  That is why He asked that no one was to touch Him post resurrection at the tomb.   Thus Jesus had His memory erased at birth as well.  Jesus did not pop out speaking Aramaic or Hebrew.  He had to learn, read and relearn what He wrote in scripture thousands of years prior.  For Jesus increased in obedience, wisdom and stature, and in favor with God.  It is amazing to even conceive He had to grow in favor with God.  According to scripture, there was an approval process even for Jesus before the Father: from birth, through the tears in the garden, the trial, until the last nail and final breath, He could have backed out at any time (no free rides).  Yet only through obedience to the end, was he perfected.  Jesus did not even have the Holy Spirit until His 27th birthday, after He visited His second cousin in the river.   Only after that , was He able to endure a direct assault on His flesh in the desert and overcame satan.   Jesus even got regenerated or charged up once on the mountain.  At the transfiguration, interestingly it says; after six days (6000 yrs?) He took a 'few' disciples up the mountain.  Then Jesus regenerated again, after His death and resurrection, with His barely recognizable glorified (transmutated celestial) new body.  Yes, Jesus came in the flesh.   It is possible His normal body vaporized upon this regeneration into light radiation, scarring any grave wrappings.  This is sustained by the fact that when the stone was rolled away, (unlike Easter church drama plays), Jesus was not inside.  A physical body could not slip it's way through sealed stone door.   This certainly implies that He did not leave with His corruptible body through a sealed tomb.   Likewise as the bible repeatedly confirms, we cannot take our sinful bodies to the marriage supper.  Thus the sheep are given new wedding garments of incorruptible light.   We no longer have need of this flesh shell, nor can it adapt to traveling as light, pure energy outside of the curse of time and multi-dimensional space.


Therefore at our regeneration, we shall be like Him and equal to the angels.  For we are the remaining two thirds that are being tried in the fire of life, like silver and gold.


One may ask, does it not say there will be all nations in Heaven, to be separated as sheep and goats?   Yes, but this was written for our comprehension and clarification.  If it had only said angels, this would start a false teaching that believes; men would never see Heaven, as some blaspheme.  It could also have lost the hidden mystery that the apostles knew, that we are now in spirit and 'were and will' be in glorified bodies, refulgent and radiant angels once again.  So the reason nations were mentioned, was for our understanding, it could be read 'all nationalities or groups of angels'. All do go to Heaven; even the sinners get to go for judgment, they get to see what they will be missing, how indescribably sad.  Jesus says at that point, we would be equal to angels; He also said we are gods (higher than man), thus ruling out two separate created beings.
There are certainly different classes of Heavenly angels; may chance of wheat, or of some other grain.  Yet some are permanent residents of Heaven such as; Seraphim, Cherubim, Dominations, Thrones, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Archangels and the like that are needed for normal Heavenly functions. There are also the normal majority two thirds Angels (us); His treasure soon to be implanted into cursed earthbound zygotes.
Another question you may have; how is it possible for Jesus to return on that last day with ALL His angels with Him?  Keep in mind that first He sends forth all the reaping angels to gather the tares and burn them.  Then all the dead saints (angels) from their graves; are raised before those living at that time.  So Jesus does return with ALL His holy angels, the reapers and all our dearly beloved deceased saints with Him; what a glorious gift and day that will be! 

We see the natural face in the glass, but the Lord sees the supernatural, as demonstrated by Moses and Stephen.


Scriptures to reflect upon:

