Three Easy Steps

Sadly, The "man Of God" Says, Once Saved Always Saved !


All scriptures are underlined.


Beloved, be not deceived by denominational teachings and endless debating.   Everyone who is breathing the borrowed single breath they do not own, can still lose their salvation.


Last I checked, the bible was crystal clear on three ways a Christian could lose their salvation, aside from unrepentant sin. 


Technically, there are four indisputable ways:

  1. Blaspheme the Holy Spirit
  2. Take the mark of the beast
  3. Worship the beast
  4. Alter the prophecies of Christ


Anything more than this, is speculation and legalism from the eye targeting clergy cobras.  


One can clearly see, that God takes the teaching of prophecy to His sheep extremely seriously.   Shown in that 3 of the 4 ways to lose one's salvation is related to understanding prophecy.   Many often say, "oh, end time teachings about 'when He comes' is not important."   Loved of God, if the pre-tribulation lie was the undisputed truth, that statement could be true.   However, by God issuing innumerable warnings about His return coupled with "overcoming to the end", means by logic the sheep should be concerned about something.    Also, since you can lose your salvation by taking the mark or worshiping the beast, by default means the saved are still here.  


Let not the lies of second chances comfort you.  Opposite of what the overpaid lie weavers teach, there are no 144,000 evangelist to save you during the tribulation.   For the Invisible 'I Am', will send strong delusion upon those whom He chooses.   You will not have the luxury of logic during the tribulation.   Hear me, says the Sleepless 'I Am' - Let he who is holy remain holy and he who is filthy remain filthy.  Wisdom will flee from many during this time to come.  This bile idea of waiting till the tribulation period to get saved, is another propaganda weapon of satan's pre-tribulation lie.   Repent this day and be saved.  There are no 'late great' second chances for the cunning.


The pre-tribulation model does not fit into a clean logic table.    'man of God', if the pre-tribulation model turns out to be wrong, the sheep's faith will fail when they see the tribulation unfolding before them.   However, if the post-tribulation model turns out to be wrong, no harm is done.  Which is the better insurance policy to indoctrinate with?   Woe unto you O 'man of God', your pride and ignoring correction will cause the falling away.



A Dirge For The Damned 

So ponder this truism, the next time you decide to risk your and the flock's salvation, by changing the prophecies of Christ with the following blasphemous and altered statements:

  1. Jesus comes BEFORE the tribulation of those days. (false prophecy, by a false prophet)
  2. The wheat are taken out BEFORE the tares. (false prophecy, by a false prophet)
  3. The sun and moon are darkened AFTER the elect are gathered. (false prophecy, by a false prophet) 
  4. The rapture happens at the FIRST trumpet. (false prophecy, by a false prophet) 
  5. The rapture happens BEFORE the antichrist is revealed. (false prophecy, by a false prophet)
  6. The rapture happens BEFORE the great falling away. (false prophecy, by a false prophet)
  7. The rapture happens BEFORE men's hearts fail with perplexity for signs in the sun, moon, waves of the sea. (false prophecy, by a false prophet)
  8. Or you preach that Jesus returns three or more times to accommodate your twisted 'hypotheses'.   Mislead children of the King, there is NO third coming!  satan's fantasy without a shred of scripture to back it up, only faithless human fear and pride. 


By definition, these messages are a false teaching and a false prophecy.  Despite your many wonderful works, casting out demons and prophesying in His name; presently you are by default a false prophet.  Foretelling in His name, that which shall never come to pass.   Depart from Me, for it is not written.


 Add thou not unto His words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar. 


A Liar's Epiphany 

In the name of He who is the beginning and the end, I entreat you to revisit these teachings once again.   I understand this means: altering your end time doctrine, admitting error, shunning a 'Hot' sales item, publishing a corrected edition and embracing humility.   Fear not, your study was not in vain, for the same scriptures can be reused and you become a force for minimizing casualties of the 'falling away'.   The Lord God is in the process of doing a wondrous new work at this time.  He will thoroughly purge and refine the Church for the coming shaking that is even now at hand.   All that is high will be made low, the low made high.   If you do not adapt to His course correction, you will be moved aside.  


Just because you 'currently' hold a position at university, force feed a congregation, pollute television and radio, or sell lots of your candy coated media, does not mean you are correct.  Tragically you think you are anointed for such ramblings.  However, if you are teaching the above list of apostasies (1 through 8), you are inverting the clear words of the LORD GOD.   Therefore you are not anointed in your self-appointed ministry.



Repent and be loosed from your pride and greed.  I curse the scales of commerce that blind your eyes, in the name of Jesus the only Christ.