  1. Jacob's Ladder - Jacob had a dream from the Lord.  In it, he saw angels ascending and descending from Heaven to earth on a ladder that was set up on the earth.  The Lord God Yahweh told Jacob the interpretation of it.  It was representing his seed, to be like the dust of the earth; all generations by him would be blessed.   So God told Jacob his seed are angels; who are you to argue with your Potter?  God was showing us a unique glimpse into the big plan, to test the angels here on earth.  Inserting angels into the wombs to become sons and daughters of men.  This scripture fulfills the entirety of the point, we are angels; no further reading is required. 
  2. Jesus amazingly takes bold ownership and declares Himself Jacob's Ladder in John that was to be 'set up on the earth'.  Jesus pushes the point home further that we are angels by saying; you will see me returning with 'angels ascending and descending' upon me (reaping angels descending, then the dead and remaining living, ascending).  At that time to an average studied Jew of the Old Testament (the only testament available), the hearer would have instantly got the reference; it would also have inflamed the clergy.  He spoke this mystery about the last day, at the regeneration.  For the hour is coming that all that are still in the graves will awake. The dead in Christ will rise first and we that are alive will be caught up into the air and forever shall be with them there.  He was also making a grander statement, that no one comes to the Father in Heaven by any other way, other than the narrow Ladder of Christ.    In Genesis God revealed whom the angels were, but omitted who or what the Ladder was. Jesus truly has come to reveal the hidden wisdom from the Father, those mysteries that I now speak.  My first love, whom I cherished from before the beginning of time, is the only Ladder back to eternal life.
  3. Thus the Bible is not in error when it says; "the Lord my God shall come, with all the saints with thee." in contrast to, "the Son of man shall come in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him."  Both statements are true, because both groups are angels.  The dead saints (angels) ascending in Christ, along with the reaping angels descending with Christ.
  4. In 2nd Timothy, it clearly states that we were called and given both a task and grace; by Father, before the earth was even created.
  5. satan is described as both a man and an angel.  This hammers home both Jacobs Ladder and Jesus' equal to angels; yet all including Jesus, were transformed and made a little lower for a time.  Proving men and angels are not separate entities in God's eyes.
  6. Gabriel is described as both a man and an angel. They are one in the same, just in separate domains.
  7. Genesis talks of the sons of God having sex with the daughters of men, resulting in giant offspring. They gave birth to sons of angels.  "God" in the Hebrew (H430) in this passage, in the plural means gods and angels.  Beloved, we too are now the sons of God incarnate, when He appears we shall be like Him; equal to angels.
  8. The Sadducees did not believe in a resurrection, neither of angel or spirit.   Even Paul and the pharisees knew there was a resurrection of both (same).   For the correct Pharisees were not talking about the resurrection of fallen or Heavenly angels; for they are spirit and not flesh, nor awaiting any resurrection.   But they believed as Jesus taught; that in the resurrection, we who were of the flesh, would on that last day, with those still in the grave would rise first, at his appearing and would be equal to angels.
  9. There are only fallen and non-fallen personalities; both of these are angels, yet we define the fallen ones, as demons. To prove that in God's eyes, there is no difference between man and angels; we hear Jesus saying, "Have I not chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?"  When God looks inside, He sees the spirit of man, God saw Judas' angel. This also exemplifies, that Jesus knew the predestined decision, this lukewarm angel would make. Yet He had to allow Judas to make that decision public; for an accurate deliberation by a jury of his peers at the judgment.
  10. King David was seen as an angel by a field worker.  David had just witnessed the slaughter of 70,000 Jews by the Lord's angel and looked up and saw the angel and fell to his knees repenting of God's plague.   The angel told Gad to tell King David to go up to the threshing floor to make an altar to sacrifice.  In 1st Chronicles; Ornan the thresher looked up and saw an angel coming with 'his' four sons. Yet the same account in 2 Samuel it says; He looked up and saw the King David and his servants coming.  What Ornan (Araunah) saw, was the glory of God on David's face from seeing and being in the presence of the Lord and the angel's slaughter.  Not unlike Moses' glowing face from being in God's presence; or Stephen's face glowing as an angel in the new testament, being so filled with the Holy Spirit his angel was visible.  So we either have an error in the Bible, or the Bible is accurate and both accounts are true?  Ornan saw David's inner angel.
  11. Speaking of fallen angels, of a type we all are fallen, by reason of God's will for the test.  Jesus talking to the Church at Ephesus said; "Remember from whence thou art fallen, repent and do the first works or else..."  Again, Jesus was clearly showing us that we all once had a home in Heaven with Him; before the testing began on this planet.  Thus our predestined fall from Heaven into the womb for testing.   This should not be a strange saying, since Jesus also had to endure the same testing via the womb, through the water of birth and blood of death.  Beloved, be not puffed up, we are all fallen angels only by the will of God unto the same end of the first death.
  12. First Love - Who is our First Love?  Some would say it was a parent, grandparent or childhood sweetheart. The Church at Ephesus is accused of leaving their First Love.  We know that Jesus is our First Love; yet how is that even possible, since we did not know of His existence, until we were taught by another believer.  By this age, we had loved many before learning of Jesus' love.  Jesus scolded Ephesus, because their First Love was established pre-birth, not unlike Jeremiah who had a relationship with God before he was even in the womb.  This is the same for each of us, we had a relationship before we were formed in the womb.  Therefore we are gods, ageless. Beloved there is no acceptable answer, other than we are timeless angels.
  13. Creation - Genesis records that Adam became a living soul when God breathed into him.  Psalm 33 also declares that ALL the host of Heaven were created with God's same Holy Breath.  Therefore showing a direct link between us and the angels.   Adam was fashioned after the manner of all the angels of Heaven; that were created before time began.  Jesus is right again; that in the regeneration, we shall be equal with angels.
  14. Rejoice thou morning stars !  The bible says that at creation before time began; these morning stars, son's of God, shouted for joy at creation.  Beloved now we are currently son's of God. Pre-existent we were and will be stars again; as Jesus prophesied.
  15. Sons of God are clearly angels in Heaven able to converse with both God and satan about Job's lot.  Once again the word of God indisputably ties the saved together as Sons of God both now; in time and outside of time in the spirit realm. 
  16. Before Mary's flesh birth on this planet; she was clearly pre-existent as an angel, communing with God.  She was (in the past) clothed in the brightness of the sun (our pre-fall garden apparel); standing on the moon (living outside of time in the spirit), wearing a crown, preordained by God with a future purpose.   Not unlike Jesus, with her memory erased; both had free will and decided to grow and find favor in the eyes of God.   Mary unaware through free will, followed God's pre-ordered path of righteousness and found favor; to give birth to the Man Child who would rule the nations, our groom Jesus.  Mary will once again become an angel, clothed in the brightness of the sun; at the last trumpet, in the regeneration of the incorruptible.
  17. Pre-existent descendants of Heaven we are.  Heavenly things are often missed, especially if you are a denominationalist.  Jesus said, No man has ascended to Heaven, but he that came down from Heaven, even [also] the son of man which is in Heaven.  Jesus was not only making a profound multidimensional statement about our current position (earth locked), but our prior home as well. Additionally, Jesus was once again asserting His divinity to a master Pharisee, as God and part of the transcendent  trinity; by using the present tense "is in" (currently) Heaven. He was present in both locations at the same time.
  18. satan, affectionately sub-named the 'great red dragon', drew a third of the stars (suns/angels) from Heaven.  Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels (suns) and won; banishing them to the prison earth without the ability to enjoy it through dust shells (bodies).  Demonic possession is their only glimpse to enjoy the tangible earth or it's dainties.  This shows that angels are stars (suns).  They were pre-existent, eternal and imprisoned seeking out dust shells to abide in.  satan (mr. cunning) actually stole a kiss from our Lord in the garden, through the possessed body of Judas.  God swore to Abraham the same thing; "I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven".   God himself equates stars, suns, men and angels in scripture, as equals; whom among you shall take issue with God?  Jesus said the same thing would happen at the regeneration. 
  19. Peter's Angel - The night Peter was rescued from prison.  After his escape, he went to John's mother's home and knocked at the door.  Rhoda answered and ran back to tell everyone that Peter was at the door.  They all said she was crazy or that it was "Peter's Angel".  They knew he was scheduled for certain execution.  Thus, they presumed it was what we call 'his ghost or spirit'.  This first generation Church learned directly from Jesus.  So they understood that we shall be as the angels and that we are so.   Misguided traditions and bad teachings of the over glorification of angels, has made them mystical and from another universe.  In extreme cases, angel worship is even taught. Beloved, these early believers understood that all of us have an angel within, incorrectly but contemporarily called our spirit-man.
  20. Stephen's Angel -  The day that Stephen was captured and stoned to death by the Jews for teaching against the laws of Moses and Jesus' fiery return; he spoke to the council with great power and glory.  Stephen was so infused with the Holy Spirit, that it was reported that his face had the appearance of an Angel.  Not unlike Moses' glowing face after Mt. Sinai.  Ye are the light of world beloved; the closer we get to Him the more we shine spiritually and if we attain such a walk, it will show physically as well.  Our internal Angel can be seen by others.
  21. Direction of Angels - Stephen finished his final sermon with; "the Law was given to your fathers under the direction of Angels."  Nevertheless, we were not given direction of the Law by Heavenly Angels; but instead it came via Moses, Aaron, Joshua and the Priests, through God directly.  Therefore Stephen was obviously equating men as angels; as his own face testified thereof.  Which upset the loving clergy to the point of his murder.
  22. Angels Look Into - Peter writes, "The revealed gospel of salvation and of the Holy Ghost sent down from Heaven; which things the angels desire to look into".  The good news about Jesus 'the gospel' through the revelation of the Holy Spirit would obviously be common knowledge if he was referring to Heavenly angels.   For they saw Jesus fulfilling every prophecy, His death, resurrection and ascension to the right hand of Father.  Moreover both demons and angels, knew He was the Christ from His ministry.  These Heavenly angels were even given charge over His footsteps from being dashed and ministered to Him in the wilderness after His fast and satanic battle.   It is true blind folly for us to think, Heavenly angels "Desire to look into the Gospel of salvation".  Loved of Father, it is only earth trapped angels (us) whom the Father calls, that desire to seek out the gospel of salvation and the Holy Spirit.  It is at this calling, that an insatiable desire starts to grow from within.  Then we desire to look into the gospel and Holy Spirit.  These seem to be revealed to us, but are actually relearned as we grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.  When the Father calls we desire to seek these new things, because they are from our first estate.  A beacon in the night, that strangely familiar tune, but mostly 'home' to our internal estranged angels.
  23. Paul wrote in Hebrews that when God sent Jesus into the world;  Let all the angels worship Him.  Surely if God were talking to Heavenly angels; He would not need to give such an order, since Jesus was God from the beginning the Alpha, slain at the advent of time (Adam's Curse).   No, this order would not need to be given to Heavenly angels, only us earth angels.
  24. Paul writes in the next verse, God MAKES His angels spirits, and ministers of fire (Holy Spirit). Then ends the chapter with "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?"  Here we clearly see God transfigures or 'makes' His angels a 'little lower than angels' just like Jesus was made lower before entering this world.   We are then sent forth with our dust bodies and spirits called a "living soul" to bring others to the knowledge of Christ through salvation.  Thus the great commission; we are all called to be ministers or teaching agents of the gospel indwelled with the Holy Spirit.
  25. Without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.   Paul wrote to Timothy an interesting clue.  His implication was, if He was not manifested in the flesh, He would not have been seen of angels.  Meaning that since Jesus came in the flesh, He only then was seen by angels in the flesh.  Paul was saying if he had not come in the flesh, angels would not have seen Him.  But since timeless Heavenly angels can see both spirits and man; Paul was obviously not addressing them; but addressing to those angels that do not currently have dual vision abilities. Therefore he wrote this with the foreknowledge that those reading, are single visioned angels.  So the only way we (earth bound angels) could see Jesus, was obviously in the flesh.
  26. Power of Angels - Paul writes in 1 Cor 11, that God is the authority of Jesus, Jesus is the authority of man, and man is the authority of woman.  He then goes on to say that the woman should be covered because of the "power on her head because of the angels".   Paul is not saying she should be covered to hide from Heavenly angels nor for male dominance, but angels within man; because he just enumerated the God ordered power chain.  This verse is rather to conceal her God given glory.  We can clearly see a similar example, when Moses had to cover his head after being with God; no one could look upon him and he had to cover himself.  The Greek word exousia (G1849) "power"; denotes [the ability or strength with which one is endued, which they either possess - more powerful among created beings superior to mankind, spiritual potentates].  How do we know Paul is not saying, cover up for a sign of the husband's authority?  Because in this verse, Paul is directly talking about the power of angels (us).   Unlike the animal kingdom in which the male species is normally the more beautiful one; God set humans apart, the woman is made far more attractive than the man.  After all, Adam was made from dirt, but Eve was made from a rib; a distinct refinement.  So with that beauty gift, added with her angel within; she should be conscious, comely and aware of such power over men.  Paul was not saying Heavenly angels have power over woman, since he just went over the chain of command at the beginning of this passage.  Besides Heavenly angels keep referring to themselves as our "coworkers and brethren".   The command was ordained; God, Jesus, man, and if the man is not present, Jesus is next in line; thus eliminating confusion or accidental angel worship.  Paul was very aware of our angel within.
  27. Whom He Foreknew - Paul pens a mystery in Romans that remains such, unless placed in the light of pre-existence. "For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son."   This shows that just as Jeremiah, Mary and Jesus had an existence with God before landing on this planet, so too have all of us.   Each of us had a personal foreknown relationship with God prior to our terrestrial mission and birth.  We are part of the two thirds that did not choose insurrection.  God sent all of us out with a predestined path just as Jeremiah, Mary and Jesus had; yet all were presented with and needed to eschew temptation and the ultimate enemy called free will. We are mandated to be as perfect as God, so it must therefore be possible if we ignore temptation.  Yet are all Godly men? No. The *lukewarm (I never knew thee), that were not part of the one third's insurrection and remained in Heaven; were also predestined or ordained to condemnation before time began.  There is no circular error; all have been predestined unaware, some to condemnation and some to eternal resurrection. Nevertheless, all still have to go through the 'Test of Life' to convict or acquit themselves. Beloved angels of the Most High, we are not going to meet the Father on that glorious last day, but rather  eagerly return to Him.
  28. Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in Heaven.   This verse has been attempted to prove we have guardian angels.  I feel that teaching is a far reaching doctrine. "Their angels do always behold the face of God", is simply the possessive form, not unlike Rhoda who was told, it was Peter's angel knocking at the door; meaning Peter's spirit, not Peter's custodial sidekick, some guardian angel.  This also enforces that we are angels.  This is in line with the many scriptures that say we had a previous relationship with God. Therefore these babies that were just in Heaven 'That [when] in Heaven' their angel saw, and will again see, the face of our Father.  Jesus enforces this on with “You will see the face of God” and "unless you become as children you cannot enter Heaven".  This also shows that we, like Abraham, Jeremiah and Mary, had a previous relationship with God, Pre-existent before the face of God.  It also restores all glory and authority under the Godhead.  For so-called 'guardian angels' are not wandering about following us; watching us sin 90% of the time, waiting to do something special.  But they only do and say those things that the Father commands.  To give any angel thanks or glory is praising and seeking after other gods.  When something miraculous happens; dare not give any thanks to any imperfect angel (see the lucifer file), but rather to the Father who may or may not have sent an angel to accomplish His task; for through His words all was created, nor is it void when sent out of 'His' mouth (not yours).   Why would or should God even tell us about such a mythical 'guardian' presence; since history and present day actions, prove we are creatures so easily given to worship error? Sustained by the fact, we are explicitly told not to look towards, pray to, nor worship angels.  This guardian mythology only allows an open door to divert attention and thanks away from God alone. Notwithstanding, we are forbidden to worship any deity other than the Godhead.   Keep in mind, you are a god and the brethren of all the angels according to Jesus.  If you get a visit from an angel and have the faith, lunge towards it, grab it by the collar and test it, demanding; "Do you know who I am?  I am the son or daughter of the most high; what do you, an 'angel of light', have to do with me!  If you are not of the Father; I will do all that is in my authority to torment you with your past and future before the time, for this attempt of insurrection and irritation.  I will not listen to your words, until I have tested you fully and I feel at peace; whom do you serve?!  If peace is not found proclaim; I command you in the name of Jesus the Christ, you are no longer free to wander dry places, but you are to be bound in the pit of darkness in chains with our ultra stupid fallen brethren, until the very last day!   Shut your mouth and leave this place in the name of the EVERLASTING FATHER, JESUS THE CHRIST!"  He will not leave, if he was sent by Head Of Days; but at least you have done your part and tested him.  Children of Father, reverence or thanks to any angel or rotting saint, will only leave you seeking impotent images of Mary in oatmeal bowls or rainless clouds; in jeopardy at the final judgment with those who worshiped and served any creature more than the Creator.  Never thank an angel, lest your testing was not proper and you were fooled.  Therefore only thank the majestic 'I AM' who sent our bond fellow-servant, for his reward or punishment will be awarded later; which can only be judged over time by the ordered servant's fruits.   Worship, honor, give thanks and glory only to God, for it is from Him that ALL blessings of fruit flow.  Abandon tales or thanks to guardian angels - Thank and worship both that are seated upon the top two thrones; God and Jesus!
  29. After no small riot in Jerusalem, Paul was saved from the crowd by the centurion. The next day, Paul was to be judged before the chief captain Claudius Lysias, the high priest Ananias, Sadducees, and the other Pharisees. Paul shrewdly proclaimed to the council; “of the hope and resurrection of the dead I am called in question - For the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection, neither angel, nor spirit: but the Pharisees confess both.” Wisely a scribe spoke up and said “We find no evil in this man: but if a spirit or an angel hath spoken to him, let us not fight against God.” This affirms that the scribe and the Pharisees believe that our spirit, or angel, have a day of resurrection. For our spirit is this angel, trapped in a chrysalis of our body; awaiting like the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly on that last day.
  30. Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.  Therefore, if we will be “Like” Jesus, is saying an amazing thing.  We are little gods, according to Jesus; for He said it in both Psalms and in the gospel of John.  “Does not your very law say ye are gods”,   I am not asserting we are ‘equal’ to God, but we will be made in our new “state of being” a little lower than Jesus (angels). Yet nevertheless according to the bible you and I are gods (eternal) and will be equal to angels.
  31. satan is no more elevated than us; moreover beloved, you are above him.  he too is only a god as we are.   he is the god of this world, tempting us gods that are in this world. Nevertheless we know he is also an angel, therefore the Bible self defines a god equal to an angel.
  32. Entertaining strangers - Paul writes 'that we should not forget to entertain strangers.  That some have unknowingly entertained angels'.  It does not mean we sometimes have covert visitations for bored angels.  It means some have knowingly entertained angels.  Those who know we are such, as Jesus proclaimed equals to be.  These are not Heavenly tourists, bored with God's refulgent glory on vacation from a boring Heaven; but rather our fellowman and the unlovable among us.  God sends Heavenly angels to earth for a specific purpose; not to wander about aimlessly, looking for a good time with some sinning humans.  Paul was saying, for those who are aware, do not forget to entertain the least among us.
  33. John's angel worshiping - In the book of the Revelation, John overwhelmed with the things he saw, bowed down and worshiped the angel on two separate occasions with rebuke both times.  The angel quickly forbade him and said; "Do not worship me, for I am your brethren of the prophets and your fellow servant (or coworker) AND of those that TEACH the words (us) of this book AND those who hold the testimony of Jesus (us), worship God."   Clearly establishing John and us as equals with the angels; as Jesus also stated we would be at the regeneration.  It also indisputably ties angels and us together as co-workers and brothers of the prophets.
  34. John wept hard in Revelation because there was no man found (or any other entity), alive, in the grave or in Heaven; that could open the seven seals on the book, save one, the Root, Jesus.  Moreover, John did not feel a need to say; 'that there was no man or angel that could open, read or even look upon the book.'  Angels were obviously present in the throne room.  John's omission was due because; in Heaven there is no distinction between our angelic co-workers, brothers the prophets, or man.
  35. Job's purpose - By the above scripture's definition of what an angel is, given by an angel; we are fellow servants, brethren of the prophets and teachers.  God asked satan have you considered my servant Job who fears Me and flees from evil?  This helps deepen Job's hidden purpose and also reinforces that we are all angelic servants of the Most High.
  36. John wrote in the 21st chapter of Revelation; which ties men and angels together, sustaining Jesus' teaching that men and angels are indistinguishable in the regeneration.  John said the angel was given a reed to measure the new city wall, which it was 144 cubits high; according to the size of a man, that is of an angel.
  37. Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.  It would seem highly illogical that God would allow us to be bilingual; if it were not needed for communication with men and of Heavenly angels, God, His Son and Spirit.  The bible shows that tongues are not only used for the known tongues of men (human made languages); but lest there be any boasting; since anyone could teach themselves a foreign language secretly; then speak and interpret and call it a miracle.  The bible also qualifies the miracle, by showing tongues being an inhuman tongue as well.  A God given true 'miracle gift' of the Holy Spirit, unknown to men yet also spoken unto God.  Therefore God would not need the 'miracle gift' of interpreting tongues; because any unsaved, unsanctified foreigner would be able to interpret. Yet God has placed in a qualifying decoding, checks and balances to help with any confusion, that it is not only languages of men.  The bible accomplishes this by saying; to interpret tongues, is a 'miracle gift' from God, NOT learned from other men.  The bible also shows that tongues can be used for a private Heavenly dialog to the divine for self edification, not intended for any man to interpret, but commune with the Godhead alone.   If you want an example of what the purest tongues sounds like, listen to a newborn.  For out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise and except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.  These newborns were just there, in Heaven, speaking perfectly with their Father; until we brainwash them into known tongues.  We will not speak earthly languages in Heaven, but only our forgotten perfected tongue. These explanations are not required, if you agree that humans are angels and Paul was implying; since I speak with both, they are needed because we are humans and angels; by equating this verbal phenomena to a common thread that we are and will be, as Jesus said, "equal to angels".  Beloved all four above manifestations are true.
  38. Jesus was made lower - The bible tells us that Jesus was made a 'little lower' than the angels.   Nevertheless, Jesus was never just an average angel or even an archangel as some currently blaspheme; the Holy Spirit told Mary, His name was Jesus, not Michael.  Jesus was Emmanuel - God with us.  Jesus was above all the archangels, the LORD GOD, equal with the seven Spirits of God, the Child called the Wonderful, Comforter, The mighty God, The EVERLASTING FATHER made flesh, the Son.    So what did Jesus become here on earth?  He poured out His divinity from being above all the angels, to a state just beneath the angels. He became man.  Therefore it is unavoidable to deny, that the next step below an angel is man.  So to beloved we are also like Christ, His brethren made flesh.  Again re-establishing Christ, angels and us are all brethren; yet the first born has all authority.  Paul later says that Jesus was victorious and now has a name and position far greater than all the angels, "The mighty God and the only begotten Son".  Nor has any angel ever be allowed to sit at Abba's right hand.  Showing clearly again, that Jesus even today is not an average angel or archangel.  He is celestial now and as the bible declares; King of kings, Lord of lords, the EVERLASTING FATHER.   All angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto Him.  That is why the mother of James and John caused such an indignation and rebuke, with her request for them to sit at Jesus' left and right hand in Heaven.  It would be impossible for anyone to sit at Jesus' left hand; for that is where Father resides.   The Christ was the only begotten of Father, because Mary was the only woman ever to conceive by God the Spirit in flesh; all others were conceived of flesh by flesh.  Thus all souls have been made a little lower than Heavenly angels.  We do not yet have all the abilities of the Heavenly angels until the regeneration.
  39. Jesus came by birth and walked in the flesh or terrestrial. However in times past, he did and now currently walks in the celestial.  Jesus had come to the planet as God Himself in Angel form, prior to his birth and after his death.  In Daniel when the three Hebrews were thrown into the furnace, the seer king was startled because he saw four in the furnace walking about; and the fourth was like the "Son of God".  The king proclaimed three verses later that God sent his "angel" to rescue them.  The reason the king knew it was an angel, was due to what Jesus said we would look like; bioluminescent we would shine as bright as the sun.  The king then was converted and believed upon the Hebrew God.  Jesus was not born of flesh as of yet; nor did he exit the furnace and presumptively vanished back out of time.   
  40. Mindful Subjection of Man - In Psalm 8 and Hebrews 2, the bible clearly says man was made a little lower than angels; yet made to have dominion over all the works of Jesus'  hands (sheep, ox, birds, fish).  But yet in the world to come, we would not be in subjection to it, for Jesus will be the King thereof.  So the great question of the ages, What is man that He is mindful of him?  We are His beloved two thirds angels pre-existent from before time began, with all of our names pre-written in the Book of Life, before we left Heaven for our free will testing.  God's mindful goal is to prevent the blotting out of that name at the great white throne with both compassion and righteous judging.
  41. Ye are gods - The bible repeatedly proclaims that we are gods.  We have 'god like' qualities now, but eye has not seen what we shall be: especially when we shine forth brighter than the sun.  Which is the more heretical statement: 'Ye are gods' or 'Ye are angels'?  By far, the Bible's statement 'Ye are gods', is the more treasonous one.  Now, imagine the outrage if the Bible only said 'Ye are angels' and I wrote 'We are also gods'; with no uncertainty, I would receive a crown of thorns from your loving heart. Beloved, we are not to be unequally yoked together in marriage.  Therefore who else could be married to God, but another god.  Yet Jesus has ascended with a name and position far greater than all the angels.  So we will always be made lower than He; both in this life and the one to come.  Be not deceived like satan and the first third, who considered their rank to be greater than the Holy Son or the Head of Days.
  42. Greater in Power - Whereas Heavenly angels have mighty powers, power we had removed at conception.  Thus they are most certainly 'god like' with power and mystical abilities.  Yet we know that we are gods also.  Why even mention such a mystical and apprehensive fact in scripture? It was not to inflate our egos, nor tempt or taunt us; but to impart a deeper reality, that we were and will again be bright and shining with mighty powers, eternal entities, angels.  Therefore God did not make a bunch of angels and a bunch of men to have fun with, performing magic tricks and displaying their superiority through the ages.  But rather God made only one innumerable bunch of angels. For there is no way man could ever fulfill the mandate to be as perfect as God, unless we too had 'god like' abilities as well.  Thus there is no differentiation with the great cloud of witnesses in God's eyes.
  43. God told the Jews that He would send an angel to go before them, listen to and do not provoke the angel, for My name is in him.  This is exactly what we are told, we will have in paradise; that God would also write His name on our foreheads.  We verily will be equal and the same.
  44. Would you feed lions, oxen food?  Of course not.  So too our Father fed us the most appropriate human food possible in the 40 year desert exodus.  Thus man was fed Angel's Food, manna. This likewise enforces we are angels; God knowing what our bodies really needed.  What angels eat, made in their image.  Moreover, this was not a one time occurrence or some extra food God had laying about; it is what He plans to feed us once again, in the new paradise. Therefore we are most certainly angels, since 'Angel's food' is certainly on the eternal menu.
  45. Not only did we eat the same food, we will also wear the same clothing.  Revelation says 11 times, that we will wear the same white linen as angels already do.  If it eats like an angel, and dresses like an angel; my friend, it is an angel.
  46. Jesus declares, that the lake of fire was created for the devil and his angels. In other words, not for God's angels. This lake is a place of torment for eternal entities called angels. Since we have the opportunity to go there, certainly suggests that we are eternal entities.  As Jesus says, it was created for angels.
  47. In an extra biblical sacred text, called the "Book of Enoch" which is sighted in both Jude and 1 Peter.    Enoch 67 says angels built Noah's ark and also that the unrighteous angels were killed by the waters.  However, Genesis tells us that Noah and presumptively his sons, their wives and renown hired giants built it; and that unrighteous men died.  This is not a contradiction, but a revelation.  Showing that we are indiscernible and one in the same, God's angels.
  48. Hear the word of the Lord, it proclaims that we will judge the world and angels.  If there is some division between men and angels, this verse leaves much to be desired.  It certainly would not be talking about Heaven's one third fallen simpletons; since their judgment has been already set.   Nor would it be logical to judge a separate class of two thirds Heavenly angels, already in Heaven and sinless.  Therefore one can only conclude that we, as the angel repeatedly told John, "I am your fellow servant and brethren of the prophets and those that teach the gospel" (us).   Therefore the only potential left for "judging angels" is, that we will undoubtedly judge our co-workers, brethren and fellow servants.  Jesus triple reinforces this, that we are angels, destined to judge our friends and neighbors (angels). Jesus was being accused of casting out devils by beelzebub, yet he rebuked them saying 'your sons shall be your judge.'  If that was not enough, He said it two more times in the same chapter for doubting Christians.  He went on to say 'that the queen of the south (who visited Solomon) will rise up (from the grave) in the judgment (at the last trump) with the men of this generation (30 AD) and condemn them. Thirdly, again for the prideful scoffer, He followed up with yet another example; that the men of Nineveh (600 BC) shall rise up (from the grave) in the judgment (at the last trump) and condemn them as well. Thank you my glorious Jesus for explaining how we will judge angels. Therefore, this now becomes a logical explanation; a fair jury of our peers (co-angels).
  49. Unto the angel at the church - In Revelation the Angel of the Lord tells John to pen seven letters to each of the churches and their angels.  God did not need John to use paper and ink to get a message to his Heavenly resident angels; but rather to the heads of those churches, who were in fact truly earthly bound angels.  These types had to be given this Revelation from God in paper and ink.   Anything else is silliness.
  50. Torment - John writes: "If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall - be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb".  Notice it does not say in the presence of the Lamb, Angels and MAN.  Nevertheless we know that men do see them in torment according to Jesus.  Again this shows that God makes no distinction between humans and angels
  51. Stars - These earth locked letter written angels in Revelation, were also called "stars" in chapter one.  God said that the seven stars in His right hand, are the angel of each church.  The Bible also says, it is us that he holds in His right hand. This is not an anomaly but confirmation we are these.  This again firmly ties us as angels since God promised Abraham his seed would be as the number of the stars of heaven; and all the nations shall be blessed. Stars represented angels, which by God's own interpretation was Mankind.   Thus so we shall shine forth as the sun (stars) only at His appearing, on that last day and not a day before.



This angelic awareness answers many more questions than it raises.  For instance;

  • If we are not angels born on the same day, pre-creation; then God is continually manufacturing 356,201 babies, souls and spirits globally per day or you believe in reincarnation.   Yet the bible clearly states in several locations that we are not being manufactured as needed by the dictates of man's fornication.  It says, God knew us and gave us all a mission before time even began.  Therefore we are not mandating to God "Hey, fabricate unto us a soul according to our fornication or desires!"   Rather we are predestined from before the first day of creation.  God then deposits an angel into a womb for testing and His best purpose.
  • Jewish mysticism teaches of the Guf which holds all the souls.  When it becomes empty, Messiah will come.  Thus imparting there is a finite number, not an endlessly created supply.  If hospitals ever stop seeing birthing mothers enter their doors; know that time is coming to a close.
  • Pre-existence brings a profound understanding and reason, to continue the Gospel being preached to all nations. Since all must hear the message; that "angels look into to", who have not even been born as of yet.  This is on top of all the current humans living that are lost.  One scholar estimates 66,000 unreachable die per day, in locked out nations.  Including353,000 that come to the age of accountability each day (14,708,hr, 245/min or 4/sec).
  • Awareness also brings a deeper understanding to the scripture that says, some of us are unaware that we entertain angels (our fellow man and neighbors).  Now you will no longer be unaware.
  • We are compassed about with a great cloud of witnesses (friends, family and strangers here on earth).  Again, these are not angels on vacation from Heaven, but our brothers and sisters (of the two thirds) that are living, working and begging with you daily.  If I were in Heaven with God, I certainly would not want to leave the rapturesque presence of the living God, to go watch a side show of sin on earth.  No, we all would find God infinitely more entertaining.
  • Without angelic awareness; it would be impossible to explain Abraham's, Jeremiah's and Mary's pre-existence with God.
  • There also would not be an adequate interpretation of Jacob's Ladder; whom God hand fed us the interpretation for us already.
  • Nothing other than pre-existence with God, would satisfy the fact that Sons of God and satan were talking with God about Job's life, outside of time and space.  Thankfully, since salvation is made available only by accepting Jesus' death and divinity, we are 'now' once again the Sons of God.
  • Without angelic awareness; it would be impossible to explain the Bible's teachings on pre-existence with God before time began.
  • It also answers the so-called great philosophers question of the ages, "If God is so powerful, why not just kill the devil?"  This question is eloquently explained with the answer; that the devil is God's 'useful idiot', just a tool in the Master's hand.  God is allowing certain demons and satan to do His testing through tribulation, to us saints His angels. Remember God tempts no one.  That is the job of the willing yet ravenous enemy.  Just like He did with Eve and Adam, Job and Jesus in the desert.  You and I are not immune. The Bible states that, we will be tried in this life like silver and gold in a refiner's fire to remove the dross; and we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.
  • Without the understanding of pre-existence as angels; leaves one in error when reading Paul's writings on predestination. They make no sense and leaves one in a logic loop behind a desk at some university or in a sanitorium.
  • It also answers another ageless question: Who or what are we in this creation?  Once we shed this terrestrial and don the celestial at the last trumpet are we; gnomes, sprites, fairies or perhaps imps?  No beloved, it is both in our hearts and before our eyes in the Word; we are simply ageless angels of the Most High, as both the Father and Jesus repeatedly proclaim.


There are no old folk or infants in Heaven, all of us are angels; the same age, born at the same moment before creation millennia ago. To think otherwise is to be carnally minded.  Our Father would not condemn a baby with the intellect of a infant or adult, trapped in an infant's body as without teeth for eternity. As for the elderly, they too shall be as beings of light, no winkles, new teeth and no osteoporosis. If both of these traditional misconceptions (old and young) were true, eternity would sound more like the lake of fire than Heaven.  No, we all will be given a new adult celestial body that is fully functional to create, build and garden. Neither is God a respecter of persons; all have the same potential in Heaven.  This new body is why the Disciples and Mary had a hard time recognizing Jesus after the resurrection.  The same phenomena happened at the transfiguration, His countenance (or "face" NKJV, NIV) changed. Jesus simply looked closer to His Heavenly peak prime age.

What does this angelic understanding yield? 


It reveals that we are all eternal beings.  There is no account in the creation sequence, of which day Father created the angels.  This is because we: were, are, and will always be, the angelic family of the Most High; long before the 1st day of creation, He knew us.  We who are the called, were His from pre-eternity, through the eternity to come. God currently lives inside us, and we in Him.  Jesus' prayer that we be one, will surely happen in the fullness upon that consummate union, on that last day.  We are His Bride, He is our Groom, we will be married soon; as it was before creation, and so it shall always be.

It gives me an extremely powerful tool for understanding these 'angeloid people' on a daily basis.  It helps me see past the prejudice of: politics, skin color, gender or religion.  It sees past grumpy folk, it allows me to look into the depths of their eyes and see the God creation within.   It teaches us that these are our fellow brethren.  It has given me patience that I never imagined I had within me.  If you are able to look at everyone as God does, His Children sent on a mission into a far country for testing, it gives you a feeling of love towards the unlovable. 
It should also give you a feeling of satisfaction and honor; knowing that you were not one of the moronic foolish one third that fell along side the court jester lucifer.  You were one of the two thirds that did not rebel and stayed on God's side.  You were either wise or fearful.  Nevertheless you have now eaten of the tree and know what is right and wrong. Behold, the man is become as one of us, (a sentient god) to know good and evil.  Now your potential pre-time pacifistic inaction, must be tried like silver and gold in this life.

It will give peace to those who struggle with their faith.  Often the tormentous philosophical question is asked, where was consciousness before my birth; and where will it be after my death? Consciousness has always been, both before and after this perception called life.  We have simply forgotten our previous home, yet all of us will return for judgement.

What songwriter has not called their love an angel?  Or what mother among us, has not called her baby an angel?   These mothers are instinctively and discerning spiritually correct; formed from a nine month experience that makes their confession unknowingly divinely accurate.  If these mothers do not believe such is actually true, they should not propagate nor contradict their own belief system and remain silent with such heretical statements.  No, mothers glorify God with your divine testimony from the roof tops; out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise and except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven; for the Lord God has truly granted you an angel!

It should also bring respite and eventually healing to those involved with abortions.  First repent, rend your hearts before the Father of Lights and then be at peace in His atonement dear children of the King.  The most holy angels in Heaven are still required to pass through life's test and be assigned to the first death.  It was comforting to learn from the Holy Spirit that those most holy are the aborted fetuses by the most unholy among us; repent and be forgiven today for your genocide of convenience.  Pedophiles hear calls for death, life sentence and a most certain unforgivable scarlet letter from both Church and State: for touching a child inappropriately.  Yet the premeditated purée of a child's life, is legal for both doctor and parents; yet in this case, the Church stands there with tears and outstretched arms of forgiveness, hypocrites!  Tell me, which is the greater crime and why is your unforgivable outrage towards one, but not the other?  O filthy judge, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses from such duplicitous hypocrisy! Thankfully these silent holy are inserted into these wombs intentionally; only here long enough to receive a terrestrial body, but are not required to suffer a lifetime of trials by fire to remove any dross.  In addition, the billions of past abortions, spits in the face of the false doctrine of "original sin" from conception; as proven through the heart of a loving and just God.  Mothers, fathers, doctors and pedophiles, equally repent this day; be strong, be healed and forgiven, ALL fetuses will be in Heaven. Glory to God, Heaven's best angels are saved the trauma of this life and it's painful trials.

When standing at the cash register with an angry individual, you can feel blessed knowing that you have inside information, that they are not aware of.   It gives me a sense of elevated understanding which promotes a Godly view of the circumstance, and how trivial the current situation really is in the scope of potentially spending eternity with this individual. 
This knowledge also gives us purpose in an ever expanding universe, of billions of suns in our galaxy; and billions of galaxies in our universe.  You are not an insignificant particle floating in the vacuum of space.  You have a majestic purpose and destination; to share God's love to others and secure your eternal home, based on your future actions.  You are the apple of His eye, each of your hairs are numbered.  He is preparing a unique and breathless home for each of His faithful two thirds that are set on His right hand and told, "Well done thou good and faithful servant".  Unfortunately not all of the two thirds will make it into Heaven after the final judgment, only a select few

Ultimately for me, it has encouraged and strengthened my ability to forgive even during the attack.  

Wherefore having once lived in heaven, knowing what is right to do, is silently written in our hearts.   Likewise, how much more should we be judged in that day, having once tasted of glory and the Divine.

For we came down from Heaven, not to do our will, but the will of Him that sent us.  Therefore, not unlike Jesus, our minds were erased for testing; to grow in obedience, wisdom, stature and favor with God.  Little children, we are all angels unaware. 



Wisdom cries out for fruit, not doctrine.